Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Colour of Your Choice

My Choice is Red

Red is my favourite colour so of course, I could not resist using it for this challenge. Just for fun, I decided that all my pictures would be vehicle-related and the reddest reds  I could find.

The featured image is an old South Australian railcar, these were a maroon colour when new. We called them Redhens for a weird South Australian reason.

Scarlet Ferrari

I know Ferrari’s come in other colours but if they are not red what is the point?

TGR “Y” Class diesel

Old Tasmanian Railways diesel.

Hobart’s Hop on Hop Off bus.

A tourist bus needs to be eye catching.

A vintage fire engine at Hobart Fire Station.

A vintage fire engine.

US yacht Commanche in Hobart after the 2014 race.

A racing yacht.

image Spirit of Tasmania
Boarding the Spirit of Tasmania

Red brake lights as we approach the red and white ferry.

image Virgin jet
Virgin Airlines passenger jet from 2013.

I think it is a shame that Virgin no longer paints their jets red.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Red

My Favourite Colour

For this week’s challenge I started by photographing some red things at the Op Shop using my phone.

A red spotted cushion
Some red clothing, we like to hang them by colours.
Some red candles in a glass vase.

Red shoes at the Op Shop

As red is my favourite colour you would think there would be a lot of red things in my house but although there are shades of red, mostly darker ones I used my  reds sparingly. In the garden though it is another story.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Red and Yellow

Red and Yellow

My first thoughts for this challenge were things that were fire engine red and golden yellow. What do I have in those colours? I love red, it’s my favourite colour but what red things are around the house?

I went outside. There is my red, red rose.

A red rose on my rose bush.
A red rose on my rose bush.

Autumn leaves from the apple tree and the reddish leaves of the Japanese Maple tree.

Autumn leaves under the apple tree.
Autumn leaves under the apple tree.
Reddish leaves on my Japanese Maple.
Reddish leaves on my Japanese Maple.

I also found Teen Skipper’s friend Nikki. Well OK I had to take her outside myself but she does have a red and yellow outfit. These are the colours I was thinking of in the first place.

Skipper's friend Nikki in red and yellow.
Skipper’s friend Nikki in red and yellow.

Last of all, from the archives Buddhists marching in the Hobart Christmas Parade a couple of years ago.

buddhists with fans
I loved the colourful clothing and the fans