Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Places People Live

Homes of Hobart

I love walking the streets looking at old or interesting houses I love to photograph them too and I hope their owners don’t mind me sharing these pictures. I don’t photograph local houses as much because it seems a bit cheeky. I know I would think it odd if some random person were standing outside my house taking photographs. Although, if they came and asked me if they could photograph my house for their blog I’d probably say yes.

These old houses are in North Hobart. I like the colour and style of them very much.

A street of terrace houses in North Hobart.
Leitrim North Hobart.


Terrace Houses

Heading back into Hobart, these apartments at the end of Salamanca Place are in a converted grain silo.

The old grain silos at Salamanca now converted to apartments

If we walk up to Princes park or climb Kelly’s Steps we come to Battery Point.

These houses on Arthur’s Circus in Battery Point are some of the oldest homes in Hobart and are frequently photographed by tourists.

Arthur Circus, some of the oldest houses in Battery Point.
Art Deco apartment building, Sandy Bay

In nearby Sandy Bay, there are many interesting and expensive houses and apartments. This is one that I could not resist photographing because I love this style of building.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Houses

Be It Ever So Humble

House edited with Picasa's focal B&W and HDR filters
House edited with Picasa’s focal B&W and HDR filters
Cottages at Arthur’s Circus, Battery point, Hobart
House at Lake Baikal , Siberia 1990
Miniature house at the 2014 Hobart Model Train Show
The Dolly Mix dolls house Naomi gave me last Christmas and our shared Triang 61
A multi-story bird house.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Houses and/or Barns

Houses and Barns

This week Cee has asked us to show houses and / or barns. I am very interested in architecture and the built environment so I knew I would enjoy this challenge. Most of the photos are from my archives but I did have the opportunity to take a couple of new ones while I was away in Adelaide recently.

Here are some older style homes in the suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia.

In many cities former industrial sites and older homes like the ones above are being demolished to make way for apartment blocks like these. I do not approve.

Modern apartments near Port Adelaide. South Australia
Modern apartments near Port Adelaide. South Australia

The apartment in the next photo is well known to many older Australians who remember the TV series “Number 96”. This is the apartment block used for the exterior scenes in the show which was filmed in the Sydney suburb of Woolhara.

Number 96- Moncur St , Woolhara, Sydney
Australians of a certain age may recognise this block of flats in Sydney as the location of popular TV series “Number 96”

The next homes are convict era cottages in Tasmania built in the early  to mid 1800s followed by a couple of grander homes from the same era.


Finally a couple of modern apartments in Hobart.