Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Roofs

Roofs from the Archives

Here are a few interesting roofs I found in my photo archives. The first four are from our cruise holiday last year. I like the onion dome roofs of the Mosque. This was in Kuala Lumpur. Also in KL but not such an attractive site were the broken glass panels at the former main railway station. I had been looking forward to seeing this building for a long time and was disappointed to find it in the middle of renovations and looking very run down. The next one is the famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel which has a roof that resembles a ship. The last one which I’ve shown before is the so-called “Durian” building in Singapore.

Esplanade Theatres on the Bay, better known as The Durian in Singapore.

Another unusual roof, this time in Auckland.

an Auckland wharf
The unusual roof on the passenger facilities on an Auckland wharf

We had a roof that looks like a ship now here is a roof on a ship. This was the roof from the old Brooke Street Pier building. It was brought down to Franklin and sat between the Wooden Boat Centre and the Living Boat Trust buildings for some time. I believe the timber was to be used as part of the Cartela restoration but not really sure.

Last an old rusty roof on an abandoned shed near Cygnet.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Roofs


Cee has asked us to show her roofs this week so I have delved into the archives to see what I can find. Despite my fear of falling I do love to get up above the city to take pictures. Here is one I took looking down on roofs of Davey Street in Hobart during Open House Hobart a couple of years ago.

Next are some convict era cottages in Oatlands with very symmetrical roofs.

The view of Davey St from the deck
The view of Davey St from the deck

image Georgian cottages Oatlands TAS
Convict era cottages in Oatlands, Tasmania

The next three photos were taken in Launceston. The first one is on the site of the old railway roundhouse at the Inveresk Railway workshops. It has been revamped although I’m not quite sure it’s used for now other than as a shelter shed. It looks as if it would be quite useful during events as it is part of the entertainment precinct. The railway workshops are part of the museum complex and have not been restored to pristine condition but rather left as if the workers had just finished for the day and gone home never to return.

Former Railway Roundhouse in Launceston
Former Railway Roundhouse in Launceston

image interior shed
Inside one of the workshops.

Rusty roofs - Launceston
Rusty roofs – Launceston

The last couple of photographs are from across the Tasman taken in Auckland, New Zealand.

an Auckland wharf
Unusual roof on the passenger facilities on an Auckland wharf

Auckland rooftops from the Sky Tower.
Auckland rooftops from the Sky Tower.