30 Days, 30 Songs: (28)

Cold Chisel

I seem to be a little out of sync as it is already the 29th here and even though I listed this song in my favourite songs list a few weeks ago I thought I’d bring it out again.

As it is getting down to the last few days of Sarah’s 30 Days, 30 Songs challenge and I have missed quite a few I am just going to share some of my favourite Aussie and Kiwi bands. I first heard Cold Chisel in the early 70s and I liked some of their songs but others not so much, too much screaming I thought. It was only later that I realised they had two singers. I have come to appreciate Jimmy Barnes a lot more as he has diversified quite a lot even releasing a couple of soul albums but Ian Moss is still my favourite and this song is my favourite of the songs he wrote for Cold Chisel.

I had to listen to several versions of Bow River to decide which one to share. The studio version? Sounds good but Cold Chisel were essentially pub rockers and I like their live sound, but some of the early live ones don’t have great sound quality. Mossy has recorded the song himself including an acoustic version which I like. However, one of the things I like most about this song is the harmonies so you have to have Barnsey as well. I finally settled on this version recorded for the Ringside album. Naomi and I went to see the Hobart concert so it is kind of fitting I guess.

30 Days, 30 Songs (8)

Today I’m playing along with Sarah from Art Expeditions again. Sarah has chosen a Spanish song and although I’ve been trying to match her theme this time I’ve got nothing so I’m sharing a song by a musician I like so much that I bought all of his CD’s. It is Ian Moss, formerly of Cold Chisel.

I like this song so much that I had it as my ringtone for several years before I got a smartphone. I also hope the title would remind me to answer the then unfamiliar mobile phone. I would listen to my CD player on the bus going home from work and I always had a feeling of well being when I heard it.