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Welcome to our other blog. I started my first blog, Dolls, Dolls, Dolls, at the beginning of May 2013 to teach myself a bit about blogging. I’d recently started maintaining a website for a local church in my town and I wanted to learn how to make it look better. I thought having my own blog would be a good idea as I could use it to try out different WordPress features without messing up their site. I chose dolls as my subject because doll collecting is my hobby and I thought it would be easier for me to write about it and learn the discipline of posting regularly.

Starting the blog had the added bonus that I started to read other blogs on Word Press and that has given me ideas. I hadn’t intended to start another blog but after a month I found that I wanted to write “off topic” so I created “My Other Blog” to do just that.

In the fifth year of blogging my sister Naomi has joined me in writing pieces for both blogs. This year, 2023, I’ll be celebrating ten years of blogging.

I’ll be writing about things in my everyday life, home, family, pets etc.  I will  probably rant about my dislike of reality TV shows and other issues that annoy me. I will also use these posts to try my hand at some of the Daily Prompt subjects as I did in my first post “Say Your Name”. 

Naomi only blogging occasionally at present. She has her own stories and opinions to share. We agree on many subjects but not everything but we do share a love of “old stuff” whether it be dolls and toys, household items, transportation or houses.

We will share photos of our collections, our holidays and outings in particular in our home state of Tasmania, Australia.

I’m looking forward to seeing where the journey takes us.

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  1. Oh, I just discovered you, and I really like everything I have read so far. I love dolls, too, but never collected them, and I will check out your other blog. I found you thanks to Cee.

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    • Thank you. I have a lot of fun doing my doll blog and I love showing photos on My Other Blog, especially the scenic ones. It’s a good place to have a little rant now and again too.


      • I hate to admit this ignorance, but I had no idea if Tasmania was in Australia or New Zealand, and now I see it is a separate island but part of Australia. Your blog has widened my world considerably. ( I dislike reality shows too. )


      • I suspect that people often think that because Tasmania is not a name that suggests it is part of Australia specifically and we are physically separated from the rest of the country. Tasmanian’s often refer to Australia as “The Mainland” or “The big island” or even “The Other Island” 🙂


  2. Your blog post on carousels shows a picture of my daughter in Canberra.
    Please remove it immediately. I have no idea how you came across it but you do not have publishing permission. I reserve the right to take further action.


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