FOWC: Umbrage

I got mad!

As I get older I seem to find it harder to hold back my feelings when something annoys me. At the Op Shop I do try to but the other day I failed. Two male customers were chatting near the front of the shop. I was keeping busy tidying clothes and picking up hangers while the other volunteer served the customers. These two guys were chatting to him and each other and making some remarks about women that I found rather annoying. It was blokey talk and I don’t know if they meant to try and get a rise out of me or if that was normal for them. Anyway, I ignored them.

Neither of them was in a hurry to leave and their conversation flowed over different subjects until they got to climate change. “Do you believe in it?” one asked the other in a tone that sounded to me like “Do you believe in fairies?” They began to talk about how they felt that it was all exaggerated and scaremongering. This was a day or so after Greta Thunberg had addressed the UN. That was when I took umbrage. “Climate change is a scientific fact.” I snarled at them in a much nastier tone than I intended. They didn’t agree. They think it’s part of a natural cycle or something. I didn’t say anything else to them because I knew I was too mad but they knew I was too.

FOWC with Fandango: Humdrum


I think my life is pretty humdrum. I guess most of us do unless perhaps we have a fast-paced exciting job, or are a celebrity. Even then if you are, for example, the Queen, travelling all over the world to attend events and observing local customs or entertaining Presidents and Prime Ministers is probably pretty humdrum. She’s been doing it for over 65 years after all.

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My point is that what seems humdrum to me might not seem so to you because it is different from your everyday life. In this blog, I like to write about everyday life as I experience it. I write about sausage sizzles on election day, events in my local area, going to cricket matches and so on because to someone else that might be really interesting or at least different. That’s why I find it interesting to read about the daily lives of others. What are their towns like? What is it like to live in a big city, or on a farm or in the desert?

Huonville, Tasmania

Shopping and eating are different in other places. I’ve never been inside a Walmart. The nearest K Mart is more than 60km away.  I didn’t know until I became a blogger what “half and half” milk was. If we have it at all we don’t call it that. An American penfriend who once visited me back in the eighties was amazed that we put beetroot on burgers and vinegar on chips. Tasmanians like their chips with gravy though and I still find that bizarre.
This one's for @breadandmeatnyc ...a tyical suburban Australia burger with 'the lot'; bacon, egg & the quintessential beetroot #burger #sydney #realsydney

I’ve learned that in Switzerland shops frequently close for religious holidays. Here they really only close for Christmas Day, Good Friday and ANZAC Day. It’s not important stuff but it’s fascinating how much the same we are but at the same time so different.

The humdrum can be a source of fascination.