The Talkative Tag

I would not rate myself as a talkative person usually but I probably do talk more now than when I was younger and very shy. I probably write a great deal more than I talk though. Marilyn of “Serendipity-Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth”   tagged me as a frequent commenter and I have to confess to being a serial commenter on her and some of my other favourite blogs as commenting is the nearest we get to chatting in WordPress. It feels like having someone visiting for a chat and a cuppa.

Now looking at my own stats, recently the most frequent commenters on this blog after me have been Cee Neuner, human59, Marilyn, Dennis, Reflections of an Untidy Mind and Nancy Merrill.

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Commenter Comments
Taswegian1957 349
Cee Neuner Following 250
human59 Follow 112
Marilyn Armstrong Following 92
Dennis Following 72
Reflections of an Untidy Mind Following 12
nancy merrill Following 11

* Based on the 1000 most recent comments.

Obviously, I am not tagging myself as I’m responding to comments,

Cee faithfully comments on every challenge post that I and everyone else puts up so I doubt she has the time for this one but Cee if you want to please do.

human59 is my co-writer so tagging her for this would be a bit like chasing our tails.

Marilyn has just done it of course

There are plenty of old timber sheds around the Huon Valley

Dennis from “Diary of Dennis”  and I have been trading comments for several years now, from about the time that we discovered that we had very similar looking cats. He takes great photos around his hometown of Lubeck, Germany and of course of Shyna the cat. We always find plenty to talk about comparing life in Germany and Australia and I enjoy his guitar playing. Dennis also writes a lot about gaming and tech stuff.

Tracy from “Reflections of an Untidy Mind” a fellow Aussie from “the big island” is one of the group of bloggers that provides us with the Random Daily Prompt and also takes some fantastic photos of wildlife.

Nancy Merrill from “Nancy Merrill Photography” has the Photo A Week Challenge which I often join in. She always has interesting photos on her blog. Nancy always comments on everyone’s posts too which is much appreciated.

So Dennis, Tracy, and Nancy if you would like to participate and tag some of your frequent commenters that would be great but if you prefer not to that’s fine too. No pressure.