Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Cold

Winter in Tasmania

It is almost summer here so this week’s photos will be mostly reruns.

Compared to the weather some of my blogging friends experience in winter ours are pretty mild. Although mountainous areas get snow in winter low-level snow is rare enough that we get a bit excited about it. If we get some it usually isn’t a lot and doesn’t last long. Here are a couple of pictures from snowy days in 2015 and 2017. In 2015 we had some very heavy falls that came below 300 metres which meant that bus services to Hobart were restricted for a day or so. I was traveling to see David in the hospital during this time and the second photo was taken on one of those trips.

Untouched snow. This is about as heavy as it usually gets in Geeveston although higher altitudes will get more. Near Geeveston 2017


Taken from the bus window June 2015

What we mostly get in winter though is rain, frost, and fog. The damp and the greyness of almost everything is what makes it seem colder than it probably is.

We get a bit of fog here, especially in winter time.
frosty morning 2015
Bus Stop in the rain.

It rained almost continuously when we went to Strahan for a weekend. During a stop on our Gordon River cruise, our guide soldiered on regardless telling us about the flora and fauna and while Bruce and I took as many photos as we could.

Our guide braves the rain.
Bruce taking photos on our Gordon River cruise.
A cold rainy day 20 May 2012.



Chilly Mornings – Frost and Fog

Winter has begun and the chilly weather does bring some opportunities for new photo experiments. Although people I know who live in more elevated spots have had snow already I have only seen it from the window of the bus and have not managed to photograph any yet. I keep hoping, as I do every winter, that we will get one good dump that I can get to.

What we are having a lot of though is frost and fog. It’s common now for the fog not to lift until after 9 am so I’ve been trying to capture some images that show what it is like around our place. These photos were taken on several different mornings in the past week or so either in our backyard or out the front of the house.