Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Wheels


This week I have a few photos I took on my smartphone. I don’t really like using it for photography as it is quite slow to respond but it does take a reasonable photo and I can take it with me when it wouldn’t be convenient to take my real camera, like when I’m going grocery shopping or for that random moment when I’m waiting for someone who is giving me a ride.

Walking into Geeveston to buy groceries I passed by these two old cars.

An extra wheel?
Fancy wheels

Waiting in the car for a friend I amused myself taking a picture or two.

Steering Wheel

Wheels on the Water

Here is a couple from my visit to the Wooden Boat Festival.

Wheels on a boat
A Wheel on a trailer

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Unusual Perspective

Another Angle

I have used this photo before but I thought it was quite a clever way to display boots. I had to shoot upwards to frame them.

Pair of feet at the Salvation Army Op Shop in Hobart

The roof of a building is an unusual place for me to be doing photography.

Gargoyle on the roof

The interior of an Observation Wheel.

An unusual view from an Observation Wheel.


Now for today’s efforts which were done in the doll room where I was reorganising the furniture today.

A dolls tea set.

Through the doll’s house front door.



Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: People at Work

Working for the Man

My photos this week have a holiday theme as they were taken on Ovation of the Seas, while visiting the Puffing Billy railway near Melbourne or at an airport.

We did a tour of the ship including the galley and laundry areas.

Working in the Galley, Ovation of the Seas

Working in the laundry, Ovation of the Seas.

Volunteer driver and guard at Puffing Billy, Belgrave, Victoria.

Working on the railway, Puffing Billy, Melbourne

On long layovers you take photos to pass the time. I was lucky enough to spot the pilots doing their pre flight checks while the ground crew prepared the plane and loaded the luggage.

Working at the airport.

Working as a pilot.


Cee’s B&W Challenge: Walls Indoor or Outdoor.

Walls by Naomi

I’ve got a bung knee and leg from the week end’s house hunting activities so won’t be wandering far from home for a few days except to take Tigerwoods to get his shots. I’ve delved into the archives once again and found some photos I hope will be suitable for this challenge. I love looking at old buildings anytime and most of my photos feature very old buildings and places but I have added one dreadful new building in Adelaide that reminds me of one of those silver scouring pads you get for cleaning pots. You would all get what I mean if you saw this in colour and from further away. I haven’t done any indoor ones but there are plenty of outdoor pictures to make up for them.


Tudor Style walls on a building
Tudor Style Walls

Stone wall Lake Dulverton Oatlands
Dry Stone Wall

South Esk Brewery wall in Launceston
Beautiful old brickwork on the Esk Brewery building

Sandstone walls and steps leading to the top of th
Sandstone wall and steps on the old Ross Bridge

Ruined jail walls at Port Arthur
Walls of the old jail in Port Arthur

Rock climbing wall
Rock climbing wall

Outside wall of Mures restaurant in Hobart

Modern building in Adelaide
Here it is! CSIRO building Adelaide. “The Pot Scourer”

Industrial building walls Launceston
Old railway workshops in Launceston.

Galvanised iron wall in a back alley in Hobart CBD
Wall made of galvanised iron

Brick wall at Botanical gardens Hobart
Brick wall in the Botanical Gardens Hobart

Antique shop in Penguin
Brick wall displaying a sign.


Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge:Open

Open Challenge

I haven’t been online much due to Internet problems and not being able to use my new computer because of the virus protection software blocking my Internet access. What a nightmare that was. I couldn’t use either of my computers hardly at all over the last couple of weeks hence the lack of posts. I’ve been busy hunting down my favourite apps and my music library. I just have to have my music. Everything just comes to a complete stand still without it in this house. Well tonight I’m really just getting back into things again. I found I wasn’t too late for the last B&W challenge so I got out two pictures at random that have nothing at all to do with each other and played about with them a bit. Now they look quite old and like they came out of an old trunk that had been hidden away in an attic for decades. I had fun doing this and hope to do some more very soon.

The first photo is of my old Stenmar piano which was made in New York during the Edwardian era so I’m told. It’s around 100 years old. I have never been able to find out anything about this piano apart from what is engraved inside the case. It remains a bit of a mystery as nobody seems to know anything about R Stenmar of New York.

The second photo is taken from the Bridgewater Bridge at Bridgewater. This is a northern suburb of Hobart and I was there to take photos of the bridge. While I was there I took a photo of the view from it. I rather liked the picture so decided to use it for this challenge.

New Vintage Image 2
The keys on my Stenmar piano complete with dust. Yes I did my dusting eventually.

New Vintage Image
A view of Mount Wellington from the Bridgewater Bridge, Tasmania

Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge:Bricks or Stones

Here are my photos for this challenge. I haven’t been very far a field because of work and then getting a really nasty virus. I have been grounded for nearly two weeks. These are mostly taken in Oatland. Many of the buildings here in Oatlands are constructed of sandstone. There are many dry stone walls and one or two red brick buildings on the High Street. I stuck with those for these photos.

Impressive sandstone building in Oatlands
Sandstone building


Red brick cottage
Red brick cottage

Front door and red brickwork of small cottage Oatlands
Front door to red brick cottage showing lovely old brickwork

red brickwork
Red brickwork

Front gate showing brick pillars
Front gate with brick pillars

Dry stone wall
Dry stone wall

Fancy stonework

Red bricks


Cee’s Black and White Challenge:Numbers


I decided to use things I saw at The Tasmanian Transport Museum for this challenge. Nearly everything there was numbered either because it had numbers on it anyway or because it was an exibit. Here they are.

Adding Machine
Adding Machine

Bedford Bus
Bedford Bus 249

Enigne Q 5
Engine Q5

Fire Alarm
Fire Alarm 35


Time Table and Fares
Sign with fares Etc