A Photo A Week Challenge: Changing Seasons


In the southern hemisphere spring is making an appearance. The first jonquils bravely flowered in June and as we rolled into July and August there were more early bulbs. We’ve had the daffodils, crocus, grape hyacinths and now the tulips. My apple tree is showing a hint of green and my Japanese and Weeping maples a touch of pink as their red leaves appear.

Spring bulbs
King Alfred Daffodils.
Tulips and Star Flowers

A Photo A Week: Yellow

Mellow Yellows

This is the perfect time for yellows. My daffodils are all in full bloom. I do love daffodils, the big King Alfreds are my favourites but I have other varieties too.

As it is still winter here we also have wattle in bloom. A bus driver I used to know used to say “When you see the wattle you’ll see the snow.” I always think of that in August and sure enough, although we’ve not had low-level snow this month we have had falls on the mountains.

Winter Wattle

I’m very partial to yellow flowers. Here are some more.

yellow flowers in springtime.
Rose and buds, the same bush
Jonquils 2019

A Photo A Week Challenge: Shades of Pink

In The Pink

I have a lot of pink things in my photo archive. Pink flowers of course, roses, tulips and this favourite one of massed daisies.

Massed pink daisies at Princes Park, Battery Point -Hobart

How could I do a pink post and not have Barbie?

Day to Night Barbie

This is an old but favourite photo that I took at Salamanca market. The stall holder had colour coordinated the stands of sun hats.

Pink sun hats at Salamanca Market

Some pink knitting cotton. This is a nice weight yarn to use for fashion doll clothing as it doesn’t look too bulky on them.

Knitting cotton
Knitting cotton that I use to make dolls clothes.

RDP: Camp

A Camping Trip

I’ve only been camping in a tent once in my life. David and I went to the Flinders Ranges in South Australia. We’d recently bought our first car, a Holden Camira. Aussies who remember that car are probably wondering what we were thinking but hey, we knew nothing about cars. Anyway, this was our first road trip. We took a little two-person tent, sleeping bags, a couple of chairs and a gas stove. We also took our two dogs, Tammy and Nicki.

Parachilna Gorge, Flinders Ranges, South Australia

I did enjoy that trip. We explored the local area. I loved the colours. I wish I had been a better photographer then and that I had taken more pictures.

The reason we chose the Flinders Ranges was that David had been there on holidays before. We stayed at a place called the Angorichna Tourist Village at Parachilna. It was and I believe still is a campground with cabins and camping sites. David told me that it was once a sanitorium for people who had tuberculosis.

I had never been there before but whenever we went to Port Pirie or Port Augusta on the train I would see the Flinders Ranges in the distance and want to go there. I think it was the mountains that drew me, Adelaide is pretty flat.

David was a Scout Leader at the time and often went camping with the kids so I wasn’t particularly worried about our sleeping in a tent. The first night we were there the wind came up and the tent collapsed on top of us. We managed to sort it out though.

We saw the ruins of failed farms and abandoned railway buildings. It was so sad to read some of the old gravestones at Beltana.

This one was taken way back in 1988 when we went camping in the Flinders Ranges. There are many ruins by the roadside. My notes say this one was a railway station but I’m really not sure now.
image head stone
The Johnson Family grave

The original railway to Alice Springs went through the towns of Quorn and Hawker. We knew Quorn quite well from our visits to the Pichi Richi Railway but had never been to Hawker so of course, we went there. We drove as far north as the bitumen road went and I wished that we could go the extra 80kms to Marree. David had not been driving long so we decided not to chance it especially as we had already had one adventure driving on a dirt road. Our car nearly flipped over on a bit of rough road. It was very scary but we were all OK and the car was not badly damaged, just needed a new tyre although that can be a big deal in an outback area too. A passing motorist stopped to help us. This was the eighties, no mobile phones or even phone boxes out there.

Sign at the old Hawker, SA station.
Sign at the old Hawker, SA station.
Scan of a coal train, Flinders Ranges SA 1987

I remember how strange it felt when we arrived back in the suburbs after a five-hour drive and there were traffic lights, cars, people and buildings. We didn’t like it.

I still have that blue tent in a box in the shed. I’ll never use it again. I couldn’t camp now. I might be able to sleep in a sleeping bag on the ground but I don’t know if I could get up off the floor in the morning

A Photo A Week Challenge: View

Some of my favourite views

It’s no secret that I think Tasmania, and the Huon Valley, in particular, is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. I never get tired of looking at the river and the mountains.

image boats on Huon river
The tranquility of the Huon River at Franklin

I wouldn’t want to live there but I do look forward to visiting Sydney because I love to see the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Opera House and the views around the harbourside suburbs.

View of Wellington NZ


A view of Wellington

New Zealand.


Water always seems to be a part of my favourite views. This is Loch Ness.

Lake Baikal, Siberia.

The famous Merlion on Sentosa Island Singapore.

The featured image for this post was taken at the Badaling section of the Great Wall of China in 1990 and is one of my favourite photos as I feel it captures what I felt when I stood there.

A Photo A Week Challenge: Urban

City Scenes

I’ve chosen some photos of some large cities, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Densely populated cities with highrise buildings may be interesting places to photograph but I would not care to live in one.

Sydney's ultra modern skyline. March 2016
Sydney’s ultra-modern skyline. March 2016
Public transport, Kings Cross Sydney 2012
Public transport, Kings Cross Sydney 2012
Melbourne has bike rental stations all around the city.
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Laundry hanging from the windows of an apartment building, Singapore.