Snapshot Sunday: Cloudy Day on the Huon River

A cloudy day on the Huon River at Franklin.

Today, for my birthday treat we sailed on Yukon, a restored wooden fishing vessel. Originally from Denmark it is now based in Franklin. The weather was kind to us and although rain was threatened it stayed dry until after our trip.

A Photo A Week Challenge: Boats and Ships

Boats and Ships

How could I resist this challenge when ships and boats are some of my favourite photography subjects. Here are some I took on the Hobart Waterfront and at Franklin on the Huon River.

Antarctic vessel Aurora Australis berthed in Hobart, Tasmania
Princess Cruises Dawn Princess in Hobart 2016
Dooen - Hobart 2016
Dooen – Hobart 2014
Durham - On the Huon River at Franklin July 2014
Durham – On the Huon River at Franklin July 2014
Emmalisa, , Hobart waterfront 2015
Messing about in boats – Franklin, Tasmania

Spring is Near

It’s been starting to feel more like spring just lately. It’s still cold in the mornings and at night and the mist sometimes doesn’t lift till mid morning but when it does the sky is blue and the sun feels warm. Daffodils are threatening to bust out all over the place and even our old moss-covered, raggedy nectarine trees have survived another year and are showing tiny buds. I’m not being lulled into a false sense of security, spring in Tasmania can be unpredictable and I’m sure we’ve not seen the last of the bad weather but it is nice to see the sun again.

When I  went to Hobart last Friday it was such a beautiful morning that I was tempted to take photos out the window of the bus just to show you how lovely everything looked. I never, ever get tired of the views of the river and the countryside on the 60km ride to Hobart. I feel lucky because tourists would pay a lot of money to tour such a lovely area and I get to see it all the time.

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I had some time in Hobart and stopped to take some photos of St David’s Anglican Cathedral and some other buildings in the city. Later I tried to photograph some of the scenery on the way to Oatlands on the Redline Coach but that was more difficult. I was sitting behind the driver and with the coach at highway speeds I didn’t get many pictures I was happy with so I apologise for the quality of these. I included them to try to give you the sense of how much I enjoyed the journey more than anything else.  I’ll have to have another go next time I go up there on a fine afternoon. My camera is a Nikon Coolpix L120. I didn’t realise until today that it was possible to buy a polarizing filter for this camera.  I didn’t realise you could get them for point and shoot digital compacts. I’ll definitely need to get one before summer (and cricket) really begins.

Travelling along the Brooker Highway the main road north out of Hobart.
Travelling along the Brooker Highway the main road north out of Hobart.
Crossing the Derwent on the Bridgewater bridge.
Crossing the Derwent on the Bridgewater bridge.