Rant Alert- Don’t treat me like I’m stupid WordPress

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I’m feeling the need to rant today. I’ve been blogging here on WordPress for about a year and a half now and during that time I’ve noticed quite a lot of changes. I know I’m not alone in saying that most of them I have not liked. Many of the bloggers I read have complained about them.

I gather that a lot of these changes are being made to accommodate those people who use phones and tablets to blog but it seems that the rest of us have become second class citizens as far as WordPress is concerned.

What really annoys me the most is how WordPress is trying to persuade us that the new features are better than the old ones. I didn’t like the new editor, not because of the beep, bop, boop that fellow bloggers have complained of, I’ve seen that elsewhere. I don’t like it because  I find it awkward to use compared to the old one. I generally ignore it and go straight to the old dashboard. I’m finding though that although the older features are still available it is taking longer to click through to get to them. This is a waste of my time. If I’ve got an idea that I want to write about I don’t want to jump through hoops to get to where I want to go.

The  new stats page is especially annoying . I’m a new enough blogger that I like to check in once a day to see who has been reading my blogs and while at first the link to the old stats page was placed near the top of the page it has now been hidden at the bottom of the page. Did you think I would not notice that WordPress or that I would not be bothered to go to it? Every time I log in to the stats page I’m greeted with either “Have you tried the new stats page” or “Why do you prefer this one?” I keep giving the same answer but I’m sure that it will make no difference and eventually they will just take the old page away.

I hate these “Salami tactics” changing things bit by bit and I hate being taken for stupid which is how I feel WordPress is treating me. I admit that I don’t always care for change. I am a Taurus after all. I particularly don’t like change for the sake of change which is what I feel this is. I don’t know if anyone asked for any of these features to be improved. I certainly haven’t come across anyone who has said “Good job WordPress.”

At this point I’m not planning to go elsewhere. I’d rather persevere with WordPress than find a new blogging platform and have to start learning all over again. I feel as if I’ve made friends here too. There are people whose blogs I enjoy reading and some who seem to like mine. I would like to think that if enough bloggers complain WordPress will at least keep the old features that we preferred accessible. I know the new ones are probably here to stay. But please WordPress don’t treat me like I’m an idiot who needs to be persuaded to use something new. I’m stubborn that way. The more you try to make me the more I will refuse.

Why I Hate the WWE

The other day Hubby was watching WWE on television for a couple of hours. I had to leave the room, it annoys me even more than “Pawn Stars” and that’s saying something!

In the adjoining room I could still hear it and in my opinion being forced to listen the ranting of professional wrestlers is like living next door to a quarrelsome dysfunctional family.

I posted about how much this annoyed me on Facebook but I still felt irritated. I don’t wish to put down people who like watching WWE as apart from Hubby I have at least one friend who likes it  however, I feel the need to rant about what I don’t like about it.

First of all I don’t enjoy watching fighting. I don’t like boxing either; boxing is probably more dangerous than wrestling because the fighters really are trying to hurt each other. As far as I’m aware it’s not fake. Even as a child I remember that wrestling matches on TV had an element of comedy while boxing was deadly serious. However wrestling matches seem somehow dirty to me. I walked in yesterday to see one wrestler stomping on another’s head and kicking him when he was down on the ground. They grab each other’s hair. It’s ugly! I fail to understand how anyone can enjoy seeing that. If you saw it in a real fight you would say it was wrong. I know it’s not real but I don’t want to see it.

Second, these shows are scripted, there are relationships between the characters. These guys don’t just fight each other, they go on and on endlessly about why they are doing it.  Everyone has a grudge against someone else. It’s like a bad soap opera!  If they just came on, fought and left I could handle it a lot better. I think I find the talking more annoying  than the fighting. There is not one likeable character. In a TV series I need at least one person in the show I can feel sympathetic towards but I don’t feel anything for this bunch of ego maniacs. Yes, it’s acting and yes nice guys probably wouldn’t bring in as many viewers as mean ones. I’m just saying I don’t watch characters I don’t like, same reason I don’t watch Two and a Half Men.

Third, there appear to be no rules, or they operate on the “rules were made to be broken” theory. Yesterday’s episode ended up as what looked like a free for all. If there are rules in a sport I expect to see them adhered to even though certain cricket commentators who go on about the laws of cricket can be very irritating too.

Fourth, I find these men very unattractive. Grown men running around in budgie smugglers and not much more looks ridiculous even if they are very fit.

Some years ago Louis Theroux featured wrestling in one of his “Weird Weekends” documentaries. It was very interesting and I certainly don’t dispute the fact that these people train very hard and could be considered real athletes. It’s a commercial enterprise though, the top performers are very well known and they help the company sell a lot of merchandise while no doubt getting rich themselves. It is competitive but it is not a sport as far as I’m concerned.

These are my reasons for disliking  the WWE Universe. You may agree or you may not. I will continue to not watch it and I will continue to complain about it although not necessarily on this blog because it might start to sound like a broken record. At any rate my purpose in writing this was blow off some steam and I have. I feel better now. Thanks for reading.

It is official.

Having read the offending article I could not agree more.

Queen Victoria

TheAgeIt’s official. The mainstream media has gone stark raving mad.

This article was published in the Age today:

For the sake of the nation, Ms Gillard should stand aside

Let me preface this post by saying that I take great pride in writing a blog using my own name. I am Victoria Rollison and these are my opinions. For some people, writing under a pseudonym is their only option. I understand that. But what I don’t understand is why this piece of junk article has no byline on it. It implies it has been written by a newspaper. But we all know newspapers are just mechanisms for delivering words. They are where news articles are published. Newspapers can’t actually write, because newspapers don’t have a brain. Someone, or some people wrote this article and I don’t understand why they are not proud enough of their words to put their name…

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