Snapshot Sunday – The Royal Hobart Hospital

This is the front entrance and oldest part of the Royal Hobart Hospital, a place where I’ve been spending far too much time lately. The fact that I’ve started taking pictures of it and appreciating the architecture is probably a sign that things are looking up.

"The Royal"  Front entrance of the Royal Hobart Hospital.
“The Royal”
Front entrance of the Royal Hobart Hospital.

Snapshot Sunday -Autumn in the Huon Valley

Autumn in the valley

I know. Late again! I feel a bit of a fraud posting another old photo but my opportunities to go out with the camera are very limited at the moment. Autumn has begun here and although I love spring I think it’s probably my favourite season. I love the way the leaves change colour. Apple picking is still going on and will be for another few weeks but the trees will soon be looking like this.

Snapshot Sunday – Michael Clarke- Australian Cricketer

It’s the day of the Cricket World Cup Final between host countries Australia and New Zealand. It will also be the last time that Australian captain Michael Clarke plays in a one day international match.


Snapshot Sunday- Peter Dombrovskis’ Canoe

image canoe
Peter Dombrovskis’ Canoe-TMAG, Hobart

Peter Dombrovskis was a photographer who like his mentor Oleg Truchanas made many journeys into southwestern Tasmania to photograph the wilderness areas. You can read more about it here.