Snapshot Sunday – My Doll Room

I don’t usually post doll photos here as I have a doll blog for that but today I wanted to show how I spent my Sunday.  As I may have mentioned in the past I am a chronic furniture re-arranger and am always trying to find the perfect set up for each room. My dolls and craft materials live in a spare bedroom and I’m forever trying to find a way to get to my scrapbooking supplies, wool or whatever without having to move a dozen dolls. It would be so easy if I could have a room with custom-built storage and display areas but what I have is a mish-mash of old furniture that has been repurposed time and time again.

Today’s project was to move a large older style entertainment unit from where it was taking up space in the laundry into the doll room. I did this alone but with the help of one of those “Ezy Moves” fulcrum and pad sets and the moral support of Cindy who followed me round while I did it. As you can see by the mess on the craft table I’m not quite done yet but the worst of the job is done. If you would like to see an earlier incarnation of the doll room click here.

The latests set up of my Doll and Craft room.
The latest set up of my Doll and Craft room.

Snapshot Sunday – Feral Rooster

A small colony of roosters live on a piece of land near the local sports ground. They have been dumped there by owners who prefer just to keep hens and not noisy, unproductive roosters. The number varies but there are usually about half a dozen birds of various breeds who all live together quite happily. This one is quite a handsome fellow I think. I have written about the group in another post. Thank you to my fellow blogger Dennis for giving me the idea for today’s post when he posted a rooster photo of his own the other day. His bird looks to be a similar breed to this one.

New Resident In The Garden

Feral Roosters

Snapshot Sunday – The Royal Hobart Hospital

This is the front entrance and oldest part of the Royal Hobart Hospital, a place where I’ve been spending far too much time lately. The fact that I’ve started taking pictures of it and appreciating the architecture is probably a sign that things are looking up.

"The Royal"  Front entrance of the Royal Hobart Hospital.
“The Royal”
Front entrance of the Royal Hobart Hospital.

Snapshot Sunday -Autumn in the Huon Valley

Autumn in the valley

I know. Late again! I feel a bit of a fraud posting another old photo but my opportunities to go out with the camera are very limited at the moment. Autumn has begun here and although I love spring I think it’s probably my favourite season. I love the way the leaves change colour. Apple picking is still going on and will be for another few weeks but the trees will soon be looking like this.

Snapshot Sunday – Michael Clarke- Australian Cricketer

It’s the day of the Cricket World Cup Final between host countries Australia and New Zealand. It will also be the last time that Australian captain Michael Clarke plays in a one day international match.