Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Field

Sports Fields

I decided to make sports fields the theme of this post. All the ones pictured are used for multiple sports but I have only visited in summer to watch cricket.

This photo was taken in 2010, my first ever time at a cricket match and the first time I had seen inside Bellerive Oval. There is a big new grandstand where the two small ones are now which is a shame in a way because you can’t see the mountain as well as before.

My first visit to Bellerive Oval in 2010. It looks very different now.

In the lead up to the Cricket World Cup practice games were held at suburban grounds. This was at Kingston and I especially liked the way the ground staff had prepared for the game which was between Scotland and Tasmania.

patterns in the grass. Kingston Oval.

Another first for me was to travel to Launceston on my own to see a charity cricket match at Aurora Stadium.

Aurora Stadium, Launceston, Tasmania

This one was taken at the playing fields at Rupertswood, a grand old house in Sunbury, Victoria. Cricket history has it that the legend of “The Ashes” began here. Apart from the modern lighting towers, this place has not changed a lot.

Playing fields at Rupertswood, Sunbury, Victoria

On the same trip to Victoria, my friends and I went on a tour of the Melbourne Cricket Ground.  It was not a match day and I am unlikely to ever see any cricket played there because I won’t go to the mainland in summer if I can avoid it. However, I can imagine these empty stands full of excited fans on Boxing Day the traditional first day of the post Christmas Test Match because I have seen it many times on television.

The Melbourne Cricket Ground.

RDP: Sport

Confessions of a Lazy Person

My initial response to this post was a polite “no thank you”. I don’t do sport. I have never enjoyed it even as a child. I remember a school sports day when I was five or six. I was in a running race where I came last or maybe second last. I didn’t care about that. What I did care about was that some teachers laughed at the way I was pumping my arms, something I had probably seen athletes do on television. Perhaps mum should not have told me that but anyway I had no further interest in running. When our class was taken to the pool to learn to swim I disliked that they made us put our heads under water.  My school years were a blur of being afraid balls would hit me, being afraid of falling off balance beams and constantly trying to get on the back of the line to do anything physical if I could not avoid going altogether. The only school sports activity I truly enjoyed was once whacking a ball with a hockey stick. Unfortunately, that was the only part of the game that I did like.

I am not a well-coordinated person. I can’t hit tennis balls, I can’t bowl although I do actually enjoy tenpin bowling. I can’t play table tennis although I will give it a go. I still can’t swim. Mini golf is fine, I can hold my own in that although I am not sure if you can call it a sport.

The only sports I’ve ever watched are yacht racing, Motorsports, and cricket. I sat up all night to see Australia win the “America’s Cup” for the first time and I love to see the start of the Sydney Hobart race on TV although that is just as much about the spectacle really.

image yachts
Sydney Hobart Race yachts at Constitution Dock.

I started to watch Motorsports with David. He enjoyed watching it and I became interested myself. We went to a lot of Formula 1 Grand Prix in Adelaide and every other sort of event we could get to for several years. Naomi and I often went to the Speedway too where we enjoyed cheering for our favourite cars and drivers.

Formula one car chassis’ circa 1988-89
Peter Brock at an F1 support race in Adelaide.

I didn’t seriously take an interest in cricket until we moved to Tasmania although I’d sometimes watch it on TV with David. I first went to a cricket match in Hobart to see if I’d enjoy it. I did and went to many more over the next few years.

I especially enjoyed going to live sports events because it’s fun to cheer for your team, it adds to the excitement when you are barracking for a particular racing driver, or a particular team especially if it is someone from your home that you can identify with.

The crowd on the hill at Blundstone Arena

I also really enjoy the photography aspect. I’ve taken a lot of pictures at motor racing events and cricket matches.

One of the few occasions I’ve captured the ball leaving the bat.







Two Captains
Michael Clarke (Australia) and Mahale Jawyardene (Sri Lanka) chatting after the coin toss at Bellerive Oval, Hobart.

I haven’t written anything for Marilyn’s photo prompts recently. Not because I haven’t wanted to but because all the running back and forth to Hobart has started to make it hard to concentrate on blogging. However when I read this one I had to try because of my exasperation over the recent Ashes cricket disaster. The series is now over; England won three matches out of five to regain The Ashes. They will come to Australia in two years for the next series. It was a strange series. A Test Match is 5  days of play with 90 overs of 6 balls each bowled each day. It’s not unusual for a match to end within that time but not one match in this series went the full five days. Two lasted four days, two lasted three days and one and I’m ashamed to admit that Australia lost this one horribly, only went for two and a half days. The two that we did win were huge wins so really the whole series didn’t make a lot of sense. As it was being played in England the television broadcast started at 7:30pm and lasted until 3 am. I started out sitting up for the first two sessions going to bed sometime around the tea break. I usually sit up till around one in the morning so that was not a stretch for me.

However, as things got worse I could not stand to watch Australia bat any more and would wait until Australia bowled to start watching. I actually always like watching Australia in the field more than I like to watch  batting. Maybe it is because I am a totally uncoordinated person who was always hopeless at sport. I find it the athleticism of these guys, taking difficult catches or being able to throw the ball from a long distance to hit the stumps for a run-out is quite amazing. Of course the opposition teams have players who can do this just as well but I am biased to prefer to watch when Aussies are doing it. 🙂

I remember watching an interview with then Captain Ricky Ponting after a successful Ashes series ended in Australia. He was being interviewed in the dressing room and all around him players were talking and laughing and had probably already opened their first bottles of beer. Anyway what really stood out for me was that while talking to the interviewer another player tossed him a packet of biscuits and he caught it with one hand without looking and while still continuing to talk. That impressed me nearly as much as winning the series :).

