Our Cruise Holiday Part Three: Entertainment Afloat


In this post we’ll talk about some of the entertainment venues we visited on Ovation of the Seas.  We don’t tend to spend a lot of time in bars as we are not big drinkers nor did we want to go to all of the themed nights and entertainments but there were plenty of choices for those that did from game show type entertainments, to theatre performances, live bands and movies.

We did not take a lot of photos in the entertainment venues while performances were on but on our walks round the ship by day we were able to get a few so we can give you some idea how they look.

The Music Hall

The outside of The Music Hall.


On our first night at sea Naomi and I were keen to find something to do after dark. The ship’s newsletter had a list of what entertainment was on and we were pleased to see that there was an INXS cover band playing in the Music Hall, a small theatre/dance venue, so we decided that we would go and see them.

The band was excellent, they really sounded like INXS and we enjoyed them. Naomi has a story about this band so I will leave her to tell it. During the course of the voyage there was also a Queen cover band and an Elton John show but we did not see either of these.


While we were at the airport in Sydney getting our luggage Vanda met a friend of hers and they started chatting. I was watching all the other passengers as I usually do. I wonder where they are going or where they have been. I even make up stories about them in my head sometimes to pass the time away. Airports can be boring if you have a long wait for your flight. While we were at the Hobart airport I saw a married couple obviously going on holiday. The man had on one of the best Hawaiian shirts I have ever seen plus the straw hat etc. I half expected to see him turn up on the ship but he didn’t. Back to Sydney and I noticed some young guys collecting a large amount of luggage. I was sure they had musical instruments. I could see what looked like keyboards and guitars as well as sound equipment. One guy had long curly hair and sunglasses. He was standing back a bit and looked really cool. They must be a rock band I said to Vanda when she introduced her friend. Look at them I said they have got guitars and stuff. I wondered where they were heading and then said as a joke. Wouldn’t it be funny if they were on the ship? I didn’t expect they would be as you usually get some pretty ordinary entertainment and nothing like them. Well I was very surprised to see that we were going to have an INXS tribute band on board so I said let’s go see what they are like. We can leave if we don’t like them. We had to sit in the upstairs part as it was very crowded. We could not see the band from where we were on the second level. I said to Vanda I really have to go and see if it’s that band from the airport. I looked over the balcony and thought the singer looked like the cool guy at the airport but he was a bit far away to see properly. I said to Vanda “It looks like those guys but I am not 100% sure.” Well, half way through a song during the instrumental break up comes this guy and sits down at the table right next to us. He spoke to us too but I was too surprised to answer him. I got my answer though. It was the same band. Who would have thought and how cool was that. Sadly they got off at Darwin but they were really really good.


Casino, Ovation of the Seas
Looking down into the casino which had gaming machines, poker and blackjack I think.


We also visited the Royal Casino which was on the same deck as the theatre. We do enjoy playing the “pokies” but we are sensible about it and always have a budget.  The ones on Royal Caribbean ships are different from the ones we play on at home. American style machines are harder to win on, you have fewer choices in how you play and of course they are in US currency so we had to be mindful of the exchange rate.  I did OK though. I had a few small wins, enough to keep playing for some time without going over my limit. Winning money is great of course but I don’t gamble expecting to win. I just enjoy setting off the feature on the machine to see what it does. For me what I spend is the price of entertainment the same as for a movie or some other event.


I love casinos and having a bit of a gamble. I don’t go to the tables as I am not so good at cards so I stick to the slot machines. I love to play on the slots so I couldn’t wait to visit Ovation’s casino. It was nice and big and there were plenty of machines. I was pleased to find plenty of Aussie machines there as I prefer the pay lines on them to that of the American machines. I think the Aussie ones are easier to win on although I know everything is to chance here. I met some nice people while I was playing to chat with. One older gentleman had won over $500 bucks while I was chatting with him. I ended up losing but I won it all back later in Singapore at the casino there. That was way cool as I was able to blow it at the shops.

Theatre Royal

Theatre Royal, Ovation of the Seas 2018
The Theatre Royal is quite large but not easy to leave once a performance has started.


