Vintage Cars: Morris Major Elite

Today while out for a drive we spotted this Morris Major Elite looking quite abandoned. It looked as if someone had brought it over from South Australia with the intention of restoring it but hadn’t got around to it. The door handles were still nice and shiny while other parts of the car were rusty like the bumper bars. I think it must have been someone’s pride and joy once as it still had the visor and venetian blind in the back. It also had it’s car club badges. It was a shame it was sitting out in all weather. Anyway I was pleased to be able to take a few photos of this car.


Snapshot Sunday : Vintage Cars

A little way down the road from me on the High Street here in Oatlands someone owns some very nice vintage cars. One day while out walking I took some photos of them. I thought it would be fun to change them to black and white and age them a bit. Here are some shots of two very cool cars, a Humber and a Six Eighty. So cool that they live here but surprising they always seem to be left out in the street.

Six Eighty
This is a Six Eighty.

This is a Humber

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Dark Reds


Dark Reds

For the challenge this week I decided to use pictures of vintage, and one not so vintage, cars in similar colours.  Vintage cars are interesting to photograph whether they are  smartly turned out for a car show as most of the ones in these photos are or quietly rusting in a shed. They have much more character than most modern cars. The burgundy or maroon colour scheme is a popular one with vintage car enthusiasts and is still popular with modern cars. These photos from my archive were taken in Napier, New Zealand, Hobart and Oatlands, Tasmania.