New Domain

View of the Tasman Bridge from the Domain, Hobart.

As we were rapidly running out of storage space for our photos with two of us uploading them every week I decided that now was a good time to purchase a plan that would give us more storage space and a domain name of our own. You can now find us at the following address.
To celebrate here is a photo of The Domain in Hobart.

Name Change

As you may have noticed from the header “My Other Blog ” has had a name change.  As Naomi is now writing it with me it seemed appropriate to change it to “Our Other Blog”. There will probably be a few cosmetic changes over the next few weeks but essentially it is still the same blog  but with two of us sharing our photos, stories and opinions.

Google Translate Widget

Map of the world coloured by type of plug used.png
By Taken with full permission from Electricity around the world by Conrad H. McGregor.
Resized (50%) and converted to PNG by User:Chameleon.
See Talk:Mains power plug for full information., Public Domain, Link

This evening as I was checking my blogs I noticed that WordPress had included the Google Translate feature in the Widget menu. I know that many people who read both my blogs have English as a second language so incorporating this widget into them seemed like a great idea.

Take a look on the top right hand corner of the sidebar of each blog and you will see a drop down box with the Google logo. It will translate this blog into many languages.  I checked it out and was fascinated to see how my doll blog looks in Japanese!



Yesterday I decided that I would like to go and get some of my holiday photos made into prints for scrapbooking. I can’t do that locally and didn’t want to wait a couple of weeks for a mail order service so instead of going to Hobart I decided to go to Kingston, a suburb about 10km from Hobart where I knew there was a store with the machines to make prints. At the same time I could buy some Easter groceries at the supermarket there.

Things sort of went to plan at first. There were only four machines so I had to wait to use one and it took a very long time to edit all the prints. Those things have a nasty habit of chopping off bits of your photo if you don’t check each one first. It took so long that I only ended up doing one of the two SD cards I had with me. While I waited for my prints I went to the supermarket and got a bite to eat.

It was when I headed back to pick up the prints that disaster struck. Somehow I managed to overbalance on a kerb and fell over. My loud screams, mostly of fear, brought passers-by running to help me up. I wasn’t badly hurt but I have twisted my other ankle, just as the one I hurt in Wellington was getting better and I bruised my foot. People were very kind, someone brought me water and the shopping centre security guy brought me a band-aid for a graze on my hand. I sat recovering on a bench for some time before deciding that going home on the bus was not a practical option and called friends to come and get me. While I waited several other people approached me to see if there was anything they could do. People are kind.

So today I’m hobbling around even worse than before and likely to be doing so for a few days so I doubt I’ll get any photography done.

On the plus side I did get my prints as a nice lady was kind enough to take my ticket and go and retrieve them from the store for me.

Holiday Break

12386.jpgDear Blogging Friends

As you know I am heading off on a cruise holiday with my sister today. I will be taking my tablet to check emails and Naomi plans to take a laptop but we have been told that internet on board ship is slow and expensive so I am not expecting to be online very much for the next two weeks. I do expect to be taking a lot of photos so when I get back there will be the online equivalent of the holiday slide night on this blog. You have been warned :).

In the meantime I have scheduled some posts on both my blogs which I hope you will enjoy.


A Favourite Book -Space by James A Michener

SpaceSpace by James A. Michener
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

There are a few books in my library that I like to go back to from time to time and this is one of them. It is a work of fiction but set against the background of real events. Beginning in the closing stages of World War Two it traces the development of the American space program through the eyes of four fictional families. It covers the engineering and scientific aspects very well but also the political. I found the characters believable and even more than 30 years after it was written it poses some interesting questions about space exploration and whether or not we should be doing it.

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