This was the largest entertainment venue, a theatre that spanned two levels. It is used for both live performances and movies.

One night we decided to go and see “The Greatest Showman”, a film supposedly about P.T Barnum. We thought this might be OK as it was a period film but it turned out to be not our sort of thing at all. We probably should have realised that it was a musical. I don’t mind musicals but I felt that in this case the music swamped the story, what there was of it. I did not like the way the scenes jumped around and while I do accept artistic licence in a film I had been expecting it to be a biographical film and this was anything but. Both of us felt that the music and costumes were not appropriate to the era the film was set in. Had we been at home I would have googled the reviews of the film before we went and tried to watch a trailer. As it is we were trapped in a very crowded venue in the dark so we didn’t feel we could comfortably leave. We would have if we could have.

Theatre Royal Ovation of the Seas
I took this at the end of the Farewell Show when performers, officers and guest services staff assembled on stage.

Most of the movies being shown were fairly recent ones so I’m sure other people enjoyed them. I probably would have watched “The Darkest Hour” at home on TV but not on the pool deck, it didn’t seem quite the place to be watching a film about Dunkirk.


If you are a fan of the PT Barnum picture or the music you will not like what I have to say about it. It had to be one of the worst pictures I have ever seen. I am not a fan of musicals and I would not have gone if I had realised that. While I had been taking some film of the ship I met two men who had told me they were going to go and see it. They thought it would be quite good. I suggested to Vanda that we go too. I couldn’t stand the music to be honest. Much too millennial for me. I soon recognised it as the awful music they played every single day in Windjammers. Why does everyone have to sound as if they were churned out of the Idol machine? They all have such dreadful whiney voices. The film was very obviously not shot on location either. The scenery was all very computerised looking. No one looked like they were really where they were. Last of all the fire scene and resulting injuries to the man who went back to save his girlfriend! How farfetched was that? They hardly had any burns and as for smoke inhalation? Give me a break! They could all still sing! The worst picture I have seen in a long time.

I did like the idea of the big screen outside and if you want a top spot to relax at night by the pool grab a deck chair lay back and enjoy a movie and a drink from the pool bar.


The big screen on the pool deck. You can also see the Sky Bar and North Star Photo by Naomi

270 Lounge

270 Lounge Photo by Naomi
270 Lounge Ovation of the Seas
Looking down from the library area into the 270 lounge which was used for talks, games and multi media presentations. Photo by Vanda


This is a multipurpose room which we’ll talk more about later. We saw a show there called “Pixels” which was quite clever technically although dance is not really my thing. The show combined singers, dancers and aerialists against a background of computer graphics


I did like this area. It was nicely decorated and very spacious. This is very good venue for all sorts of entertainment. I think they could have given up some space for the poor library. Maybe they could have had more books and games then. We had a lot of trouble finding a place where we could sit with a game or something. Vanda wanted to write and I wanted to draw and colour. I had to go to Windjammers to find a table where I could use my pencils or play a game of Scattergories. I was very thankful for Windjammers and the fact I had taken my own stuff for my entertainment. The ship does not supply much at all by the way of games, books or things like that. You really must take your own along. The 270 Lounge got used for quiz games, lectures and shows. I didn’t go to see much of it as it didn’t interest me very much. I am not into lectures or docos. I spent much of my time just enjoying the ocean. I will say that the entertainment areas were all nicely decorated, comfortable and easy to get around. There is also the robotic bar that I really loved. Two robots serve you your drinks. They looked a bit like funny animals and they were very clever. I enjoyed watching them. We’ll probably talk about them later but to me they were entertainment also.

A View of the 270 Lounge



So there are just a few things you can do on a cruise ship in the evening. In another post we’ll share photos of the bars including the Robot Bar which we both thought was a lot of fun .

Our Cruise Holiday Part Two

Ovation of the Seas
photo by Naomi


How long does it take to get 5,000 passengers processed and onto a cruise ship? Not as long as you might think.

Ovation of the Seas arrived early in the morning from her previous cruise and her passengers had all disembarked before 11am. Meanwhile the staff was busy preparing the ship for the new intake of passengers. Here are our impressions of the day.


