Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Hands

Human Hands

The last time I did a challenge involving hands I was able to go out and find a few interesting models or photos of hands but not this time. It’s been very wet for the last few days and doesn’t look like improving.

I wondered if it was possible to take a photo of my own hand. It is if you use a smartphone and hit the button with the knuckle of the other hand while using it to hold the phone. Not the most flattering photo of my hand but it worked.

My hand

Looking back over my old cricket photos I found some featuring hands. These were all taken at a match I attended in 2010.

Mitchell Johnson
Michael Clarke and Ricky Ponting.
Ricky Ponting Bellerive Oval 2010


Cee’s Black & White Challenge:Hands, Feet, Paws

This Challenge gave me all sorts of options when I started looking around. I’ve decided to make a slide show of what I found over the week end for the challenge. I’ve been a little bit inventive with a couple of the photos so I hope they still count. Here they are.

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Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge – Hands, Feet or Paws

Hands, Feet or Paws

Polly thinks I’ve taken enough photos.

This was an accidental photo. We had only had Polly a few days and she was on my lap. I had the camera handy  thinking I would take some pictures while she was  settled but she caught sight of it and wanted to play. The next one was a posed photo. I’d been doing a Barbie fashion shoot for the doll blog and decided that as this doll had articulated arms she might go all Kardashian and try to avoid the photographer.

No Photos please!

The rest of the photos for this challenge were taken today. Naomi and I met up in Hobart and went for a walk around the waterfront and Salamanca looking for good shots of hands and feet. Here are mine, Naomi will post hers later.

Picture of hands.
hand mannequin
Hand mannequin in a gift shop.
Claws on a skeleton at the museum.
Claws on a skeleton at the museum.
Pair of feet at the Salvation Army Op Shop in Hobart/

Serendipity Photo Prompt 2015 #7 -Hands


image car cleaner
volunteer cleaner circa 1979

Hands make me think of the phrases. “Getting your hands dirty”, “Need a hand”, “Lending a hand” all to do with getting active and doing things, mainly to help others. Here in Australia we just had Volunteer Week when the efforts of volunteers are recognised.

I’ve done a little volunteering over the years. As young people my husband and I belonged to a railway enthusiast society and enjoyed many trips behind steam engines all around South Australia. In fact it’s how we met each other in the first place. We felt we should give something back so we became volunteers. We cleaned carriages, sold raffle tickets and worked in the catering team. We both have happy memories of those days.

I volunteered at a local radio station for several years which I really enjoyed. We’ve been involved in Neighbourhood Watch and other community groups too but compared to the effort some volunteers put in what we’ve done is nothing.

I’ve been spending a lot of time recently visiting David in hospital and over the last three months I’ve met the marvellous people who volunteer at the Cancer Support Centre and the Hospice Volunteers. I hasten to add David does not have cancer or anything terminal. He is getting better but he was referred to them when things were looking a bit grim and they have kept on popping in for  a chat or to bring him books. One day when he was sleeping  I went to their room at the hospital for a cup of tea and a chat. One of the volunteers was on her way to sit with a patient who was dying and didn’t have any family. It takes a special kind of person to do that.

Another lovely gentleman came up to see David because he thought he’d enjoy chatting to a man for a change, most of the volunteers are women. He told us that his wife is disabled so he looks after her at home. His idea of a break is to volunteer at the hospice or at a local retirement home. He says it’s no trouble, he has to go there anyway to visit his mother, who has dementia. Where would we be without people like this?

I don’t think governments realise how much more it would cost them to provide services if all volunteers were to walk off the job. St John’s volunteers at sporting and public events, volunteer ambulance drivers, volunteer firefighters, hospital auxiliary volunteers who raise huge amounts for new equipment.

What worries me though is who is going to do it when the current crop of volunteers has to stop? Any community meeting I go to it’s always a sea of grey heads. With retirement ages being raised and younger people needing to work more hours to make ends meet who will have the time to do it?

Ambulance Volunteers- Photo from SA Ambulance Service, 2015.
Ambulance Volunteers Photo from SA Ambulance Service, 2015.