A Photo a Week Challenge: Public Transportation

A Photo A Week Challenge.

Since transport is one of my main interests I decided that I would also join in this one and post a few of my photos for the fun of it. These from Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

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Daily Prompt: Always the Passenger

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I don’t drive so I’ve always been a passenger either on public transport or someone’s car.

The best thing about being a passenger in a car is there is always time to look at the scenery.  Of course that means that when we are enjoying a scenic drive I have to try to refrain from saying “Look at that!” and “Isn’t that fantastic.” or anything that might distract the driver from the road.

There is a down side of course.Some people might say navigating is one but I don’t really mind being the map reader.

I don’t like being in a car with someone who smokes or talks on a mobile phone while driving, takes both hands off the wheel at the same time or yells at other drivers so sometimes car journeys can be nerve-wracking but on those occasions I grit my teeth and keep quiet. Luckily most of the people I regularly travel with are good drivers and don’t have bad habits.

I always catch the bus when I go to Hobart. The 60 kilometre journey is very scenic and I never get tired of it. If I had to drive I’d have to think about  the weather and traffic and the idiotic things that some people do on the roads. On the bus I can let the driver worry about that and enjoy the scenery.

Morning Mist 1
Huon River at Franklin from the bus.

Of course I don’t mind being a passenger on a train or a tram . These are my favourite ways to travel in the city and I have been known to catch a train or tram “just for the ride”.

The old Glenelg tram line has been extended.
Sydney Interurban railcar set -December 2012.
Trains at Southern Cross Station
Trains at Southern Cross Station (formerly Spencer St) Melbourne 2014.

I enjoy being a passenger on a commuter ferry, lucky people in Sydney who get to do that every day.

Sydney Ferry 2012
Rivercat ferry at Rose Bay, Sydney 2012
Rivercat ferry at Watson’s Bay, Sydney 2012


For me the biggest downside of being a passenger is the lack of control. When you are the passenger the choice of when to go, where to go and how to get there is not entirely yours. I have to admit that sometimes I’d like to be able to jump in a car and go somewhere by myself but not being able to is something I can live with.


Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge -Week #32

Which Way to the Bus Mall

Last Sunday my sister and I planned to meet to go to the Hobart Model Railway Show at the Tasmanian Transport Museum. In order to meet her at the appointed hour I had to catch a bus from home at eight thirty in the morning arriving in Hobart around a quarter to ten. I had just missed a bus to Glenorchy where the museum is located and as it was Sunday morning it was nearly half an hour until the next one so I found myself with a long wait at the bus stop. It was freezing and there were not many shops open nearby so naturally I pulled out the camera and passed the time taking photos.

In Hobart the majority of buses depart from the section of Elizabeth Street between Collins and Macquarie Streets knows as “The Bus Mall”. It is closed to vehicular traffic except for buses and taxis. On a Sunday morning it is pretty quiet. You can actually stand in the middle of the road to take photographs with minimal chances of being hit by anything.

The wonderful Hobart City Council building in Elizabeth Street
The wonderful Hobart City Council building in Elizabeth Street
Metro bus in the Bus Mall
Metro bus in the Bus Mall
Sunday Morning at the Bus Mall
Sunday Morning at the Bus Mall
Elizabeth St, Bus Mall
Elizabeth St, Bus Mall