I’m not just being a sore loser

I’m not just being a sore loser. I really believe that Rupert Murdoch through his media outlets probably influenced the outcome of the election. Newspapers are meant to report the facts. Opinion pieces are fine but not on page one in glaring capitals.

Why have we all been made to feel that Australia was on the brink of economic disaster? Yes there are a lot of things in the country that need fixing but when isn’t there?  Can anybody remember a time when we weren’t asking for better schools, hospitals, roads etc? I can’t and I’m not young.

Regardless of which political party you choose to support everyone deserves to get the information they need to make an informed decision. This election has been more like one of those terrible reality TV shows. It’s all been about personalities.

I have included a link to the online petition Complaint Against News Corp. Please read it. I won’t say sign it because that’s up to you but reading it can’t hurt can it?

Complaint Against News Corp Australia Petition | GoPetition

That’s my Rant for today. I could say a lot more but I’m too cross right now.