Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Things Made of Wood

In My Neck of the Woods

Geeveston is a town that strongly identifies with timber so it is very easy to find it in the local landscape.

This morning I had a house viewing so once again set off with Cindy for a walk. I took these first three photos with my smartphone.

An old apple packing shed on the Huon Highway.

Wood carving is a bit of a thing around here. The town is well known for its wooden statues of local characters. Chainsaw carving can produce some surprisingly detailed sculptures too.

Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge:Things Made With Wood

I was disappointed not to be able to get out and take some photos somewhere other than at home here in Oatlands. It’s been threatening to rain all day and this morning I had to go back to work. All of my photos for this challenge have been taken at home both inside and outside. I thought if it does rain I can go back inside at least. Here are the photos I took for this challenge.

I quite enjoyed taking these photos today as it gave me a really good chance to study the different timbers used and the finishes on them. My shed in the back garden and the fence at the side of the house are very old and worn. I admired the work that had gone into making the monkey, panther and boxes. The picture frame is a beautiful dark timber and the biscuit barrel is inlaid wood. The wishing well was hand made by my friend Leigh’s father and he gave it to me as a gift. He loved making things out of timber and was very talented at doing so. The artist’s chest has been stained in a lovely warm colour. I’ve always thought my front door was an impressive entrance but then it was originally made for the bank manager that lived here in 1926 after the place was built as a bank and residence. It’s funny because I was so disappointed about not being able to go out and find some interesting subjects to photograph but in the end I got quite caught up in what I found here at home after all. The time has simply flown by and I can’t wait to find something else for the next challenge that I hope to take part in.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Things Made with Wood


As I’ve been out and about this week I’ve made a point of looking for things to photograph for challenges. ¬†First are some wooden dolls which are displayed in a shop near Salamanca Place. They are known as Deepings Dolls although I consider them more figures than dolls as they don’t have moving limbs. They are very nice folk art just the same.

The remaining photos were all taken around Geeveston, one is an old photo from my Geeveston file and the other two were taken on Tuesday when I went to take the Rosehaven photos.

Wooden dolls in a shop window at Salamanca.


wooden steps
Wooden steps from the Platypus Walk to the road – Geeveston.

wooden plaque
A wooden plaque with a poem, Church Street , Geeveston

tumbledown shed
This is an even better rustic shed than the one I used to have. Huon Highway, Geeveston.