When we received our “Set Sail Pass” as Royal Caribbean like to call tickets we were given a time to embark.  By having staggered arrival times it means that you don’t have such long queues waiting to join the ship as you would if everyone arrived at once. Some privileged people who were Diamond  Class were able to board earlier because they  had loyalty points for being frequent cruisers but I think mostly they did it deck by deck. Our boarding time commenced from 1pm. We dropped our large bags off outside the terminal to be delivered to our cabin later and, as the company advised, carried on small bags containing things we might need during the day, a change of clothing, medications and of course our camera equipment.

Since our previous cruise Royal Caribbean had streamlined the procedure, eliminating much of the job of filling out forms by having staff with tablets to process the incoming passengers. We got through this fairly quickly with minimal queueing but then hit a bottleneck in the form of Immigration. There were about half a dozen staff from Border Force or whatever they call themselves now checking passports. They did work fairly quickly and were pleasant to deal with, sometimes the way those people stare at you when checking your passport can be quite unnerving. It did take a long time of standing in line but most people were good-natured about it and the line did keep moving. As we stood patiently waiting we saw a line of people in wheelchairs being taken through to be processed and boarded where there were no steps for them to deal with. Those that did not have carers with them were being wheeled by cheery looking staff members. Cruising is a great holiday for people with mobility issues as they can get around in their chairs or even gophers. There are plenty of elevators aboard ship and the inside and outside passageways are wide.

After making it through Passport Control we had one final hurdle which I had been expecting to see earlier. Passengers and their hand luggage all had to be X-Rayed before boarding the ship. Another queue, another wait but it’s necessary so although my feet were now getting numb from standing we waited our turns.

Finally we made it up the gangplank and into the arms of the ships photographers. Naomi tried to escape but there is no getting away from the first photo of the trip. We let them take the picture and vowed to avoid them for the rest of the voyage.

I think the whole process took about an hour.

Our Cabin

Once aboard we found our way to our cabin on Deck 10. It was roughly amidships and we had decided that as we’d be aboard for two weeks with many sea days it would be nice to have a balcony of our own as a place to retreat to if we got tired of the crowds. We had not yet received our Sea Passes but when we arrived there they were outside the door. The Sea Pass is like a smart card. It unlocks your cabin and is also used to charge purchases to your account. Apart from in the Casino, Royal Caribbean ships are cashless. You can register a credit card, buy “On Board Credit” prior to sailing or pay in cash or with a card at the end of the cruise. It’s a good system as long as you keep track of your spending.

Our cabin on Ovation of the Seas when we first arrived. Photo by Vanda

When we arrived the bed was set up as a King size but remembering that this had been no trouble to change on our previous cruise we didn’t panic. In fact I read that all the beds are set up that way when the ship is prepared for sailing and the cabin stewards change them to the passengers’ preference later. I don’t know why they do it that way as passengers can and do give their preference when they book and it ought to be easy enough to pass this on to the housekeeping staff rather than make them do the bed making twice and waste a perfectly good set of king size sheets. But that’s what they do. Anyway I called housekeeping and the cabin attendant promised to see to it after 5pm which he did.

Our cabin also had a large couch, a desk which could be pulled out to use as a table, a chair, mirror, TV, a bar fridge and a wardrobe each.  Our bathroom was more or less the same as we remembered from Explorer of the Seas.

We went out onto our balcony where there were two deck chairs with footrests and a small side table. We were facing Sydney Opera House and had a great view of all the activity on the water so we sat and relaxed there for a while.

One of the larger ferries used for trips to Manly. Photo by Vanda


We were not due to sail for some time so as we had not had lunch we decided to get something to eat and we headed up to the Windjammer Marketplace for a late meal. As we were on Deck 15 already we decided to check out the SeaPlex on Deck 16 where they have sports activities and do a slow lap of the walking track. We’ll describe these places in more detail in another post.

