Snapshot Sunday: The Red Bridge – Campbelltown, Tasmania

Convict labour built this bridge at Campbelltown which is on the main road between Hobart and Launceston. It dates back to 1838.

The Red Bridge, convict built bridge, Campbelltown Tasmania

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Bridges

Bridges in Singapore

As an island state with a river running through it, Singapore has a lot of bridges, some old, some new and some inside shopping malls.

Read Bridge (Malacca Bridge), Clarke Quay.

I think this one might be the Cavenagh Bridge

The Helix Bridge is a pedestrian bridge in the Marina Bay area.

The Helix Bridge is a pedestrian bridge in the Marina Bay area.

The shopping centre at Marina Bay Sands has it’s very own canal complete with boats and bridges.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Bridges

Building Bridges

I dug into my archives for this challenge and found many different types of bridge photos. Here are a few of them.

Artistic Bridges

Here are a couple of bridges that feature art in the form of sculptures.

Sandridge Bridge – A former railway bridge, now a pedestrian bridge in Melbourne.

Sandridge Bridge, Melbourne

The City to Sea bridge in Wellington, New Zealand passes over the main road to connect with the waterfront.

City to Sea Bridge Wellington
City to Sea Bridge, a public artwork.

City to Sea Bridge Wellington

The detail on the Bridge-City to Sea Bridge Wellington NZ

Historic Bridges

These bridges are beautiful as well as functional even after nearly 200 years.

Convict built bridges in Tasmania at Ross, Richmond and Campbelltown.

image Ross Bridge
The convict designed bridge at Ross.

bridge Richmond Tasmania
The bridge at Richmond built 1825 is possibly the oldest known stone bridge in Australia.

The Red Bridge, convict-built bridge, Campbelltown Tasmania



Snapshot Sunday: Wrest Point & Tasman Bridge Hobart

As it is the Australia Day week end I decided to post a few pictures taken in Hobart our capital city. Vanda and I celebrated with a typical Aussie barbecue. We didn’t have anything fancy but we enjoyed our chops, sausages and salads. We forgot to take our bottle of Fronte with us though. Vanda thought I had picked it up and I thought she had it. We had to wait until we got home for a drink so we just had a cuppa instead. It was a warm day but we kept cool under the nice timber shelter sheds built around the barbecues. We didn’t have much trouble with the flies but the ants were there in abundance. We had to watch our plates carefully. It was a lovely way to relax and much better than having to go to work! Here are my photos.

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge -2015 -Week #2

About this time last year I spent a couple of days in Launceston where I treated myself to a river cruise.

Criuising on the Tamar River, Launceston
cruising on the Tamar River, Launceston

Tamar River, Launceston Tasmania
Tamar River, Launceston Tasmania

Cruising on the Tamar
Cruising on the Tamar

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Bridges

Pyrmont Bridge – Sydney
Pyrmont Bridge

The Pyrmont Bridge was once a road bridge but has been converted to a pedestrian walkway that leads to Sydney’s Darling Harbour entertainment and shopping precinct. I knew that the bridge was a swing bridge but I was not aware that they still opened it. The day my sister and I were there this happened just as we arrived so I was thrilled to bits. We found out later that the bridge is opened regularly probably to keep the machinery in good running order in case they need to open it. It was especially interesting because the bridge carried the city monorail track over it. The monorail has since been closed so riding on that was another bit of luck.

Pyrmont Bridge-Sydney
Pyrmont Bridge-Sydney

Pyrmont Bridge, Sydney
Pyrmont Bridge, Sydney