Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Any Kind of Tables and Chairs

Tables for work and play

Dining Tables

Here are some dining tables with grand views.

Dining Tables on Explorer of the Seas
Dining tables Sydney Tower Restaurant.

Sea-Going  Tables

Some of the many tables and chairs I photographed on Ovation of the Seas

Tables in Bolero’s Bar, Ovation of the Seas.
Outdoor tables, Ovation of the Seas

Quirky Table and chair, Wonderland Restaurant, Ovation of the Seas

Hard Working Tables

What would we do without trestle tables?

Trestle tables at a fundraiser.

Play Tables

Gaming Tables on Ovation of the Seas

Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Any Kind of Seating

Chairs At Sea

I took so many photos of chairs while I was on holidays. I saw a lot of unusual ones on the ship and I was sure I’d get to use them in a challenge sooner or later. These are just a few of them. I have to say that while some of these chairs were very comfy a lot of them were extremely hard to get out of.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs

Looking ahead to this topic last week I was wondering how this challenge was supposed to work. I don’t see a lot of people playing musical chairs these days, except perhaps Australian politicians who always seem to be swapping chairs amongst themselves as one or another wants to be PM. However, I do have pictures of musical instruments and musicians and I do have pictures of chairs so I’m good to go.


A musician from one of the brass bands that takes part in the Hobart Christmas Parade.

image brass instrument

Some might say that the sound of bagpipes is not very musical but when they are  played well I think they are.

Police Pipe Band -not everyone likes bagpipes but I do.
Police Pipe Band, not everyone likes bagpipes but I do.

Many years ago I went to see Split Enz in concert and sneaked in a camera to take some photos. I went unnoticed by security because I did not use a flash, just the fastest film that I could find. David explained to me the concept of “pushing” film when it was developed so when I took it to the shop to be processed I asked for that to be done and obtained several photos that I still look at and can’t believe they are mine. This is one that I scanned and tidied up a bit. In this photo Neil  Finn and the late Paul Hester who was the drummer for Split Enz at the time are performing together. They later went on to form Crowded House.  This photo would date from about 1980.

Neil Finn, right, and the late Paul Hester
Neil Finn, right, and the late Paul Hester


The Big Red Chair at Brooke St Pier.

Red Chair
I found this chair in a waiting area at Brooke St Pier.

These teddies were playing musical chairs but they cheated and all sat down on the last one. Chair and teddies both belong to Naomi, photographed at her house some years ago now.

Teddies on a chair
Teddies on a chair

Musical chairs on the bus but the passengers were removed instead of the chairs.

Seats on a vintage bus
Seats on a vintage bus