Blog Challenge Posts

Over the past few months I’ve come to enjoy participating in blogging challenges. At first I mainly did “The Daily Prompt.” as a way to help me get ideas for topics but more recently I’ve discovered various other challenges set by fellow bloggers. I find these are a lot of fun to do especially the photography ones. I enjoy taking photos and sharing them and taking more will hopefully make me better at it. It also means that I look for more subjects than I used to. For example on a recent visit to Melbourne I saw an enormous crowd of Jehovah’s Witnesses waiting to get into Etihad Stadium for a convention. I don’t know why I took a photo except that I was blown away by how many of them there were. When I found a photo challenge on the theme of “Crowds” I had the perfect photo.

Here are some of my posts in response to blogging challenges.


  1. I am super impressed with the way you have organized your blog. I have done my blog just on and off for awhile, but I am a total newbie to it. I like the way you have those categories up at the top.


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