RDP: Reflections

Reflections of Tasmania

I could not help but think of the beautiful reflections that I see in the still waters of the Huon River on a calm day. That’s where most of these photos were taken either at Port Huon, Franklin or Huonville. The last two were taken at Strahan on Tasmania’s West Coast and Lake Dulverton at Oatlands.

This post is also my entry for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge on the subject of water.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: In or On Water

In or On

I have been a lazy blogger this week and haven’t been out to take more photos as I had planned to do so here are some from the archives.

Ovation of the Seas at the Overseas Passenger Terminal, Sydney

Ducks having fun in the water.

Torquay Ferry Devonport

Fish in a pond.

This last one was originally taken in 1990 at Loch Ness, in Scotland, specifically near the ruins of Urqhurt Castle. We don’t know if there is really something in the water at Loch Ness. I kind of hope there is but I also kind of hope we don’t find it. We don’t have to know everything.

Loch Ness, Scotland 1990 edited photo

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Flowing Water

Flowing Water

These first two photos are from our New Zealand cruise and were taken onboard Explorer of the Seas. Most of the larger RCI ships have a wave simulator like this one. No, I did not try it.

The FlowRider surf simulator on Explorer of the Seas.

After escorting us out of Wellington harbour the pilot-boat did some exuberant “donuts” to say goodbye. The water was such a brilliant colour in Wellington that I left a tiny bit of the colour in the photo.

The Pilot boat in Wellington farewelled us with water “donuts”.

This next one was taken on a dull rainy day and I only desaturated it a little bit. It was taken on the Gordon River cruise that David and I did with Gillian and Bruce in 2012. The wake is that colour because of tannin in the water.

Wake from our cruise boat on the Gordon River

This last one was taken on my phone one day when I was in Hobart and I had some fun playing with it in Picasa.

Fountain in Franklin Square, Hobart.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Liquid

Near The Water

I’ve always been drawn to places where there is water and I take a lot of photographs of bodies of water wherever I go.

I’ve always loved to be by the sea. As a child a trip to the seaside was an annual treat but even then it wasn’t just about amusements, paddling,  ice cream or donkeys on the beach. I liked to look at the sea. At the beach you can see the power of the waves  breaking against the shore.

We spent a month on a ship sailing to Australia from England and it fascinated me to watch the waves  and see the wake the ship left behind us. Fast forward fifty years and I find sitting in a deck chair looking at the water one of the best parts of a cruise holiday.

The ocean and the sky.

I live in Tasmania, it is a state that is blessed with many rivers and lakes. Occasionally nature plays tricks and there are floods or droughts but mostly they are a source of pleasure.  I feel calm when I’m by the water and I’m never bored because it is always different.  Some days the water could be as smooth as glass and you can see the reflections as clearly as in a mirror. Other days there are little ripples that make it sparkle and then there are the grey, wintry days when it looks cold and forbidding.

Huon River, first day of winter . 1 Jun 2008

Jeremiah Ryan at Port Huon

image Huon River at Huonville
The Huon River from the bridge at Huonville

I like the sight and the sound of fountains too. I find them very relaxing .

The fountain in Salamanca Square, Hobart

image fountain
The El Alamein Fountain in Kings Cross, Sydney

fountain, Botanical Gardens, Hobart
Close up of the French  Memorial fountain,  Botanical Gardens Hobart

Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Water

Water, Water Everywhere

This week’s challenge coincided with my annual visit to Hobart to see the Sydney Hobart Race yachts.  Plenty of water to be seen .

Yachts on the Derwent

Reflections on the water Constitution Dock , Hobart

Shimmering water reflects off one of the yachts

Back in Geeveston this fire brigade volunteer was having a lot of fun with water.

Fun with water at the Christmas parade

Finally the wooden fountain at the Botanical Gardens.

French Fountain, Botanical Gardens

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Winter-Water


Winter is not quite here yet so here are some photos of winters past.

I remember this day quite well even though it was nine years ago. It was a fine Sunday, the first day of June which most Australians consider the start of winter. David and I decided to go for a drive to enjoy the weather and take some photos. I took this one somewhere along the Huon, somewhere near Lymington on the Channel Highway I think. That is on the opposite bank of the river  to us so we had to drive north to Huonville to cross the bridge before going south again. The photo was taken with the little Kodak digital camera I had at the time and I have since cropped it as I did not know how to stop the date from appearing on the picture back then.

Huon River, first day of winter . 1 Jun 2008

The next three photos were taken during the big snow of August 2015. We do get snow in Tasmania but not the amounts that some of you get every winter in the northern hemisphere. This was heavy snow for us. I snapped the photo from the bus window on one of my  trips to Hobart to visit David in hospital that winter. The buses were actually unable to run for a  day or so but as soon as the main road was cleared they started again. It was a slow trip but I felt much safer on the bus with its big wide tyres than in a car.

A snowy day August 2015

Southern Outlet Hobart in winter
The Southern Outlet, the main route to Hobart on a snowy morning.

Incident on the Southern Outlet,.