30 Days, 30 Songs (11)

I am really enjoying Sarah’s “30 Days, 30 Songs” music challenge on Arte Expeditions. Today I’ve picked “Magic Carpet Ride” by Steppenwolf which apart from being a great song was used in a scene from “Star Trek First Contact” that I liked . One of the things that I liked about Star Trek TOS and Next Gen is that they always managed to inject a little humour into their stories and this scene is one of those moments. I think that is a bit lacking in the more recent Star Treks.

30 Days, 30 Songs (10)

I’m playing along with Sarah from Art Expedition again and as her choice today was a song from a favourite movie I thought I would do the same. I picked “The Blue Brothers” and as I had a hard time deciding which of the great songs in the movie to feature I decided to have two and they are both theme tunes, a sort of theme within a theme.

The first one is “Peter Gunn”. David absolutely loved this because he had a version of it on an old Henry Mancini album. I think he used to watch the show before I knew him too. Anyway, I can’t hear “Peter Gunn” and not think of David.

Theme from Peter Gunn

The second one is the theme from “Rawhide” which came from one of our favourite parts of the movie. The Bob’s Country Bunkhouse scenes. I remember this theme very well because when we lived in England mum used to love “Rawhide” which starred a young Clint Eastwood as Rowdy Yates. I’ve chosen the scene from the movie which features a bit of “Gimme Some Lovin” as well. I must say I think the crowd at Bob’s had poor taste not to enjoy that but they only liked two kinds of music, country and western.

My Favourite Songs

As I’ve been choosing songs for the 30 Days, 30 Songs Challenge I’ve been listening to music a lot more than I usually do so when I noticed that someone had looked at this old post from 2014 I decided to check it out myself. It seems that in five years some of the links have stopped working so I decided to fix them and republish the post. I still stand by my choices. A lot of them remind me of particular events. Naomi and I saw many of these bands when we were younger but it also reminds me of the exuberance of youth and the way Australia used to be. Hope you like them too.

First posted August 2014

Last night as there was nothing we really wanted to watch on TV Hubby turned over to one of the music channels. We were in time to catch the top eight of “Top 50 Aussie Pub Rock” songs.

Most of the eight turned out to be ones that I liked a lot including No. 1 AC/DC’s “It’s A Long Way To The Top”.

I like all kinds of music. I like some jazz and some classical music when I’m in the mood. I like songs from musicals but not opera particularly. I like big bands and I like rock and pop music although I don’t really like much music from the 90s onwards,  getting old I guess. As my mum would say I think a lot of today’s pop music is “Not what I call music”. When I’m on my own though, the music I like to listen to is nearly always the Australasian bands I loved in the 1980s. Here is a list of some of my favourite songs from that time. They are more or less representative of the bands as in most cases I like several of their songs and decided to pick just one from each. They are in no particular order and include a couple from either side of the eighties.

Telephone Booth – Ian Moss (Matchbook) 1989

I lied. This is my number one. I love this song so much I use it as my ringtone. I love the acoustic version too.

Rain – Dragon (Body and the Beat) 1983

I like a lot of Dragon’s songs but this was always my favourite and reminds me of a trip to Melbourne my sister and I took around the time it was first a hit. We played it many times on the video jukeboxes which were in cafes and pubs back then.

Throw Your Arms Around Me – Hunters and Collectors (Human Frailty)1986

Again I love a lot of their songs but this one is my absolute favourite. I love the vocals.

Blue Sky Mine – Midnight Oil (Blue Sky Mine) 1990

It’s almost impossible for me to pick a favourite Midnight Oil song, there are so many I love. I was fortunate to see them play several times and if they went on the road again I’d be there in a heartbeat.

Bow River – Cold Chisel (Circus Animals)1982

This is another one that was really hard to pick because there are so many great Cold Chisel songs, but I love to hear Ian Moss and Jimmy Barnes singing together.

I See Red – Split Enz (Frenzy) 1978

I was a huge fan of Split Enz in the 80s and although my favourite albums are Corroboree and Time and Tide this song from the earlier album Frenzy is my favourite. I was lucky enough to see the Enz a few times in Adelaide and once in Melbourne.

You’re So Strong – Mental As Anything (Fundamental) 1985

This song is sung by Andrew “Greedy” Smith and I always rather liked his songs although I think Martin Plaza has a great voice too.

Can’t Help Myself – Flowers (Icehouse) 1980

I’m old enough to remember when Icehouse was called Flowers! This was my favourite song from a great album. Of course the 80s was also the video era and they made some very elaborate videos for later songs but this one was just Iva Davies and a guitar. Which is all you need.

Down Under – Men At Work (Business As Usual)1980

I know this song has been somewhat discredited but law suits aside for me this song brings back happy memories of sitting up all night to watch Australia take the America’s Cup in 1983. You will still see a boxing kangaroo flag at most sporting events. Vegemite sandwich anyone?

So there are 10 songs, (including It’s A Long Way To The Top) that I’ll still listen to anytime. In fact this post was really just an excuse to listen to them all again.

30 Days, 30 Songs Challenge (9)

Yes at the Marquee club
Yes at the Marquee club | by takoyaki 77 The original line up of Yes:

I am playing along with Sarah at Art Expeditions again today and have picked a song from the genre that was known as “progressive rock” or “prog rock” for short. Lately, Naomi and I have been listening to Yes a lot. We have enjoyed their music since we first heard “Roundabout” when we were still teenagers. We were fortunate enough to see them in concert in Melbourne in 2003.

Yes has had numerous line ups over their long career. This recording features Rick Wakeman on keyboards as original keyboard player Tony Kaye was fired during the recording of the Fragile album. However, he has returned to the band on several occasions since.

Still a favourite.

30 Days, 30 Songs (8)

Today I’m playing along with Sarah from Art Expeditions again. Sarah has chosen a Spanish song and although I’ve been trying to match her theme this time I’ve got nothing so I’m sharing a song by a musician I like so much that I bought all of his CD’s. It is Ian Moss, formerly of Cold Chisel.

I like this song so much that I had it as my ringtone for several years before I got a smartphone. I also hope the title would remind me to answer the then unfamiliar mobile phone. I would listen to my CD player on the bus going home from work and I always had a feeling of well being when I heard it.

30 Days 30 Songs Challenge

Sarah at Art Expeditions is running a challenge this month to post your favourite music. After enjoying a couple of posts from other bloggers I felt inspired to join in today.

One of my favourite bands is Midnight Oil and as I am hard pressed to pick a favourite song of theirs I thought I’d pick one you could dance to.

Beds Are Burning

Beds Are Burning

Everyone dance like Peter Garrett.

Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Anything Related to Music


Pipe bands are music to my ears.

A Pipe Band marching on ANZAC Day

I am probably showing my age with this selection of music.

A vinyl album.

Sheet Music.

Theme from Star Wars for piano.