Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Couples, Twins, Two of anything.

When Vanda and I were discussing this photo challenge all I could think of at first were very obvious things like gloves, glasses, socks and shoes. I didn’t really want to post pictures of them so I had to put on my thinking cap and look around the house. Surely there would be something but what? In the end I chose some of my ornaments that are related to one another or are pairs. I also came up with playing cards because in many of the games you are required to collect pairs. I also have some very nice salt and pepper shakers. Here are my photos.

Dog & Cat statue

Vanda gave me these as gifts.

Pairs of Playing Cards

In many card games you collect pairs.

Salt & Pepper Shakers

Some of my salt and pepper shakers

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Couples, Twins, Two of Anything


These three photos were all of objects from my china and bric a brac cabinet and were edited with Adobe Photo Elements 9.

A pair of steel stress balls from China

Two pairs of chopsticks from China

A pair of Asian inspired vases.

Here are a couple of pairs of Barbies, these are older photos edited with the Microsoft software on my desktop computer.

Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Lights


I knew that this challenge would be a tough one for me. I live in the country and my house is just outside of town. There is no street lighting, few houses and to make it even more fun I can’t see very well in the dark. However, as it is winter it is dusk at about 5:30 pm so I ventured outside to see what I could come up with. But first, here are some I prepared earlier. (You know I love saying that.)


SAR 520 on a Steamranger excursion in Adelaide.

A foggy morning near my house.

Christmas lights at Central Station, Sydney


Now, for this evening’s efforts. These were taken at about 5:30pm and it was barely light. ¬†Half an hour later and I would not have been able to see much at all. I carry a small torch in my handbag if I am catching the bus home at this time as it is hard to see to cross the road. I did not turn on the front porch light and the back one does not work so the driveway is lit with my two remaining solar lights.I bought six two years ago, the others were taken out by Cindy running into them, the garden guys with their whipper snipper or the postie who hit the one I had by the letterbox (at least I think it was the postie). You can see the two solar lights in the first picture. The second one is my favourite, it looks pretty good in colour too. You can see the lights of the neighbour’s houses and the headlights of an approaching car.

It really is only 5:30 pm.

A car approaches at dusk.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge : Buildings


Believe it of not but this is the Anglican Church in Oatlands from a previous post I did quite recently in fact. It looks so different in this photo. I played around with it on the computer and came up with this. The original photo is below.

Anglican churchGE DIGITAL CAMERA

Old Catholic Church at Ranelagh, Tasmania

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Buildings


Buildings are one of my favourite photographic subjects. I like the shapes, colours and styles of old buildings. I sometimes photograph new ones if I think they look striking but I love the old buildings most of all.

The old Lunatic Asylum, Sunbury , Victoria

The old Lunatic Asylum, Sunbury , Victoria

Conservatory in City Park , Launceston, Tasmania

Conservatory in City Park , Launceston, Tasmania

Belgrave Station, Puffing Billy Railway , Victoria

Railway Station, Puffing Billy Railway , Victoria


Here is a photograph that I have been playing with in Adobe Photoshop Elements 9. It is the old catholic church at Ranelagh in the Huon Valley which has now been removed as they have built a larger new one. I am glad I have a picture of the old weatherboard church. I don’t suppose it was very nice in winter but it has character. I liked the photo because it was taken on a very stormy day. Here are two different versions of the picture. You can see the original here.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Anything That Flies

Things That Fly

Is it a bird?

Yes. A crow or raven on a lamp-post. There are six types of birds in the crow family in Australia, three are crows, three are ravens. All are very similar.

Yes. Here is a typical Australian Magpie.

Australian Crow or Raven

Australian Magpie

Is it a plane?

Yes. One of Virgin Australia’s 737-800’s. I flew to Melbourne on this.

Yes. I think this smaller jet is probably an Embraer 190.



Boeing 737-800

Boeing 737-800 at Hobart airport.

Jet about to take off from Hobart airport.

Jet about to take off from Hobart airport.

Is it…?

Yes, it is Superman!

Ken as Superman

Ken as Superman