Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Shoes or Feet (Human and Animal)

If The Shoe Fits

This is how I store my Barbie shoes. I have three boxes of these, two for Barbie and one for Ken.  Some of Barbies shoes are quite elaborate as you will see in the next picture.

Barbie shoe box
Barbie sized boots.

My shoes on the other hand are just laying about where I can get them easily.  I keep a pair of boots by the back door because in winter the garden can be quite muddy. I still call them Wellington boots as we did in England. I actually refused to wear Wellingtons for over thirty years after an incident at school when someone put chewing gum inside my boot. However when we arrived in Tasmania in June 2002 I speedily realised that I needed something to keep my feet dry. I bought this pair of boots in an Op Shop in Huonville for 50c and still use them. It’s hard to pull them off sometimes and it reminds me of the old song “My Old Man’s A Dustman”.

Frequently worn shoes.
Boots bought for 50c in 2002.
Shoes at the Op Shop.

As I didn’t want to include a picture of my own feet here is one of Cindy’s paws. She has been coming in rather muddy lately as well.

Cindy’s paw.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge:Hands, Feet, Paws

This Challenge gave me all sorts of options when I started looking around. I’ve decided to make a slide show of what I found over the week end for the challenge. I’ve been a little bit inventive with a couple of the photos so I hope they still count. Here they are.

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Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge – Hands, Feet or Paws

Hands, Feet or Paws

Polly thinks I’ve taken enough photos.

This was an accidental photo. We had only had Polly a few days and she was on my lap. I had the camera handy  thinking I would take some pictures while she was  settled but she caught sight of it and wanted to play. The next one was a posed photo. I’d been doing a Barbie fashion shoot for the doll blog and decided that as this doll had articulated arms she might go all Kardashian and try to avoid the photographer.

No Photos please!

The rest of the photos for this challenge were taken today. Naomi and I met up in Hobart and went for a walk around the waterfront and Salamanca looking for good shots of hands and feet. Here are mine, Naomi will post hers later.

Picture of hands.
hand mannequin
Hand mannequin in a gift shop.
Claws on a skeleton at the museum.
Claws on a skeleton at the museum.
Pair of feet at the Salvation Army Op Shop in Hobart/