A Walk By The Lake

This week I’m doing a bit of house sitting in Oatlands  and the other day I went out to look for a good subject for my Thursday photo post. I ended up at Lake Dulverton.  Part of the lake is a conservation area so there is quite a lot of bird life. I am not quick enough to photograph birds on the wing but as it as a sunny winter afternoon most of the birds were co-operative and stayed on the bank or in the water which made it a lot easier for me. Some of the birds found at the lake are Grebes, cormorants, swans, various types of ducks and other water birds.cormorant2 black swan 1 black swan

The lake is divided into three areas by two earth bund walls.  One area is irrigated to provide a home for the birds even in drought conditions. The lake has often dried up completely in the past. It is not full at the moment but there is enough water for the birds to live on the main part of the lake as well.  From the bund wall nearest to the conservation area you can sometimes see the swans nesting.

This is one of the bund walls at the lake.
This is one of the bund walls at the lake.


A lot of Lake Dulverton is covered in these plants known locally as water ribbons.
A lot of Lake Dulverton is covered in these plants known locally as water ribbons.


A lot of the sandstone used in  the town’s buildings was quarried locally. I’m not sure where the quarry was but wonder if it was around this area near the lake.rocks

The days are quite short now and today the official sunset time was around 4:45 pm. I took this last photo at around 2:30 pm but as I wasn’t wearing a watch I actually thought it was later because of the light. I was quite surprised to get home and find it was not yet 3 pm.

The Callington Mill dominates the landscape.
The Callington Mill dominates the landscape.

Thursday Photo – Potoroo

Australian Wildlife – Macropods

image potaroo
A cheeky little potaroo

Thursday Photo is one from the archive today as Hubby and I have been a bit under the weather since Christmas although unfortunately not from excessive celebrating.

Occasionally I go to mind a property that belongs to friends of ours. They are frequently visited by potoroos who covet fruit and vegetables from their garden. They are not tame but they are quite unafraid of humans. I would frequently see them grazing in the garden and they would only hop away if I came too close. 

I had thought that these animals were mainly nocturnal but I took my photos on a winter afternoon. There are a couple of different species of potoroo and I’m not sure which this is. I am a townie and not good at identifying wildlife. My friends said they were always being invaded by potoroos and these are a little smaller than wallabies so I took their word for it. I’ve added some links to sites with more information for people who like the facts. I thought they were cute, my friends think they are furry little thieves. It all depends on your point of view.

image potoroos
Plenty of them live near this property.