Snapshot Sunday: Down in the Garden Shed

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After three wet days the sun finally came out for a while today so I unpacked the box of bulbs I got in the mail the other day and planted them in pots ready for spring. A handful went under the apple tree as a gift to the garden. While I was out there I decided that it was high time that I cleaned up the garden shed so I did. I was proud of myself for completing this chore so I took some photos to celebrate.

Goodbye Rustic Shed – Hello new backyard

When we first moved into our house I really liked the old timber sheds in the backyard. We have three of them. Two, at the bottom of the garden, are probably old Pickers Huts used by orchard workers during the apple¬† harvest. A lot of people bought them to use as garden sheds when some of the old orchards closed down. The other one, although it probably began its life as a shed, had been converted by the previous owner to some kind of car port by knocking a wall out. It had a washing line inside too but I never liked using it because the floorboards in the shed were so rotted and uneven that I didn’t like walking on them more than necessary. We used it to store firewood for several years until we replaced the wood fires with a heat pump.
As time went on it went from being “rustic” to dilapidated. This winter I’ve seen a piece of the iron roof flapping in the wind and feared that a bad storm would blow it off. Clearly it’s time for the old shed to go.
I seem to be getting all sorts of household jobs done since Hubby got sick. He’s always preferred to take things slowly and I sometimes feared that we would be too old to enjoy the house by the time we’d fixed everything. Now, with his health not as good, changes need to be made to make the house and garden more convenient for him. As it happens most of them are things that I wanted to do anyway to “age proof” the place.
So the old shed will go. So will one of the nectarine trees which is more or less leaning on it. I feared it would fall down once the shed was gone. We hope we’ll be able to save the other tree which is a bit smaller because the nectarines are very nice. I hope we’ll also be able to save the bush with the red berries that the Rosellas liked so much last year. If not I will try to find another one for them.

Once the shed and tree are gone we will have a nice new, very wide path from the house to the Pickers Huts and we will plan our new backyard planting around it.¬† We’ll have a space halfway for a bench and maybe a table so Hubby can take a rest before walking back to the house. Later I may try to talk him into a covered barbecue area or a proper car port where the shed was but for now we’ll just have a gate installed ready for when that happens. At last I’ll be able to keep Cindy contained in the backyard. Providing of course that she really is too old to climb over the fence now. Cindy is a staffy/labrador cross and while she has the labrador personality she has the escapologist trait of a staffy. She is nine now and knows she’s not supposed to wander off but she will try it on if she thinks she can get away with it.

We’ll widen the path to the back gate as well as it’s likely that when Hubby comes home he may need to use a wheelchair for a while or at least a walking frame. The work will start next week and I’m really looking forward to seeing how good it will all look when it’s done and the look on his face when he comes home and sees it all.