Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Furniture, Tables, Chairs, Sofas, Etc.

Hi, this is my entry for the Fun Foto Challenge. These are all taken around Oatlands this morning.

Here is a collection of antique chairs outside the antique shop on the High Street in Oatlands. Note the fogged up windows. It’s very cold here this morning. We are expecting some snow.

Antique Chair
I love this old chair. It would have been quite posh in it’s day.

Topiary Sofa
This topiary sofa is just outside the Oatlands Bargain Centre. It’s not too comfy to sit on but looks great.

Kitchen Dresser
I couldn’t come up with a table today so I decided to include my old kitchen dresser that I love very much. It serves as my pantry and I display my vintage tins on the top of it.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Furniture, Tables, Chairs , Sofa’s etc


As I have been documenting the changes around my house  for years I have taken a lot of pictures of furniture so I dug deep in the archives to see what I had.

My garden chairs were sent ready to assemble. Who doesn’t love RTA furniture?

My new garden furniture arrives, in pieces.

I bought this old TV unit for $100 about 10 years ago from people I knew who were moving. After a few years using it to house our TV, VCR and DVD player it became hard for David to bend to put tapes or DVD’s in the players  so I reorganised the room; but what to do with the cabinet? Luckily I found a use for it in the doll room. An old armchair was also pressed into service to hold dolls although it is now doing time on the front porch.

While we are in the doll room of course I have to show you some dolls house furniture. Naomi and I spent several hours a few months ago going through her vintage dolls house furniture and I photographed all of it for our doll blog. So here you are Cee, tiny furniture. The Barton and Marx furniture belongs to me and the Triang and Blue Box belongs to Naomi.



Last of all here is an antique bed I photographed at the surprisingly good history museum in the tiny town of Woodsdale not far from Oatlands.

Antique bed at the museum in Woodsdale Tasmania
Antique bed at the museum in Woodsdale Tasmania

A DIY Project for a Rainy Day

Since my pergola was finished at the end of the autumn I have been looking around for some garden furniture. Eventually I would like a dining table and chairs but most sets that I’ve seen have large tables and six or more chairs. I don’t need that many and I don’t want the whole space taken up with furniture. I decided to buy what is known as a “Jack and Jill” chair, two timber chairs with a small table between them. That will be fine for my needs for now.

After a lot of hunting around and comparing prices I decided that I’d  get the best deal online so I ordered them and a week later they were delivered to my local post office where a friend collected them for me. As I expected the chairs were a flat pack and had to be put together.

My new garden furniture arrives, in pieces.
My new garden furniture arrives, in pieces.

I was relieved to see that an Allen key or hex key to use its other name was all that was required in the way of tools. When I worked for the railways one of my jobs was to replace damaged seats on the suburban rail cars so although I’m not the most handy person I did learn how to use an Allen key. I was less happy that the instructions were in the form of a diagram. I am happier when instruction sheets include step by step written instructions as well as pictures.  However, as these things are often written in “Chinglish” they are not always helpful anyway although they can be an entertaining read.

The instructions, just a diagram.
The instructions, just a diagram.

The weather was very bad and I didn’t want to drag all the heavy pieces out to the shed so construction took place mainly in the kitchen and finally in the sun room. I started as I always do by identifying all the pieces and found that I was one bolt short but as the instructions were not entirely clear about where it was supposed to go I decided to go ahead and start anyway hoping it would become clearer whether it was a vital part later.

Working out how it goes together.
Working out how it goes together.

The first part went together without any trouble, the hardest part being getting the seat back at the right angle.

One chair completed.
One chair completed.

When I came to the second half  I struck a few problems. It was not clear to me which way round the seat back had to go, they had little metal plaques on them and I couldn’t decide if these were meant to be at the back or the front. In the end I decided that I didn’t care as long as they fit into the correct slots and now have one facing the front and one the back. Well I never said I was Scott Cam. When I came to attach the table I discovered that  I had put the wrong piece on one of the chairs, two of them had little holes for the bolts for the table but it was very hard to see this on the diagram. Luckily it is not hard to undo bolts with an Allen key as long as you have not over tightened them.  I could have  got mad at this point but I didn’t, I decided to leave it for the day and come back fresh to finish it. Once I attached the table I discovered what the smallest bolts were for and then realised that although it was not shown on the diagram they were also supposed to be used on the inside of the seat back, except of course that I was one short. I went back and redid the seat backs and despite being a bolt short it seemed good and sturdy and took my weight when I sat in it.

