The 3 am Rant – A New Definition of Hero?

Windows 10 sometimes distracts me with news headlines which I click on if they sound interesting. I just saw one that said “Hero Kid Dabs While Stuck on Roller Coaster.”

I clicked on this because I had no idea what it meant. I understood hero, kid and rollercoaster but this was obviously not any interpretation of the word dab that I was familiar with. I followed it up and discovered that dabbing is some kind of weird. trendy dance craze. So now I knew that while stuck on a stalled amusement park ride in high winds this kid decided to show off his dance moves.

The Storm Ride photo from internet.
The Storm Coaster Ride
photo from internet.

My question is how is that heroic?  It sounds rather questionable behaviour to me. Should he not be keeping still while waiting to be rescued?

Here is a definition of the word hero from the Oxford dictionary. Most of the main English dictionaries give a similar explanation. Some add that it can also mean a person who has super powers or a character from mythology. Nowhere did I see anything about showing off and behaving like an idiot.

hero – definition of hero in English | Oxford Dictionaries

Main definitions of hero in English. …”A person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.”

This article annoyed me a lot as I felt it cheapened the meaning of the word hero and glorified stupid behaviour.  Here is a link to the article. Make up your own minds.