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Comfort Food

Today I decided to some cooking. I had a banana that was getting a bit brown so I decided to make a banana cake and while I had the oven on a Shepherd’s Pie, or technically Cottage Pie, because I used beef mince. It makes sense to prepare more than one thing when I’ve got the oven on as it saves power. I like to make something that will last me for a couple of meals or have leftovers I can freeze for days when I can’t be bothered cooking.

When I was younger I used to enjoy cooking more and enjoyed experimenting with different things. I had lots of cookbooks and I would often spend my days off from work cooking. David and I used to watch Formula 1 regularly on TV and on race days I used to try to cook something from the country where the race was being held.

Recipe pages.

Over time though, I lost interest. David always enjoyed what I cooked but because he’d had his stomach stapled in an attempt to lose weight he could only eat small portions. He wouldn’t eat fruit and didn’t really eat a lot of vegetables. I didn’t mind that so much as the fact that he’d often eat a tiny dinner and then an hour later he’d be snacking on crackers or other things he ought not to be eating. It took the fun out of cooking for me over a period of time. When David stopped working and I was still working full time he took over the cooking and the shopping so I did not have a lot to do with it except for baking and special occasions. Now that I live alone it seems a bit pointless to go to all that trouble anyway. I like things that are quick to cook so I can get back to blogging or whatever else I’m doing or things that I can prepare and then leave to cook in the slow cooker.

Homemade hot cross buns

I do enjoy making our Christmas goodies and other seasonal things like Hot Cross buns or Anzac biscuits but I’m not really interested in cuisine as such. Every month I go with a group of friends for lunch at a local hotel or restaurant and it is fun to order something I wouldn’t have at home but I’m not really interested in trying to make it myself and confess I get a little bored when the others spend ages discussing cooking. Funnily enough, at our lunches, the men spend more time talking about food while the women are often discussing politics or current affairs. I don’t really enjoy watching cooking programs on television either unless it is instructional rather than a competition between would-be chefs.

Apple crumble from the oven.

While I was cooking this morning it occurred to me that what I get the most pleasure out of preparing is comfort food. The beef stew mum used to make, Shepherd’s Pie, baked rice pudding, fruit cakes, apple crumble and other homely things like that. I guess that says something about me as a person, doesn’t it?

Fruit cake made with tea.

I’m hoping that when Naomi and I finally move in together my interest will be revived. We can take it in turns to do the boring everyday meal preparation and have fun making the other things. We both have vintage cookbooks and we like the old fashioned recipes. It’s a lot more enjoyable to cook when you can make it fun.

Another WordPress Feature Goes Missing

This morning I discovered another WordPress feature had gone missing. I guess it’s not a very important one but I liked it.

On the Stats page there where you can see the list of posts that have been viewed there used to be a little link next to each post which would take you to it. I don’t know if other people do this but I often like to read my old posts to see if they are still relevant or sometimes with a  really old one to remind myself what I said. Sometimes I do it out of curiosity, trying to work out what attracted the reader to it or why an old post keeps bobbing up.

Where did the links go?

When I logged in this morning those little links were gone.  I imagine that as WordPress is so glitchy these days and as they consider something as important as spell check to be not worth fixing they are hardly going to worry about a feature that probably a lot of people don’t even notice.

Of course, there are other ways I can go back over old posts. I know that but it’s just another example of the glitches we seem to be seeing more and more often these days.


So WordPress is at it again giving us “improvements” that many of us don’t need and don’t want. It reminds me of my mother’s suspicion of any packet that said “New. Improved” at the supermarket. Whenever they did that to pet food the cats would not eat it.

Serendipity Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth

I went to take a look at the brand spanking new format for WordPress.

WARNING: If you do that, you will NOT be able to go back to your old format. I think what they have done is eliminate all the old versions of the editor we used, so you can use the new one, or hope they don’t delete the old ones entirely and leave you with this mess.

Which is what I think is really going to happen.

Now, there are things about the “new new new new editor” that may — eventually, when they get the bugs fixed — be useful. But right now? You can’t even get a set of standard editing functions across the top of your page.

They also (apparently, unless it’s a bug) have a limited number of categories — AND they no longer offer you the option of picking up an…

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About WordPress Changes and What We Can Do

This piece was written for all of us unhappy WordPress campers and includes handy links and a comment from Matt Mullenweg.

Freed From Time

For Help with the changes (workarounds) please click here.    This content is about Underlying Motive, The Problems, Probable Cause, How We Can Make a Difference and Remaining Questions.

*** There is now a reply from CEO Matt Mullenweg, (Jan 29, 2015 at 17:57) in comments and your very welcome to respond. ***

Underlying Motive

Matt Mullenweg, owner and recently appointed CEO of WordPress, has himself indicated a wish to pursue the mobile market which is made clear in and interview with Forbes click here ! (page 5/6) .  However that interview does not indicate any intention to abandon desk top users.

Add to this, Tiger Global now have at a total of $110 million invested in WP here !.  Tiger Global also have investments in the expanding Indian and South American mobile and e-commerce markets.

Amended/Addition:  From WSJ/Digits  “We both have a long term…

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