Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Birds

Birds of a Feather

This week has been a rotten one for taking photos. The birds in my garden have been uncooperative and although my phone may be smart I am not. At least not where it is concerned and it took me all my time to take photos for the Fun Foto Challenge this week . In my files I had some photos of birds I had taken at Lake Dulverton in Oatlands some years ago. This is the spot where Naomi walks her dogs. I am still trialling Adobe Photo Shop Elements so I had a play with it to make these.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter O- Needs to have the letter O anywhere in the word.


I thought about what to do for this letter and decided that things like books and spoons were way too boring. I didn’t want one with household goods since we just did kitchens and many of my posts have been on stuff around the house. Ok so I hooked up the dogs on their leads and told them we were off to take pictures of stuff on the High Street with the letter O in them. I decided to go with a theme of buildings for this post so I’ve done a bit of a slide show of our main street. I could have gone on for ages with these today.

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My O words are

  • Council Offices
  • Post Office
  • Hospital
  • School
  • Hotel
  • Commonwealth
  • Cookies & Roadhouse
  • Boot Repairs / Boot Makers
  • Accommodation
  • History Rooms
  • Cottages
  • Op Shop / Now Open
  • Construction Site
  • Old Gaol
  • Football Ground
  • College

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge:Tombstones & Cemeteries

Here are some photos from local cemeteries around Oatlands. We have five in total and they are in the dead end of town.

Rosehaven update 2 from Oatlands

Late Wednesday afternoon I braved the elements and went back to the Rosehaven set because they were doing a bit of exterior filming. This was cars arriving and then leaving the real estate office. I could not witness this close up as I had to stay on the other side of the road near the film crew but I did get a few more photos. It was very cold and windy but I stuck it out until they did at half past five. It was very dark by then and I must say I was in need of my heater and a hot cup of tea. Members of the crew I spoke to were happy to “Wrap things up” as they said. One of them told me they would be returning to Oatlands in about a month’s time. Meanwhile here are a few more photos I took. I didn’t get very many because it was rapidly getting dark.

C T Fish building as real estate office
C T Fish building done up as real estate office in Rosehaven. They were completing the interior filming
Real Estate office Rosehaven
The crew are getting ready for outdoor scenes of cars coming and going.
The film crew
This is a shot of the film crew. The man in black was in charge. They are set up on the lawns of the college. The large building seen in the background is the town hall.
Close up of the film crew
Film crew with one of the cameras
One of the cameramen. Sorry about this photo being grainy. I accidently bumped the picture selection off of auto.
Outside and one of the cars
Close up of window
Here is a close up of the shop window. Everything was very realistic
shop windows
Another shot of the windows. I was wondering about the advertised homes. How did they arrange to get this pictures?
Inside the office
This is a shot of inside. It’s not very good but it was quite difficult to get any good pictures because of the adverts on the windows, screening and timing.
A night shot of the office
Here is one last shot after they finished for the day. They are putting the last of their equipment away.

Rosehaven update from Oatlands

Hello everyone. This morning filming started at number 70 High Street. This shop is being used as the real estate agents in the Rosehaven series. I went out early to see if I could take any photos. They are filming indoors today. There are big screens wrapped around the buildings so you can’t see inside. I was told I might be able to get some shots through the windows on Thursday so I will try to do that. This morning I had to make do with the exteriors of the building. There were a couple of the usual guys in orange jackets making sure pedestrians watched their step and didn’t get in the way of anything. They were nice young guys and happy to chat but couldn’t tell me a great deal of what was happening. There is some information if the brochure I posted the other day however. They were happy for me to take my photos and Toby and Teddy got a fuss made over them. I thought I would share what I did get this morning.

Rosehaven outside the set.
This is the shop set up for filming today.
Rosehaven set
Taken from across the street.
Rosehaven set from north side of High Street
Norhern side of the shop.
Rosehaven rubbish bin
This rubbish bin is part of the set.
Rosehaven outside the set 2
Gear set up for lighting


Rosehaven real estate sign
Real Estate signage



Rosehaven bench
This bench is one of two being used in the street scenes


Rosehaven sign
I liked this sign.


Rosehaven crew's camp on Gay Street Oatlands
Crew’s Area in Gay Street Oatlands






Dark Mofo : The Crossing

Tonight I went to an arty event called “The Crossing” Churches from Launceston to Hobart were lit up for the event while inside organ music was played. Now this was no ordinary music. people expecting to hear Onward Christian Soldiers were in for a shock as one or two elderly residents were. There were no brightly coloured lights to illuminate the church either. Instead there were blueish lights which made the church look rather eerie. Red shone through the lovely stained glassed windows. The music on the organ which was some sort of keyboard was high-pitched or deep sounding. It was a bit Pink Floyd meets Science Fiction. Some elderly residents left early. For myself I got bored after a while and went outside and had some free soup and damper the minister had made. I found the music shrill and high pitched and it hurt my ears. A kid next to me said it was creepy and you couldn’t dance to it and he or she did not want to dance. I joked that it was nothing like The Bee Gees and didn’t blame them. At the end the artists did get a big round of applause for their efforts. I think most people liked it a lot. I have to say I found it monotonous and no way did I have any peaceful thoughts while I was in there. I have no way of introducing you to the sounds I heard but here are a few photos I took. There is a link for those wishing to know more about Dark Mofo and The Crossing.

Dark Mofo The Crossing


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Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge

Which Way Photo Challenge

I went for another long walk around Lake Dulverton and these are a few photos taken along the way. Stayed tuned for the rest of my photos of my walk to Hawthorn Bay and back.

Lake Dulverton Walk 2
Lake Dulverton Walk 2
Lake Dulverton Walk 2
Lake Dulverton Walk 2