Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Flags or Banners

Flags and Banners

Australians don’t tend to fly flags at their homes as much as Americans do. You will see it on special occasions such as Australia Day or ANZAC Day although more often from a window or temporary flagpole. It seems more people would rather wear them than fly them.  Dr Geeves, who is a local resident does have a flagpole and flies the Australian flag when he is at home rather like the Queen at her royal residences. If I don’t see it I know he is in Sydney visiting his children and grandchildren. Our local post office also has a flag pole.

The Scotland Cricket Team played a match against Tasmania at a suburban ground where spectators could park right next to the action. Obviously at least one of them was Scottish!

Flying the flag for Scotland

Australian flag before a Test Match at Bellerive Oval.

The Australian Team
The Australian Team

Flags like this were issued for the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.

An old Coronation flag

Old banner at the QVMAG in Launceston which is in the former railway workshops.

image banner
The Railway Workshops banner.

Protest banners in Hobart on various occasions.

Cee’s Fun Foto challenge : Flags and Banners

The one day I wanted it to be windy and we only had a gentle breeze. We  had winds up to 100 km an hour recently. I wanted a bit of wind in order to photograph the flags at the school and outside the council chambers. Well in the end I was able to get a reasonable shot but it would have looked better with more wind to blow the flags about a bit. I had also hoped to get the new banners outside the newsagents as they recently opened a cafe in there but this was not possible on Friday when I was taking the photos. There were too many cars parked in front of them. Here is what I ended up with for the flags and banners challenge.

Aussie and Aboriginal Flags
Aussie & Aboriginal Flags

Coffee Flag
Coffee Flag

Construction Site Flags
Construction Site Warning Flags

School Crossing Banners Flags
School Crossing Flags

Scottish Flag 2
Scottish Flag

TKO Bakery Open
Open Banner outside TKO