I am not a lifelong cricket fan, it’s only been an interest of mine since I moved to Tasmania. It’s hard to explain why that happened but it did and it happened at a time when the Australian cricket team was doing very well and the captain at the time, Ricky Ponting, is from Tasmania. At first I just watched it on television but after a while I decided that I’d like to go and see a match live. I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy it as much but I’ve always felt that seeing something on television is no substitute for being there and getting the atmosphere. Sure, you don’t always see as much or get the same commentary but there is something about seeing your team play live that you can’t capture on television. Plus, of course, I wanted to take pictures. I’ve been to at least one match every summer now for the past few years.

I’ve written before about the short form of the game, the T20 Big Bash competition. That’s very lively and entertaining and the fans get into it; wearing team colours and making a lot of noise cheering for the local team the Hobart Hurricanes. We get four home games and I try to but don’t always get to all of them. The season is short as the series is played during the Christmas/summer holidays with most games in late December and throughout January. I go with friends and we cheer and yell and sometimes groan too. It is good fun.

I have also been to One Day International matches in Hobart. These are longer games, 50 overs for each side and are sometimes played as day games and sometimes as day/night games. These are also quite fast paced games and I like them more than T20 which is over in just a couple of hours. The recent Cricket World Cup was a series of 50 over games which Australia and New Zealand hosted and Australia won.  Australia in the field

Hobart does not get Test Matches every year so I haven’t been to many and I have never been for the entire five days of a Test Match. I usually like to go on the first day because I enjoy the anthems and the coin toss and because there is a better chance of seeing the players from both teams warm up before the game. Also at that point the game is an unknown quantity where later, on day three or four it may already be a foregone conclusion how it ends, if it lasts that long!

I don’t know if I would ever go to see cricket in another state. I would like to in some respects. I used to work five minutes walk away from Adelaide Oval but I never saw a cricket match there. It would be very exciting to be part of the crowd at the Boxing Day Test Match at the Melbourne Cricket Ground and I would like to visit  and see a match at the Sydney Cricket Ground with its lovely old grandstand so full of character. I’d also like to go to a Hurricanes away game somewhere. However one thing puts me off doing those things and that is weather. I simply loathe the heat and I would be thoroughly miserable sitting in forty degree heat all day. I try never to visit mainland Australia in summer except for important family events.


Twilight at Bellerive Oval




Why I Hate the WWE

The other day Hubby was watching WWE on television for a couple of hours. I had to leave the room, it annoys me even more than “Pawn Stars” and that’s saying something!

In the adjoining room I could still hear it and in my opinion being forced to listen the ranting of professional wrestlers is like living next door to a quarrelsome dysfunctional family.

I posted about how much this annoyed me on Facebook but I still felt irritated. I don’t wish to put down people who like watching WWE as apart from Hubby I have at least one friend who likes it  however, I feel the need to rant about what I don’t like about it.

First of all I don’t enjoy watching fighting. I don’t like boxing either; boxing is probably more dangerous than wrestling because the fighters really are trying to hurt each other. As far as I’m aware it’s not fake. Even as a child I remember that wrestling matches on TV had an element of comedy while boxing was deadly serious. However wrestling matches seem somehow dirty to me. I walked in yesterday to see one wrestler stomping on another’s head and kicking him when he was down on the ground. They grab each other’s hair. It’s ugly! I fail to understand how anyone can enjoy seeing that. If you saw it in a real fight you would say it was wrong. I know it’s not real but I don’t want to see it.

Second, these shows are scripted, there are relationships between the characters. These guys don’t just fight each other, they go on and on endlessly about why they are doing it.  Everyone has a grudge against someone else. It’s like a bad soap opera!  If they just came on, fought and left I could handle it a lot better. I think I find the talking more annoying  than the fighting. There is not one likeable character. In a TV series I need at least one person in the show I can feel sympathetic towards but I don’t feel anything for this bunch of ego maniacs. Yes, it’s acting and yes nice guys probably wouldn’t bring in as many viewers as mean ones. I’m just saying I don’t watch characters I don’t like, same reason I don’t watch Two and a Half Men.

Third, there appear to be no rules, or they operate on the “rules were made to be broken” theory. Yesterday’s episode ended up as what looked like a free for all. If there are rules in a sport I expect to see them adhered to even though certain cricket commentators who go on about the laws of cricket can be very irritating too.

Fourth, I find these men very unattractive. Grown men running around in budgie smugglers and not much more looks ridiculous even if they are very fit.

Some years ago Louis Theroux featured wrestling in one of his “Weird Weekends” documentaries. It was very interesting and I certainly don’t dispute the fact that these people train very hard and could be considered real athletes. It’s a commercial enterprise though, the top performers are very well known and they help the company sell a lot of merchandise while no doubt getting rich themselves. It is competitive but it is not a sport as far as I’m concerned.

These are my reasons for disliking  the WWE Universe. You may agree or you may not. I will continue to not watch it and I will continue to complain about it although not necessarily on this blog because it might start to sound like a broken record. At any rate my purpose in writing this was blow off some steam and I have. I feel better now. Thanks for reading.

Photo Thursday-Kevin Pietersen-Cricketer

image Kevin Pietersen
Kevin Pietersen-English cricketer

It is not my intention that the Thursday photo will always be about cricket but yesterday I went to see the first day of England v Australia A at Bellerive Oval in Hobart. I wanted to get some photos of the English players in particular because after this summer they probably won’t come back to Hobart again for another four years .

Kevin Pietersen was waiting to bat when I took this photo. In fact he was waiting to bat all day. The other English players were content to sit and watch their opening batsmen but he was fidgety, playing with a football, sitting for a while then getting up again, moving around and talking to people. I think he just wanted to get out there himself.

Judging by the scores at the end of the day he’ll be doing a bit more sitting around waiting tomorrow.