Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Bicycles,Tricycles, Motorcycles, Wagons


I took a lot of great pictures of the entries in the annual Scarecrow competition at Middleton. For several years in a row, David and I would drive down the Channel Highway, stopping so that I could photograph the scarecrows.  This one was from 2013.

An entrant in the 2013 Middleton Fair Scarecrow competition.

These photos were taken in Hobart this morning. I went to town to have lunch with Ally and Matt and to see the first four Sydney Hobart Race yachts which had arrived earlier in the morning.

As it happened there were quite a few interesting motorcycles around the waterfront as well.

A Honda motorcycle parked outside a restaurant.

This next one I’m not too sure of the make but thought that I heard Matt say it was a Triumph.

This bike was also parked outside the restaurant.

I don’t know a lot about bikes but I’m willing to bet this is a Harley Davidson.

Finally, as I walked back towards Murray Street and the bus stop I spotted this Harley Davidson Trike giving rides.

Take a ride around the waterfront in this.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Bikes of any kind

Pedal Power and Horsepower

Here are a few photos from the archives. The bicycles were all taken in Melbourne in 2014. There was a Jehovah’s Witness conference on at the time and I spotted these bikes sitting on the footpath. I was also interested in the hire bike stands around the city.

The motorcycle photos were taken on Explorer of the Seas, I had fun playing with that one in editing, and at the Motor Museum in Launceston.

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Cycling in Melbourne

Bikes for Hire Melbourne.

Hire Bikes in Melbourne 2014

Motorcycle artwork Explorer of the Seas

Motorcycles in a museum in Launceston.