At 4:45pm we had to attend the ship’s Muster.   There were plenty of staff directing people to the correct muster stations and before long we found ourselves at Jamie’s Italian, a coincidence as we had booked dinner in this restaurant for later on the cruise. It was very crowded but we were lucky to find a couple of seats. After we had been counted they showed us a video about safety procedures and demonstrated what the emergency signals would sound like. We heard a short message from the captain and finally received his permission to go. We said goodbye to our lifeboat companions saying that we hoped we would not have cause to see them, at least not in those circumstances.


After leaving our muster station we had a quick look at the Casino and music venues but then decided that we would watch the ship sail out of the harbour from our own balcony.

This turned out to be a good decision as our giant ship did a 90 degree turn in the harbour and sailed out past the Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge and Fort Denison before reaching Sydney Heads. It was sunset as we sailed out and we got some lovely pictures until the light faded.

Our ship had to do a 90 degree turn to leave the harbour. Photo by Vanda
We sailed so close to the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Photo by Vanda
A ferry passes Fort Denison at dusk. Photo by Vanda


Sailing out of Sydney Harbour as the moon rises. Photo by Vanda

Just as it was getting too dark to see much we noticed a small boat coming up alongside very close to the ship. Looking down we realised that we were seeing the boat that was picking up the Pilot from our ship. We saw that again a couple of times more during the voyage but that was probably our best view of it.

The Pilot is collected as we leave Sydney Harbour. Photo by Vanda


Ovation of the Seas in Sydney. Photo by Naomi
Ovation of the Seas is huge
Photo by Naomi

Since Vanda wrote so much I am keeping it fairly short and I don’t have much in the way of photos to post from this part of the trip. We were kept extremely busy and photography was not allowed in the building where we checked in. Immigration imposes a $200 fine if you are caught. A very stupid woman was talking on her phone to someone about where they were and what they were doing. Most people seem to be phone addicted. Women must have painful childbirth these days as they pop their bubs out holding phones. This woman I took to calling “Phone Woman” was totally oblivious to the rules “No Phones” You were not allowed to use your phone because of security. Many people who were working there did not say a word. Neither did anyone in the crowd including her husband. Finally we passed one officer of some sort who flew over to her. She looked as if she would have a heart attack. She told the woman to turn off her phone as once and that they could give her a $200 fine. As they were just in front of me I heard what was said. Phone Woman was very kindly let off the fine and I thought she was just so lucky. It is not a good way to start your holiday paying such a big fine. She went on and on about it to her husband however for the rest of the time we were in the line. Her poor husband tried to tell her to forget about it and consider herself lucky that they didn’t have to fork out $200 bucks but she never shut up. I was pretty fed up with her myself but glad she was made to get off her stupid phone as I hate listening to other people’s phone calls.

I remember being so happy to finally make it to the ship. The immigration part gets a bit tiring as you are standing for so long and carrying stuff. I tried to keep my bag light weight but it was tiring to carry along with my hand bag. You’d finally get to the end of one bit and there was another bit hidden behind a large partition. Up and down, up and down you went through a maze David Bowie would have been proud of. I know it’s important to keep everything orderly but my legs and feet were burning by the time we got our sea passes and boarded.

The cabin was very nice after some of the awful Sydney hotel rooms we’ve been stuck with. Everything was sparkly clean and the beds very comfy. The bathroom was easy to move around in and we had plenty of clean towels and stuff. I loved the balcony and spent a lot of time out there. I found the balcony a very relaxing place to hang out especially at night when I could not sleep. I took my pillows outside with me a few times to pad out the lazy boy and just dozed or listened to the waves. Who needs a relaxation tape if you have the real thing? There is nothing like it. We stood out there while we were leaving the port of Sydney.

Sydney Opera House photo by Naomi

I forgot to mention Mrs We Just Breezed Through! Now she was some bitchy woman and she nearly got a finger. I had to restrain myself as I hate rude people who butt into someone else’s conversation. I know I sound just as rude and as bad here but I stayed cool. Everyone was tired after going through immigration and boarding the ship. We found all the elevators on the ship jam-packed with other people because we were all in the same area at the same time. We talked to some of them about our experiences and them to us. I was remarking on being glad to be out of those lines and finally on the ship. It was just a pleasantry really to someone else who had spoken to me. We were all standing there and Mrs Diamond Class breezes past us and says “Oh we just breezed through!” like the rest of us were nothing but cattle class. Throw her overboard! I still feel annoyed when I think about her.

