Bad Photo Monday: Where’s The Cheese?

Cindy is not angry here.

Here I was trying to take a photo of Cindy with her tongue showing for Cee’s Black & White Challenge but every time she did I was too slow. She looks quite mean in this one but she was in a perfectly happy mood.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Tongues and Tails

Tongues Out Tales

This challenge sounded like a good opportunity to post some cute pictures of Cindy and Polly but of course, pets never perform on cue, do they?

Polly, who had been asleep in the dining room all morning decided to wander off and is probably hiding under a bed. However, I do have some older photos of her displaying her tongue.

Polly giving Cindy a good wash.


Polly giving herself a wash

Here is Polly intent on trying to catch a bird with her tail down.

Polly in hunting mode.

Cindy is pretty easy to photograph but not today. No amount of saying “cheese” would get her to stick her tongue out when I wanted, always just before or just after. I even tried to hold a biscuit out at the same time.

Trying to hold a biscuit in one hand a camera in the other.
I did manage to get a better one in the end.

Here is an older one which is much better.

Laughing dog

Turning from my uncooperative pets to my dolls I did find a few who were displaying their tongues.

My childhood doll Theresa has a mechanism that moves her tongue with her eyes. I left it coloured to make it easier to see.

Theresa has a tiny tongue that peeks out.
Ronnie is a doll I bought in the nineties, he looks like he’s laughing.
A Galoob BabyFace doll

The Galoob BabyFace dolls are also from the nineties and they all have comical expressions, many with their tongues out. This is the only one I have.

Share Your World 2018 – 14 May

Sharing My World This Week

Complete this sentence: This sandwich could really use some …

You’ve got me there, I’d only say that if I had run out of cheese at home. On the other hand if we were talking about burgers my answer would be salad. McDonald’s and Hungry Jacks (Burger King) don’t put enough salad on their burgers and I like mine with a bit of crunch not just a piece of cheese, onion and a pickle. A proper burger has meat, lettuce, cheese, tomato,onion, beetroot and sometimes a fried egg.

What is your least favorite candy?

I was going to say liquorice but on reflection I think it has been displaced by the sour tasting candies that seem to have become popular and the even more popular salted ones. Just give me chocolate.

What sign are you? Do you believe in astrology?

I am a Taurus and I do think that I am true to the characteristics of my birth sign. However, I don’t take the horoscopes that you see in magazines or these days online very seriously because of course they are generalised. In order to give a more accurate reading the astrologer would need much more precise details about me than just the month I was born. So yes I do believe but I take it with a pinch of salt, just like any practical Taurian would 😉

By Unknown – I scanned this image from a reproduction of a (normand?) medieval book of astrology (15th century), Public Domain, Link

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 

As I mentioned in my Sunday post we had three wet days last week. In fact we had a huge thunderstorm, one of the biggest I can remember and there was flooding in several places, parts of the Huon and the city of Hobart in particular.

I was lucky because I did not receive any damage, lose power or my internet connection so that’s something to smile about. On Sunday the weather was a little better and I was able to plant the bulbs I had ordered earlier. I am going to have pots of daffodils and bluebells, tulips, hyacinth and crocus and hyacinth and freesia. I also got out my kneeling pad and popped a few bluebells into the ground under the apple tree. After cleaning the shed I found a few more stray bulbs. I have no idea what they were, they were from previous years pots I think. I popped them under the tree too. Maybe they will grow and maybe they won’t. It was easy to dig the soil after the rain and there were lots of fallen leaves to cover everything with.  I love bulbs, they are so easy to garden with and you nearly always get at least some flowers. If I am not here to see them I hope the new owner will get a nice surprise.

Of course Cindy and Polly came to see what I was doing. I spent some time reorganising the shed and sweeping out dust, and other accumulated mess. Even Polly who rarely goes to the bottom of the garden came in to investigate.

The old wooden garden shed photographed on my smartphone.
Polly came to investigate
There will be bulbs flowering here in spring I hope.
Cindy and Polly head back to the house.I love the way they wander around together sometimes.


Snapshot Sunday: How Much is that Doggy in the Window?

Cindy finds another way to photo bomb my picture.

I left Cindy inside so that I could photograph the house from across the road. She was not happy about it.

Polly Five Years On

A Facebook memory reminder today was a photo of Polly from five years ago. We found Polly on the 6th of January 2013 when she was probably about 8 weeks old. It’s been fascinating to see how she’s grown in confidence over five years although she still does not like strangers and hides if anyone comes to the house only making an exception for Naomi who she has decided to be friends with. I started to blog the same year that Polly arrived so her life with me has been well documented. Here is a look back.

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Snapshot Sunday: Lazy Sunday

Polly in one of her favourite spots .

I was going to use this for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge as either Polly or lazy but I changed my mind. However, it is too nice a photo of Polly not to share.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Pets


Now here’s an easy one for a pet lover but how to make it different? Maybe some special effects.

A black and white picture of my black and white cat. What could be better?

Polly looking attentive.
Polly likes to sleep on the dining chairs.

Of course we can’t leave Cindy out.

Cindy on the couch.

And one from last year.

A pair of pets October 2016