Snapshot Sunday – Jonquils

What a topsy-turvy week of weather we’ve had. Torrential rain, snow, frost, fog and then on Saturday a warm sunny day that felt a lot like spring. The first jonquils and daffodils are starting to appear. Here are some in my garden.

Spring is just around the corner.
Spring is just around the corner.

Snapshot Sunday – Snow Day Monday

It really did snow in the suburbs.Photo by Matt Clark
It really did snow in the suburbs.Photo by Matt Clark

Snapshot Sunday is late today because a) I totally forgot about it yesterday and b) when I remembered I decided to wait in the hope of getting a nice snow photo¬† to post. I did get one but it’s not mine it’s Matt’s. Taken in Claremont, Tasmania first thing Monday morning. This has not happened in Hobart in 30 years so we’re pretty excited. Look out for a snow day post later.

Snapshot Sunday – Autumn Evening

An autumn evening - Murray Street, Hobart.
An autumn evening – Murray Street, Hobart.

Yesterday my sister and I were going to take a walk around Hobart’s historic Battery Point area and I had planned to take some photos for today’s post. Unfortunately driving rain and 100km wind gusts scuttled that plan so here is one I prepared earlier. I don’t often find myself in the city in the evening but back in April I did take a series of pictures on my walk from the hospital back to the bus stop. Daylight Saving time had finished for the year and the days were growing short already. This was taken just before 6pm.

Snapshot Sunday – My Doll Room

I don’t usually post doll photos here as I have a doll blog for that but today I wanted to show how I spent my Sunday.¬† As I may have mentioned in the past I am a chronic furniture re-arranger and am always trying to find the perfect set up for each room. My dolls and craft materials live in a spare bedroom and I’m forever trying to find a way to get to my scrapbooking supplies, wool or whatever without having to move a dozen dolls. It would be so easy if I could have a room with custom-built storage and display areas but what I have is a mish-mash of old furniture that has been repurposed time and time again.

Today’s project was to move a large older style entertainment unit from where it was taking up space in the laundry into the doll room. I did this alone but with the help of one of those “Ezy Moves” fulcrum and pad sets and the moral support of Cindy who followed me round while I did it. As you can see by the mess on the craft table I’m not quite done yet but the worst of the job is done. If you would like to see an earlier incarnation of the doll room click here.

The latests set up of my Doll and Craft room.
The latest set up of my Doll and Craft room.