Happy Birthday to all the Horses

In the Southern Hemisphere all horses celebrate their birthday on 1 August. Here are a few horse photos to celebrate.

Hello Molly

Molly, who belonged to my neighbour looking over our back fence.

Draught horse, Geeveston 2010
Draught horse, Geeveston 2010

The Waler horse is the type of horse used by the Light Horsemen

Riders forming up before the start of the Anzac March.
The gang from Heritage Horse Drawn Carriages.
The gang from Heritage Horse Drawn Carriages.


Snapshot Sunday – Draught Horse

Draught Horse

I am sure you have seen enough pictures of the dismal weather we’ve been having lately. I took this photo of a draught horse at the Forest Festival in Geeveston a few years ago. A belated birthday to all the horses at the beginning of this month.