Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Green

Shades of Green

Gleditsia tree

The Gleditsia tree is a bright yellow-green which contrasts with the mid-green of the grass and the darker green of trees in the background.

Ferns and moss-covered trees near Strahan.

Rain forest near Strahan, Tasmania

For some reason, green is a very popular colour for locomotives.

A green uniform against a green background at a cricket match at Bellerive Oval in 2012.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge:Letter G_Needs to have the letter G

Here are my photos for the letter G at last. I took my camera with me when I went to walk the dogs this afternoon. We had a lovely walk up and down the High Street. We looked in shop windows and met a few friends who were also out and about. The dogs met a few doggy friends and some who were not their friends at all.There was a pleasant breeze as we walked. It felt good on my face and I thought the dogs looked cute with their ears blowing back as they trotted along the road. I could have stayed out all afternoon but we took over an hour anyway. Here is what I got today.

My G’s are:

  1. goal
  2. morning glory
  3. garbage
  4. garage
  5. gumball
  6. goose
  7. Gay Street