As it had stopped raining by this time I dragged the whole thing outside and into the pergola and here is the result.

And Finally...
And Finally…

The chairs in place.
The chairs in place.

Not bad if I do say so myself.

Changing Rooms

No, not the reality TV show by that name. I hated it. I’m talking about our house.

It all started when Hubby decided that he’d like to buy a new VCR/DVR for our living room. I was quite keen on the idea too so we ordered it and within days it arrived in the post. Setting up computers and audio/video equipment has become my job because of the kneeling and reaching under desks and behind furniture that is required. Hubby also has a man-like disdain for instruction booklets which is why I am also the one who puts together flat pack furniture at our house.

As long as I was going to be setting up the new machine I thought that I might as well give that area a good clean and while I was dusting I thought about another long-standing problem that Hubby has. He finds it difficult to bend to reach things that are on lower shelves which means that he is unable to access the DVD player very easily to insert or remove disks. This has meant that while we have shelves full of DVD’s and videos he sits in front of the TV complaining that there is nothing good on  and watching “Pawn Stars” and the WWE until I’m ready to throw both Hubby and the TV out the window.

I had broached the subject of buying a new entertainment unit with Hubby and as he hadn’t actually said “No” I decided to browse online to see what we could afford. However, most of the modern units are set up so that the shelves would be too low for Hubby too. I needed something where all the equipment would sit on the top of the unit but I saw few units I liked at a price we could afford. I didn’t feel that the modern black units went well with our mostly light coloured timber furniture and the timber units I did like were way too expensive. One that I did like was advertised as a “Retro Danish style mid-century entertainment unit”. It was about $800, so out of the question. However I then realised that I was looking at our very own mid-century piece; the buffet that Hubby’s parents gave to us when we got married. We had used it as a TV stand when we were first married but it didn’t work well with the old CRT televisions so we bought something else.

When Hubby appeared I said “I’ve got an idea.” I could see his eyes glaze over, he knows I’m a serial furniture mover. I’m always changing the furniture round in attempt to create more room or a better look.  Anyway I explained what I wanted to do and as it didn’t involve him doing anything he was quite happy to let me get on with it.

The move took me most of the afternoon but I am happy with the result. I had to move the entertainment unit we had out of the room first. It’s one of those tall ones that were popular before flat screen TV’s came on the scene. That was a bit of a hassle because I couldn’t get it into the spot I’d planned for it to go in the spare room. It would have fit but I couldn’t get it through the passage doorway without tilting it and I needed Hubby for that. He tried to help but complained that every time he tried to tip it so it would pass under the door frame it tipped sideways as well and would jam against the wall. Rather than get into a domestic dispute as we often do when we move furniture together we adopted Plan B, it was to be put in the laundry and transported to Hubby’s man cave in the garage later.

The old buffet is heavy too but with all the ornaments, glass shelves and drawers taken out I was able to move it across the room without too much trouble except for having to move the couch and an armchair as well. Moving the video storage unit was left until the following day. Then all the equipment had to be set up and tested to make sure that everything worked properly. I made the mistake of leaving the TV on after I’d done this. Hubby came in and as “Law and Order” was on he started watching it. Why is that men become mesmerised when they stand in front of a TV for more than five seconds? I wasn’t happy, I still had to dust and put back all the ornaments, shelves etc, move the old unit to the laundry and replace all the furniture I’d moved in the spare room back where it was. I didn’t mind doing the work as it was my idea but having someone sitting watching TV in the middle of it is not conducive to marital harmony. I kept my temper though and informed Hubby that when I had finished moving the furniture in the spare room and laundry he must stop watching TV because I had to finish up in that room as well. Luckily he took the hint and made himself scarce.

It was all worth it though as we now have a more spacious living room and Hubby can watch DVD’s and videos to his heart’s content. I hope this will mean no more WWE. At least not when I’m at home. Today I finished off the job by adding our turntable to the set up so now we can also play our vinyl records in the living room. I made sure that when I checked the TV was still working I put it on the Weather Channel, just in case.

After adding these photos I realised that there was another furniture move between the two “Before” and three “After” photos. I had moved the couch under the window and Hubby’s armchair to in front of the disused fireplace. I hadn’t taken a photo of that move.