Later on we had to go to Muster. I didn’t think we would get a seat at first as it was so crowded in our section of the ship. We found some nice seats in a corner next to some nice people who we chatted to a little before the boring safety video came on. It was ages before they showed it as we had to wait for everyone to arrive and be checked off the list. I know they have to do these things but I’m always glad to get them over. I was glad to hear the captain’s message as I wanted to get a sense for what he was like. I like to see the profiles and photos of the crew. There wasn’t one in our ships newspaper. I was a bit disappointed in the paper as it was not as good or newsy as the one on Explorer. Ovation’s was more of a program of events (When and Where). Maybe they all do it that way now. While we were meant to be watching the video and listening to messages from the crew and most people were polite and obeyed the no phone rules one man was really rude. He got on his phone twice and ducked into a dark corner to talk about what I don’t know. I hoped he would be caught and told off by a crew member but he got away with it.

Later we explored the ship a little and finally it was time to bid Sydney a fond farewell. I was disappointed that the captain did not sound the whistle. I was taking movie film of our departure and hoped to pick it up as my camera has a very good mike. I must say that Sydney is a spectacular port to depart from. The views are amazing and we had a beautiful sunset. I captured this on film along with the sights. There was the Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Luna Park, Circular Quay and the city of course. We stayed outside for quite some time enjoying all of this and wondering what the next fourteen days would bring us.

View from our balcony. Photo by Naomi.
Ferries heading out of Circular Quay Sydney. Photo by Naomi

Next time we’ll show you some more pictures of Ovation of the Seas in the meantime as I know people are awestruck by the size of these ships here are some stats.

Ovation of the Seas statistics:  http://www.travelweekly.com/Cruise/Royal-Caribbean-International/Ovation-of-the-Seas

If you missed it you can read Part One here.

Our Cruise Holiday: Part One


Now that we’ve been home a few weeks Naomi and I plan to tell the story of our holiday. We both took many photographs that we want to share and Naomi also took movie film. We hope to post a little bit of that as well once she’s edited it all.

We’ll probably write some of these posts together and some separately as sometimes we went our own way and did different things or the same things but on different days. We hope that you will enjoy reading them.

Our Holiday Begins


After almost two years of planning and waiting it was time for our cruise holiday to begin. Of course there were preparations to be made especially for our pets.  Two days before the trip my friend Nicola took Cindy and me to the kennels where she would be staying for the next few weeks. Cindy has been going to the same kennels since she was five months old so the people know her well and like her. Just the same I always feel bad when I have to leave her.

Polly was to be left at home and Nicola or her partner Dave would come every day to feed her and make sure there were no problems around the house.  I asked my “garden guys” to come as usual to cut the grass and packed my things. I was ready to go.


Naomi’s holiday began a day earlier than mine as she had arranged to spend the night before we left at my house.

Well I decided to take a week off work before the trip in order to be better prepared. I hate last minute rushing around as that is how you to come to forget things. I had to get my hair done, pack, tidy the house and get to Vanda’s the day before the trip. My first day was about getting my babies to the kennels and catching up with John my neighbour as I wanted to ask him to keep a friendly eye on my home while I was away. He agreed happily so I felt much better about no one being there while I was away. Getting all four animals to the kennels was no fun. The cats were very hard to get into their cages. In fact both of them got quite stroppy with me and in the end I was only able to get Panther into a cage. I have two types and one opens from the top while the other from the front. They hate the front opening one. I had to take three to the kennels and go back for Tigerwoods. I prayed he had not taken off somewhere. I had to drop him off in the afternoon on my way to Vanda’s place. The two dogs were quite good and excited to go for a car ride but naturally upset about being left at the kennels. Toby howled the place down. I must say it was very hard walking away and leaving them there. I hate it in fact and all I want to do is race back and get them.

The rest of the day was uneventful. At home before going to Vanda’s I did a last check of the house and my luggage before loading the car and locking up. I drove a yowling Tigerwoods to the kennels and then drove to Vanda’s. She had prepared a nice dinner. We then spent a quiet evening watching videos on You Tube.

