Snapshot Sunday: Vintage Advertisement

I saw this while wandering around Sydney with Vanda. I had read about this being uncovered after decades when the adjoining building was demolished. It’s sad to think it will be covered up again when something new is built. Peapes was once a store selling men’s and boys wear but you can probably already tell from the photograph. I found some stories online about this old department store so I will get Vanda to add them when she has some spare time. They are quite interesting to read and one tells of other old signage in Sydney for those who are interested and might be visiting.–catch-it-before-it-is-spirited-away-20170917-gyizkj.html




Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Walls – Indoor or Outdoor


As the temperature is soaring it is way too hot to go out to take photos so today’s black and white challenge photos are from the archives. A couple are reruns of photos I’ve posted before. Sometimes I crop them before playing with the filters to create something new.

Indoor Walls

With so much decorating going on at my house for the past few years I have well documented walls at my house.

First a memory from 2013 when we had our shower replaced . A pretty ugly sight from the beginning of the renovation. Next is the wall panelling in what is now my bedroom and a gratuitous dog photo. Cindy nearly always walks in to any shot I’m trying to take around the house and  garden.

Hole in the Wall
Timber wall panelling in a bedroom.

Outdoor Walls

Here are a selection of walls in Melbourne.

First two views that I like a lot of old  brick walls near the Yarra River and then the outer wall of what I consider one of the ugliest buildings I have ever seen. It is in Federation Square in Melbourne. I hate this type of architecture but it is a good photography subject.

Banana Alley Vaults, Melbourne.
Brick walls near the Yarra in Melbourne.
Federation Square, Melbourne

Murals & Ghost Signs

I don’t like graffiti on principle. I get that it can be art but  a lot of it is just ugly scribble on the sides of buildings and public transport. I won’t photograph that type of graffiti because it gives the people who do it the attention they desire. If you had ever had to clean paint off a train with nasty chemicals you would understand why I say this.   I do like murals and also the old, faded advertising signs known as “ghost signs” painted on to walls.

Ghost sign, Hobart
Ghost Sign Launceston
Mural North Hobart
man woman mural
This mural is in a shed in Port Adelaide. The lighting was not the best so I have changed it to black and while