Daily Prompt: Never Gonna Give You Up

“Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff Or How Not to Commit Mariticide”

Don’t sweat the small stuff should be my motto but I’m afraid that it’s the small stuff that drives me crazy. Especially the small stuff that Hubby does, or in some cases doesn’t do.


  • The toilet –  OK most men are guilty of leaving the seat up and Hubby is no exception but he never cleans the toilet after he’s messed it up and that does annoy me.
  • The bathroom – In our old house the bathroom sink was beneath a window. For the 25 years we lived there Hubby would leave used cotton buds on the window sill no matter how I asked him not to, nagged him or threatened to stick one up his nose. We finally solved the problem. Our present house does not have a window above the sink.
  • The car – He keeps mistaking it for the rubbish bin.
  • The kitchen – Is it really normal to eat a late night snack of a bowl of instant mashed potatoes? Not leftovers, he actually makes it especially.

No doubt Hubby could write a list of things that annoy him about me, parading his shortcomings on my blog would no doubt be one of them, but I won’t be asking him to exchange lists. Still if you ever hear that I’ve committed mariticide it will be because of the small stuff.