Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Colourful Monotones


Putting this post together was quite a saga due to an annoying problem my desktop computer has developed. When I am editing photos it hangs if I do more than one photo and the only way to get out of it is by shutting the computer down via the power button.  Luckily most of my photos live on a separate drive which I can plug into my laptop but it is an inconvenience.  All these photos are of things I found around the house.

Cindy’s coat
ball of wool.
The new carpet.
Shades of the same colour
The detail on a vintage tablecloth.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Bicycles,Tricycles, Motorcycles, Wagons


I took a lot of great pictures of the entries in the annual Scarecrow competition at Middleton. For several years in a row, David and I would drive down the Channel Highway, stopping so that I could photograph the scarecrows.  This one was from 2013.

An entrant in the 2013 Middleton Fair Scarecrow competition.

These photos were taken in Hobart this morning. I went to town to have lunch with Ally and Matt and to see the first four Sydney Hobart Race yachts which had arrived earlier in the morning.

As it happened there were quite a few interesting motorcycles around the waterfront as well.

A Honda motorcycle parked outside a restaurant.

This next one I’m not too sure of the make but thought that I heard Matt say it was a Triumph.

This bike was also parked outside the restaurant.

I don’t know a lot about bikes but I’m willing to bet this is a Harley Davidson.

Finally, as I walked back towards Murray Street and the bus stop I spotted this Harley Davidson Trike giving rides.

Take a ride around the waterfront in this.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Farm Animals

Down on the farm

Although I live in the country and I see farm animals pretty often, the chances of taking any nice new ones between now and Christmas are not great. Here are some that I have taken over the past few years instead.

Popular with the children.
The Draught horses were popular with the crowds too.
Sheep dog working at Middleton Country Fair
When I saw this guy I just thought of ZZ Top
Pet show Middleton Fair
Mickey and Major owned by Brian Fish – 2008

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Catching People Unaware


The Knitting Lady

I have always quite liked this photo that I took of a lady on the bus one day. She was absorbed in her knitting and although I don’t usually photograph strangers she just looked interesting. I have actually cropped this from a larger photo as I was a few seats away from her.

A lady on the bus who was concentrating on her knitting and did not see me take this photo.

The Cricketer

These days cricketers give many photo ops to fans as selfies are the new autographs. I am shy about approaching them however and in any case I prefer a natural photo to a posed one and I don’t want loads of pictures of me anyway. I took this one at a Hurricanes game in 2017 and although he’s not a favourite player I quite like the shot.

Hurricanes bowler Clive Rose at Blundstone Arena, Bellerive January 2017

Friends and Family

My friends Gillian and Bruce at the old Sunbury Asylum site.

Bruce Sunbury 2017

Through the door.

Two photos from Easter 2010 when David and I had just got a new car and went over to Bruny Island for the day. Like me David did not really like to pose for photos and if he did he usually pulled a silly face so catching him unawares was a better idea.

David on the Bruny Island Ferry April 2010.

David on the Bruny Island Ferry 2010

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Close Up or Macro


It’s funny how your photographic needs can change over time. When we used to go on steam train trips I found a long lens very useful for run pasts and even more so later on for photographing motor sports and action on the cricket field. A 300 or 400mm prime lens or zoom was one of my must have pieces of gear.

I like to take pictures of landscapes and buildings so a wide-angle lens is a must. Now that I am photographing more small things, dolls house interiors, flowers etc I could really use a macro lens but I don’t have one yet so I make do with what I have using the zoom lens or just getting in close with a standard lens.

Red petunia close up.

These photos were taken on my smartphone. I had to leave the house while some people were looking at it so I went to the old cemetery behind Sacred Heart School with Cindy. I managed to take a few photos there amongst the headstones. I don’t find cemeteries grim although sometimes it’s sad when you see the graves of babies and children or graves that nobody visits but old headstones tell their own stories.

A memorial rose

Part of a head stone

headstone of a baby.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Cold

Winter in Tasmania

It is almost summer here so this week’s photos will be mostly reruns.

Compared to the weather some of my blogging friends experience in winter ours are pretty mild. Although mountainous areas get snow in winter low-level snow is rare enough that we get a bit excited about it. If we get some it usually isn’t a lot and doesn’t last long. Here are a couple of pictures from snowy days in 2015 and 2017. In 2015 we had some very heavy falls that came below 300 metres which meant that bus services to Hobart were restricted for a day or so. I was traveling to see David in the hospital during this time and the second photo was taken on one of those trips.

Untouched snow. This is about as heavy as it usually gets in Geeveston although higher altitudes will get more. Near Geeveston 2017


Taken from the bus window June 2015

What we mostly get in winter though is rain, frost, and fog. The damp and the greyness of almost everything is what makes it seem colder than it probably is.

We get a bit of fog here, especially in winter time.

frosty morning 2015

Bus Stop in the rain.

It rained almost continuously when we went to Strahan for a weekend. During a stop on our Gordon River cruise, our guide soldiered on regardless telling us about the flora and fauna and while Bruce and I took as many photos as we could.

Our guide braves the rain.

Bruce taking photos on our Gordon River cruise.

A cold rainy day 20 May 2012.



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Funny

Fun Fotos

I am not sure if I have a lot of photos other people would find funny. For example, I have photos taken at cricket matches of funny moments but if you did not know the players or anything about cricket it would not be funny so I have tried to go for things that would amuse anyone.

Here is Polly, the first Christmas we had her and she is very intent on examining the presents. The one she is after is actually for her.

Polly can’t wait to open her presents.

On one of the last days of our cruise some of the staff in the Windjammer Marketplace, a buffet restaurant dressed up in wigs and funny hats and went around the restaurant singing to everyone.

Singing waiters in Windjammer Marketplace

This one is from a few years ago when there was a fundraiser in Geeveston to raise money to renovate the local toilet block. You could say it is toilet humour.

The “gold-plated” toilet

A traditional Punch and Judy Show.

Something that makes me laugh.

I am often amused by signs and I liked this one near a display of vintage machinery at the Huon Show.

A sign at the Huon Show

This is one of my all-time favourite signs.

“Dyson with Death”