Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge:Gears & Engines

Here are my photos for the Gears & Engines photo challenge. It was tough trying to come up with something since Vanda went and stole some of my ideas. The tram, the crane and what was the other one? Darn and Drat! I had to spend half the afternoon going through my pictures to find more ideas. Here’s what I came up with.

This is taken at the QVM in Launceston of the traverse in the old railway workshops.
Tram from the tramway museum at Launceston. It no longer runs on electricity via the overhead power lines. Now it has a motorised gadget to power it.
This Toboggan by Technofix is mechanical and when the key is used to wind up the cars a gear underneath pulls them up the hill.
The General.
Model Steam engine at Evandale. This engine is called The General. There would be all sorts of bits and pieces inside to move the driving wheels and work the pistons.
Vintage Ford
Vintage Ford. Cars have motors and gears.
Ferris Wheel Luna Park
A ferris wheel at Luna Park Sydney.
Bridgewater Bridge
The Bridgewater bridge at Bridgewater once opened to let boats through as they travelled down the mighty Derwent River. You can see all sorts of chains and wheels on this bridge.
I love clocks and this one in Sydney is fabulous. They have all sorts of gears and movements inside to for adjusting the time and for the chimes. This is inside the Queen Victoria Building.
These were once Sydney’s oldests moving stairs. They are wooden and were only replaced in the last year or so. I think this was at Town Hall Station but I can’t remember for sure now.
Semaphore Carousel horses
Carousels have been powered by steam and electricity over the years that they have been operating. This one is at Semaphore in South Australia where I used to live and is open on Sundays.


Cee’s Oddball Challenge

Jumping Castle

I found these photos from my cruise holiday when I was looking for a something for Bad Photo Monday. This is a kid’s jumping castle in the shape of a ship. Because I love ships I decided to get a photo of it. When I thought about it later I thought this looks like the Titanic. Everyone knows the story of this famous liner that hit an iceberg and sank in 1912. Why would you make a kid’s jumping castle that looks like the Titanic sinking? How odd is that




Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge:Things Made With Wood

I was disappointed not to be able to get out and take some photos somewhere other than at home here in Oatlands. It’s been threatening to rain all day and this morning I had to go back to work. All of my photos for this challenge have been taken at home both inside and outside. I thought if it does rain I can go back inside at least. Here are the photos I took for this challenge.

I quite enjoyed taking these photos today as it gave me a really good chance to study the different timbers used and the finishes on them. My shed in the back garden and the fence at the side of the house are very old and worn. I admired the work that had gone into making the monkey, panther and boxes. The picture frame is a beautiful dark timber and the biscuit barrel is inlaid wood. The wishing well was hand made by my friend Leigh’s father and he gave it to me as a gift. He loved making things out of timber and was very talented at doing so. The artist’s chest has been stained in a lovely warm colour. I’ve always thought my front door was an impressive entrance but then it was originally made for the bank manager that lived here in 1926 after the place was built as a bank and residence. It’s funny because I was so disappointed about not being able to go out and find some interesting subjects to photograph but in the end I got quite caught up in what I found here at home after all. The time has simply flown by and I can’t wait to find something else for the next challenge that I hope to take part in.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Things with Motors for House or Garage


I decided for this challenge I would just go with thing s with motors for the house since I had stuff all in the shed. I don’t have a garage. I didn’t really want to include Wazza in this one and that only left me with a boring mower and one or two power tools for the garden. I had far more interesting subjects indoors and here they are.

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Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Signs

There are plenty of signs around Lake Dulverton so I made up a series of them for this challenge.


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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Furniture, Tables, Chairs, Sofas, Etc.

Hi, this is my entry for the Fun Foto Challenge. These are all taken around Oatlands this morning.

Here is a collection of antique chairs outside the antique shop on the High Street in Oatlands. Note the fogged up windows. It’s very cold here this morning. We are expecting some snow.
Antique Chair
I love this old chair. It would have been quite posh in it’s day.
Topiary Sofa
This topiary sofa is just outside the Oatlands Bargain Centre. It’s not too comfy to sit on but looks great.
Kitchen Dresser
I couldn’t come up with a table today so I decided to include my old kitchen dresser that I love very much. It serves as my pantry and I display my vintage tins on the top of it.


Cee’s Which Way Challenge

I wasn’t able to get to the “Which Way” location that I had in mind so I took this photo inside a house I clean for the hospital where I work. These are the hallways in the house. It was very dark but I still managed to get some sort of photo for the challenge.

Front Door
The Hall
Hallway Uni House
Hall Looking Towards the Lounge.