Next morning we set off bright and early for the airport. We dropped Wazza at his holiday car park where he would stay for three weeks. I hoped he had other Fords to talk to while he was there. We had a nice drive and everything went fairly smoothly.



This view needs no introduction. Photo by Naomi


After checking in our luggage at Hobart Airport we had a pretty uneventful two hour flight to Sydney. We had a lot of luggage so we opted to get a taxi to our hotel. We discovered that getting anywhere from our hotel was going to be difficult despite the inner city location because of the road works on nearby George Street where a new light rail system is being constructed. We found it easier to use taxis during this visit although we did do some walking.

We hadn’t made a lot of plans for our short stay in Sydney but one thing that we did want to do was have dinner at the Sydney Tower Restaurant. We thought that it would be a nice treat to see the lights of Sydney from the revolving restaurant and we were not disappointed. I did not want to take my DSLR to dinner so I only took a couple of phone snaps while Naomi took some film.

The view from the restaurant taken with my smart phone.

While we were having dinner we observed a young woman at the next table who was playing with her phone for the entire meal. She did not seem interested in the spectacular views; she didn’t talk to her companion. She did not even eat her food!  We wondered why she had bothered to come at all.

The next day we spent a little time at Central Station which is a favourite place of ours. We’d heard it was due to be renovated again and we wanted to take some photos before that happened.

Sydney Central Station March 2018 photo by Vanda

After checking out of our hotel and storing our luggage we walked from the cruise terminal to the Sydney Opera house as neither of us had been there for many years. On our first visit to Sydney we did a tour of the backstage areas of the theatre but even if we still had the stamina we didn’t have the time for that so we contented ourselves with taking photos of the building, the harbour, and the ferries and of course Ovation of the Seas now berthed across the harbour at the Overseas Passenger Terminal.

Sydney Opera House March 2018 photo by Vanda
Ovation of the Seas at the Overseas Passenger Terminal photo by Naomi

There were a lot of tourists wandering around taking photos of each other and themselves and as usual we were asked to take photos of couples together. We didn’t mind that but did get rather impatient with the “Selfie Brigade” who seemed to be constantly getting into our pictures.

We did manage to take some nice photos of ferries including Narrabeen, one of the large Manly ferries and the recently renamed May Gibbs which was originally given the controversial (and stupid) name of “Ferry McFerryface”.

The former “Ferry McFerryface” now renamed “May Gibbs”. photo by Vanda


I love Sydney and always enjoy exploring the city and suburbs. I looked forward to seeing it again if only for a day. Unfortunately we are never lucky with hotels and so far we have not managed to find one we want to stay in again. This time we had no fridge or tea making facilities. I could not believe it. I find it hard to go without a cup of tea in the evening and when I wake up in the morning. It’s the first thing I do after I shower and dress. The kettle goes on and I have a cuppa. This hotel was near the old Capital Square monorail stop and would have been wonderful in 2015 before they ripped the whole monorail apart and tore it down. Ever since then they have been building a tramway or light rail system and Sydney CBD is in chaos due to these ongoing works. It’s murder for motorists and people who need to get from one place to another. It also makes the city look horrible. Vanda may have taken photos of the street but I didn’t bother.

George Street Sydney at night, taken on my smart phone. This was away from the worst of the road works. Photo by Vanda

We spent some time at Central Station a favourite haunt of mine. I wanted to capture more of it on film along with trains and trams running outside. I did a long walk around the building filming things here and there. One thing that I noticed all over Sydney but particularly in Central Station were all the large boards depicting the history of each iconic place. These boards had old photographs on them of how things had looked decades ago and some written information about the various scenes shown on the boards. All of these boards were meant to cover up a redevelopment going on behind them. I wondered what awful design and structure would eventually emerge from behind the old photographs. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to know as I hate most new buildings. I love the grace and elegance of the buildings of the 1920’s and 1930’s. They were so grand and so beautiful. Everything is glass and cement now.

