A Photo A Week Challenge: Neglected

Lady Jane

This blog would qualify as neglected itself for the past week as I’ve been busy with the doll blog but I don’t think a photo of blank screen would be very interesting do you?

Lady Jane used to do cruises on the Derwent from Hobart but was abandoned by the previous owner a few years ago. For a time she was berthed on the Huon at Port Huon and later near Huonville where I took these photos. The last I heard she was over the other side of the river at Cygnet being worked on. One day I hope I’ll be able to get over there to see if she is still there.

Lady Jane at the old mooring near Huonville

Snapshot Sunday: D’Entrecasteaux Channel

A view from the Channel Highway between Middleton and Cygnet 2009

This is an old photo but it is a view I’m fond of. A couple of times a year at least David and I would drive down the Channel Highway which branches off the Huon Highway at Huonville. In February we’d stop to photograph the scarecrows that were dotted along the road. At other times we might visit the Sunday market at Woodbridge or drive all the way to Kettering where the Bruny Island ferry berths. From there we could drive on to Margate and Kingston or turn around and stop at Cygnet for a coffee on the way home.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Weathered Wood

These photos were taken in January last year when Hubby and I went for a drive. We had decided to go to Dover 20kms south of our home but we took the scenic route rather than the highway.

Apple Boxes -Huon Valley Tasmania
Apple Boxes -Huon Valley Tasmania
Driftwood on the beach , Huon River Estuary
Driftwood on the beach , Huon River Estuary
Wooden building at Policeman's Point,  Huon Valley Tasmania
Wooden building at Policeman’s Point, Huon Valley Tasmania

Port Huon – Tasmania

The view of the Huon River from halfway up Percy St, Port Huon
The view of the Huon River from halfway up Percy St, Port Huon

I went to visit my sister for the weekend and Hubby came to pick me up from Hobart today. On our way home he asked me “Would you mind if we made a small detour? I’d like to show you something.” I said it was fine with me and when we reached Port Huon which is a couple of kilometres from our home he took me up the side road next to the Kermandie Hotel. We climbed uphill on a narrow, unsealed road. There are many roads like this in our area and most of them make me a bit nervous but the views are always worth it.
We didn’t need to go to the end of the road, just a short distance up the hill was a place where Hubby could pull off the road and that is where I took this picture and others. You can see the Port Huon Wharf on the left and on the right the fish farms that belong to Huon Aquaculture. In the distance to river winds away towards the D’entrecasteaux Channel.

The photograph was taken from the road next to this location.