Snapshot Sunday: Sunburned in Singapore

Me in Singapore April 2018

Although I hate having my picture taken it is really hard to convince the people who work at attractions that you don’t want your photo taken, you just want a shot of the place you are visiting minus you. Sometimes it’s easier to let them take the picture so they will go away. This was at the Merlion on Sentosa Island. Don’t expect to see photos of me for at least another year.

Discover Challenge – Transcript – The Ghost in the Machine

For this week’s challenge, we ask that you, too, take something ephemeral and non-digital and bring it to your blog for all of us to enjoy and reflect on. Of course, not all of us have access to a collection of century-old journals. So let’s define “transcribing” as broadly as possible: you could share an old photo from your childhood album, or snap a photo of a handwritten note from your best friend when you were 11. Record yourself singing a tune that hasn’t made it to iTunes, draw a sketch of your favorite room in your grandparents’ house, or simply write down a memorable conversation that would otherwise be lost to time.

I am using this old  photograph to share a family story from the past.

My mother's family
My mother’s family


This is a scan of a photo of my mother’s family. My mother is the tall, dark one in the back. She was about fourteen  when this photo was taken she told me. She looks older than the others I think but she was actually the second to youngest child in the family. Her two sisters were about sixteen and her brother would have been around twenty or twenty-one when this picture was taken. The little girl, mum’s younger sister, was about eight years old. The photo was taken  around 1934 after the family returned from India where my grandfather was serving with the British army.

During their last year in India the family suffered a tragedy. Mum’s oldest sister Marjorie died after contracting malaria. She was twenty and I believe that she was engaged to a soldier.

The story about this photograph is that when the family first saw it they noticed that  there was a white shape in the background roughly in the place where Marjorie would normally have stood in family portraits. You will notice that they have left a space behind my grandfather. They liked to say that Marjorie’s ghost was standing in her spot.

I can’t honestly say that I can see what mum could see in that picture but I think that all of them liked feeling that Marjorie was still with them and that is as good a reason as any to have a family ghost.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge -Anything Painted


The pictures I’ve chosen for the challenge this week are old ones as I don’t think I will get to Hobart with the camera this week.

First I have chosen some “Ghost signs” old painted signage on buildings taken in Hobart on previous outings. I have become interested in these signs since seeing a collection of them on a Flickr site a few years ago.  I look out for them now.
Ghost Sign

Another "ghost sign" in Hobart
Another “ghost sign” in Hobart

Next is Hobart’s old coat of arms. This was on a bank building in Collins Street. Recently the council came up with a new modern logo and I noticed one day that the old sign was gone. Good thing I had already photographed it. The bank is gone too.   Coat of Arms

Here are  a couple of  hand painted signs that I photographed at a protest march last year.


Image Give Us Our Country Back #marchinmarch Hobart
One of the larger and more colourful signs.

Last of all a whimsically painted VW “Beetle” and a Ford Zephyr I saw at a car show.
VW "Beetle"Zephyr