Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Steps: Indoors or Outdoors

Upstairs Downstairs

Stairs in Hobart

stairs inside the Salamanca Arts Centre in Hobart.
Staircase outside an old building in Salamanca Place.
Stairway up to the Bandstand in St David’s Park Hobart.

Stairs on a ship

Stairs in the Royal Esplanade Ovation of the Seas.
Stairs in the theatre onboard Ovation of the Seas.

Famous Stairs in Sydney

Famous Stairs.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Things Made of Plastic


Barbie is known as the plastic princess so we’ll start with her. Some new ones on sale in Target. I sometimes photograph them for the doll blog. Their clothing is often molded plastic now which makes no sense for a fashion doll. The second photo is a bunch of dolls, Barbie and some Bratz at my house after getting washed and having their hair untangled.

Barbie dolls on sale in Target.
Barbie and Bratz dolls being cleaned up.

These Triang Hornby railway station buildings are similar the one I had as a child. They are made of a hard plastic.

Triang Hornby station buildings.

A much older type of plastic these Nally canisters are made of bakelite.

Nally Harlequin canisters
This old pen has a hard plastic or bakelite case.



Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: In Flight


I wanted to photograph birds for this challenge even though I knew it was going to be difficult. Birds are nearly always too quick for me in flight and the ones in my garden are rather small.

However, walking back to the bus stop on Saturday after Naomi dropped me off I went along the waterfront. It is a favourite spot for seagulls either catching their own fish or scavenging from customers at the fish punts. I had ten minutes so I pulled out my camera.

Gulls , Hobart waterfront
A lone seagull.
Another group of seagulls flying around over the water.
Some seagulls in flight.

I went over my old photos taken in the same area to see if I had any other suitable photos. I didn’t find any other good bird photos but did find some of planes in flight.

The Roulettes aerobatics team.
A Seaplane flying over the Derwent.


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Circles or Curves


I had a look around the house and garden for some circular things to photograph. Here is what I found.

One of Cindy’s tennis balls.
Satellite Dish
Satellite dish for pay TV
Wind chime


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Open Topic

Barbie from the 1950s to Now

I thought that it would be fun to do some portraits of Barbie over her nearly six decades of dolly life. Non doll people please be aware that there are many styles of Barbie and Barbie friends, different hair and eye colours, different body shapes and sizes, different ethnicity. This is not an attempt to show that. Naomi and I have a doll blog where you are very welcome to visit if you’d like to see more dolls.


Barbie is first released in 1959

A reproduction of the No. 1. 1959 Barbie,


Barbie changes her hairstyle several times. During this decade Barbie also got a boyfriend, best friend and little sisters as well as a whole wardrobe of fashions and accessories, a car and a house.



The Mod Era began in the late 1960s and carried on for nearly a decade. Barbie gets a new body with a twist and turn waist.

My mod era Living Barbie . circa 1970.


The Superstar Era begins. The first Barbie with the “Superstar” face actually appeared in 1977 but this face predominated¬† the Barbie line in the 80s and 90’s.

Vintage Barbie with Superstar face donated to the Op Shop.


Most Barbie’s had the Superstar or new “Mackie” face with closed mouth smile.


Fashion Fever. Barbie gets a new body with a belly button. The Fashion Fever line of dolls appear from 2004 onwards.

One of my collection of Fashion Fever dolls


Barbie Basics. Starting in 2009 Mattel release a line of higher quality but affordable dolls with a different body sculpt. These were aimed more at collectors than children.

Red Basics Barbie circa 2011


Fashionista era. The current Barbie playline has a diverse range of dolls and Barbie appears much younger than in previous eras.

Barbie with “Millie’ face first appeared 2013,


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Glass


Here are two glass jars in the window at “The Wall of Lollies” in Geeveston taken through a glass window with my phone.

Glass at the Op Shop. We always have a lot of glasses and glass dishes, vases tend to be bought very quickly and collectors like the old bottles.

A collection of old bottles.

Here are two old glass vases I have in my kitchen. They are chipped but I like them.

A small coloured glass vase.
I love this little glass flower which I guess is meant to be used as a vase, even though it has a chip.


A domed glass roof at the Rendezvous Hotel where we stayed in Singapore.

Glass roof, Rendezvous Hotel Singapore.

Glass doors to the currently closed dining area at Sydney Central Station.

Glass doors , Central Station , Sydney.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Sculptures, Statues & Carvings

Things of Stone and Wood –¬†¬†and various other materials

One of the many sculptures on Ovation of the Seas

I’m not sure what this sculpture on board Ovation of the Seas is made of but it looked as if it might be some type of acrylic material. I’ll try to feature it in colour one day.

The famous Merlion on Sentosa Island Singapore.

Singapore’s famous Merlion statue on Sentosa Island. This statue is so large you can go inside and stand in its mouth.

Closer to home, a bronze statue of comedian Roy Rene, known as Mo in Hindley Street, Adelaide.

Australian Comedian Roy Rene (Mo),
Australian Comedian Roy Rene (Mo), Hindley St, Adelaide

Here are three Australian cricketers.

  • Sir Donald Bradman, this is one of a group of four busts in Sunbury, Victoria
  • Shane Warne, this statue is located near the entrance of the National Sports Museum at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.
  • Neil Harvey, a batsman from Victoria who was part of Bradman’s team of “Invincibles” in 1948.

Even closer to home here is the statue of Sir John Franklin former Governor of Tasmania, then known as Van Dieman’s Land and polar explorer. This statue is on top of the fountain in Franklin Square.

The seals and penguins are on the waterfront part of a group of sculptures relating to Antarctic exploration.

Sir John Franklin , polar explorer and governor of Van Dieman’s Land.
These sculptures are on the Hobart waterfront .

Finally, very close to home another of our Geeveston wood carvings. Mrs Jessica Hannabury.

Local seamstress Jessica Hannabury