Snapshot Sunday: Cindy

Cindy in the back room.

I was busy taking photos for Cee’s challenges and wanted to include one of Cindy’s water bowl. She decided that she would come and sit on her bed while I was doing it so I took a picture. I decided it wasn’t suitable for the challenge but it was too nice to waste.

Bad Photo Monday: Where’s The Cheese?

Cindy is not angry here.

Here I was trying to take a photo of Cindy with her tongue showing for Cee’s Black & White Challenge but every time she did I was too slow. She looks quite mean in this one but she was in a perfectly happy mood.

Bad Photo Monday: Oh Poop!

How did I not notice this.

On Friday my garden guys came to prune the apple tree and after they left I went out to take some photos of it as I do every year. The sun was quite bright and concentrating on the tree I entirely failed to notice that Cindy had more pressing business on her mind. Oh well at least it gave me a bad photo Monday shot.

Bad Photo Monday: The One That Almost Got Away

It is not easy to photograph a running dog.

I took several photos of Cindy chasing a tennis ball for last week’s Fun Foto challenge. I was pretty pleased with most of them. This one I was going to chuck out until I remembered Bad Photo Monday.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter H -Topic is Happy

The Alphabet According to Cee: H is for Happy Dog

For this challenge I thought I would show you what makes Cindy happy. Chasing tennis balls.

Of course it is a bit difficult to take photos and throw a tennis ball at the same time but I managed to get a few good shots. Luckily the back yard is long enough for me to have time to get the picture before Cindy gets back to me and wants another throw.

She is eleven now and although she is as energetic as ever I have noticed that she doesn’t play for as long now. Five or ten minutes and she’s ready to stop but she’ll be good for another game later. Cindy has always decided how long she’ ll run for though. When David used to take her to the dog park to play ball she would run round madly for five minutes, play ball for a while and then go and jump into the nearby river for a swim, usually losing the ball in the process. After that she would run back and jump into the back of the wagon. She was never taught to do that. She just did.

Waiting for me to throw it again.
Luckily we have a big back yard.
Run Cindy Run!
After the game.

Snapshot Sunday – Cindy is Eleven

While I don’t know Cindy’s exact birthday I do know that she turns eleven some time this month. She still loves to chase a tennis ball even if she doesn’t keep it up for as long as she used to.

How Much Is That Doggy In The Window?

Cindy looking out the bedroom window
Cindy looking out the bedroom window

When I have to go out I usually leave Cindy in the house because up until recently the backyard has not been secure. I’m still not convinced she can’t get out as she used to climb the fence when she was a bit younger. Before I leave I give her a handful of dog treats, make sure her water bowl is full and that she can’t get into the kitchen (she goes down the bin.) Cindy is pretty used to this routine now, she sits on her cushion and waits for the treats. Once I’ve locked the door she eats them. Apparently what she does after that is to go and jump on my bed where she can see outside so she can watch me leave then she goes to sleep confident that if anyone comes to the door she will hear them and can bark and scare them away.