The old dining room at Central about to get renovated. Photo by Vanda
Lovely old windows at Central photo by Vanda

We also had a lovely walk around the harbour so we could see the ferries coming and going and of course Ovation. She sat proudly in her berth waiting for us to board her. We wandered around to the Opera House as it is completely opposite Ovation’s berth so a good spot to take photographs from. I wanted to get some movie film from a different location than I did the previous time so this was great. We were lucky enough to see some of the larger ferries like Narrabeen. I got some great footage of that one and also  the former Ferry McFerry Face now called May Gibbs. I think she is a writer but I don’t know really. I should say the competition to name the ferry was rigged and that was how we ended up with Ferry McFerry Face. There were some red faces after that one!

Ovation of the Seas from The Opera House. Photo by Naomi
Narrabeen photo by Naomi
Sydney Opera House from the front. Photo by Naomi

While we were walking I found a credit card on the ground and worried about the owner losing it. What if someone had picked it up and ripped off their ID or something. I wandered around looking for a place where I could hand it in but could not find anywhere. I kept it with me for an hour or so while I got my photos of the ferries and of course movie film and eventually took it to the ferry terminal. There had been a long queue there earlier at the information counter and I did not have time to wait there. Now it was shorter to I asked the people if they could do something about this person’s credit card. I could not as I had to board the big ship I said. The kind young man at the counter said he would sort it out for me. So with that job done it was time to collect our luggage from the place where we had left it and board the ship. I expect we’ll talk about that next time though. It was a nice morning in Sydney. I loved seeing the ferries again and walking around Central Station.


Finally it was time to head back to the Overseas Passenger Terminal and board the ship. We hope you have enjoyed reading this rather long post. Next time we’ll show you some pictures of the ship and our departure from Sydney.

“Ferry Mc Ferryface”

Names for Sydney ferries are usually chosen by a public competition but after the outcry about the name “Ferry McFerryface” being chosen it was revealed that it was not the first choice of the public but that of the Transport Minister.



New Sydney ferry “May Gibbs”.






Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Outdoor Ways to Move Up & Down

Ups & Downs on Holidays

I found a few appropriate photos for this challenge amongst my holiday photos.

Flight of stairs in ANZAC Square , Brisbane

Climbing Walls are not a way I would choose to get up and down, you climb up and abseil down.

The climbing wall on Ovation of the Seas

Observation wheels which are really just super sized Ferris Wheels take you up above and back down again, in a roundabout sort of way. The North Star, an observation capsule onboard Ovation of the Seas does the same thing.


The Brisbane Wheel takes you up and down in a roundabout way.

The Brisbane Wheel at Southbank was just a dress rehearsal for the Singapore Flyer.

As we often docked at freight terminals we also saw a lot of cranes especially at Port Klang, Malaysia

We are back!

Hi everyone, we are back from our cruise holiday although still recovering from it. In the three weeks since we left autumn has really begun in Tasmania and the clocks have been put back so it feels a lot different to when we left. We have a lot of photos to edit and Naomi has taken a lot of film which we also hope to share after she’s edited the various segments so there will be a series of posts about the cruise, the ship, the crew members and the places we visited over the next few months.

We will also be continuing with our search for a new home as I have a potential buyer for mine so forgive us if our posts are a bit all over the place. We’ll do our best to continue to post regularly as we prepare to move.

Ovation of the Seas in Sydney.
26 March 2018

Snapshot Sunday: Ovation of the Seas and a Blogging Break

Ovation of the Seas Hobart 2017

As you read this post Naomi and I will be jetting off to Sydney to begin our cruise to Singapore on Ovation of the Seas. We will be away for three weeks and while we will try to check in to the blogs when we can we don’t really want to buy expensive ships internet for the duration of the voyage so we won’t be posting about the trip until after we return.  I have scheduled a few posts to appear while we’re gone but obviously we won’t be participating in challenges and there may be delays in our answering comments.

We’ll be back around the middle of April.

Snapshot Sunday:OOTS

I can’t wait for my holiday onboard Royal Caribbean’s Ovation of the Seas in April next year. Vanda and I will be sailing from Sydney to Singapore. It’s sure to be an amazing holiday. Ovation of the Seas was in Hobart last summer and I was lucky enough to get some photos while she was here.