Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge: 25 May 2018

Which Way Kuala Lumpur

At times our visit to Kuala Lumpur seemed like one all day Which Way but  Naomi and I will have more to say about that in our Cruise Holiday posts later. For now I’ll just share a few photos I was able to take as we tried to navigate the CBD on the day that a big marathon race had closed most of the roads.

Cee’s Which Way Challenge: 4 May 2018

Which Way Sydney

Although our time in Sydney was brief I managed to find a few Which Ways at Central Station and Sydney Harbour.

Concourse at Sydney Central Station
Things you can’t do at Central
A different angle of Sydney Harbour Bridge
Promenade to Sydney Opera House.


Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge: 27 April 2018

Which Way Darwin

Another new city and another opportunity for a Which Way. This is Darwin where we spent a few hours. It actually took us longer to sail from Brisbane to Darwin than from Darwin to Port Klang, Malaysia our next port.

It was very hot there so although I would like to see a bit more of the city I’d prefer to go at a cooler time of year, if there is one.

Tour Bus in Darwin.
The Mall Darwin
Civic Park Darwin still being cleaned up after Cyclone Marcus.
Darwin’s Sky Bridge
Sky Bridge in Darwin takes you from the waterfront to the CBD via a lift and a bridge.

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge: 20 April 2018

Which Way Brisbane

Visiting a new city for the first time is a great opportunity to find some new Which Ways. Our first port of call on the cruise was Brisbane.

Brisbane’s main shopping area is centred around the Queen Street Mall. It seems most Australian cities now have a pedestrian mall in the heart of the CBD so now I can add Queen Street Mall to Rundle Mall (Adelaide), Elizabeth St Mall (Hobart) and Bourke St Mall (Melbourne). Sydney has Martin Place but I haven’t actually decided which is Sydney’s main street yet.

I liked Brisbane Arcade which has an attractive outside and some interesting shops inside. At the end of Queen St Mall is George Street where I was photo bombed.

One of the many bridges over the Brisbane River is the Story Bridge, named after a public servant it is the longest cantilever bridge in Australia and was designed by the same man who designed the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Finally another view of the Brisbane River with some of its bridges which was taken from the Brisbane Wheel at Southbank.

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – August 18, 2017

Which Way to Glenorchy

The Tasmanian Transport Museum is located in the suburb of Glenorchy on the old railway line that used to run from Hobart through the northern suburbs. Part of the right of way has been converted to a cycle track. For me it is an hour and a quarter on the bus to Hobart and then a short trip fifteen to twenty minute trip on a Metro bus to the bus interchange at Glenorchy and a five minute walk from there.

Former rail line turned into Cycleway.
Cyclists on the cycleway.
Crossing the tracks.
Things you need to know.
TGR M5 at the transport museum.
Transport Museum at Glenorchy.
The main bus interchange at Glenorchy.
Bus arriving at the interchange.
Parking signs outside an Irish Pub

Cee’s Which Way Challenge: 11 August

Which Way Round the School

Today I have a few more pictures I took on my walk around Sacred Heart Catholic School and St Joseph’s Catholic Church in Geeveston. I found some  great which ways there.

At the back of the cemetery is a path that I thought must be lead to another part of the school property. Apparently I’m not the only person who thought so. It is private property and most likely it is part of the farm that I can see behind my house. The owners decided that they needed to make that clear.

OK I get it! I won’t go in there. The path in the next picture does not seem to have a great deal of use. It runs roughly along the boundary between the school and the power sub station next door. I usually walk this way to visit the cemetery as it is closer to my house.

Path along the boundary.


The sign outside the church

This path was obviously intended for bike riding.

Undulating track for the kids to ride their bikes on.
I’m not sure if this path was intended for bikes or walking/running.

Cee’s Which Way Challenge: 28 July 2017

Which Way Down The Highway

These photos were all taken on the stretch of the Huon Highway between my house and the turn off at Scotts Road which is the route you take to bypass Geeveston when travelling to Dover and the far south. Walking towards Geeveston you can see the local power substation which I live next door to and  the Catholic Primary School. On the other side there are open fields and a couple of houses.

There is no footpath, I have to walk on the verge and generally walk facing oncoming traffic as the speed limit changes from 80-100 km/h in this stretch and it is not uncommon for it to go a lot faster. As this is the main highway there are heavy log trucks and other vehicles but thankfully it is not an overly busy road as you have to take care when crossing because of the speeds cars are travelling at. There are no pedestrian crossings.

I used to walk this way to Geeveston regularly, now I don’t do it so much mainly because I don’t really enjoy walking on the road verges any more and I don’t like taking Cindy that way. The surfaces are a bit uneven. I have fallen once or twice in the past although luckily damaged nothing more than my pride.

The house on the highway.
I live next door to this.
The local catholic school.
No footpaths around here.
signage on a farm shed.