30 Songs, 30 Days: (30)

Last One

I’ve been watching the Men’s Cricket World Cup over the past month and I may have watched a little too much cricket because this morning while I was at the Op Shop I suffered two earworms. First, it was the New Zealand National Anthem and then later the West Indies Cricket Anthem. I should explain for non-cricket following readers that the West Indies cricket team is a confederation of several Caribbean countries and as playing several anthems at the start of each of their matches would be somewhat impractical they have a special cricket song instead. The song I’m sharing today is not it though. Instead, I’m sharing “Dreadlock Holiday” by 10cc from 1978, back when I didn’t like cricket. This song came from an album called “Bloody Tourists”.

I have always had a soft spot for New Zealand and for some reason their anthem seems to me to be one of the most beautiful ones I’ve heard so I’m going to share a version of it with you to finish up. You may not understand most of the words but the girls have lovely voices.

30 Days, 30 Songs: (27)

Australian Crawl

Another Aussie band for Sarah’s music challenge today because I can. I loved the eighties, we had some great Australian bands and I was lucky enough to see quite a few of them including Australian Crawl. You might not be able to follow the words, James Reyne was often a bit hard to follow but they are catchy songs and remind me of a time when the world seemed happier and less complicated than it is today. At least to me, it did.

30 Days, 30 Songs: (26)


I’ve been AWOL from this challenge for a week or so. I’ve been having something of a writing slump and not getting much done but I wanted to share a couple more favourites before the end of the challenge.

Another great Australian band whose greatest hits were made when I was in my twenties and thirties was INXS. They are another band that it’s very hard to choose a favourite song for. This one is right from the beginning of their career. They were so young and the clip looks so basic compared to later ones but it’s a great song.

When I was working there was many a morning when the first song I heard was Original Sin blasting out of the clock radio on the bedside table. You had to jump out of bed and start the day when you heard that. You don’t lie in bed relaxing to INXS, you have to get up and move.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: 3 Items or the Number 3


This week I decided to use (mostly) pictures of birds. I was looking through my archive searching the number three and found I had pictures of three ducks and three goldfinches so I decided to see if I had any other groups of three birds. I admit to cheating a bit with the Galahs.

Three pigeons in the city.
Three finches feeding
Three ducks who wandered into my garden.
Australian birds mug.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: 2 Items or the number 2

Two Subjects

Two of my favourite subjects for this week’s challenge, anything to do with ships and the waterfront and a couple of trains.

Builders plate of a steam loco.
Tasmanian Railways diesel engine.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Lawn Ornaments


I’ve practically been in hibernation this past week. It has been quite cold and apart from going to and from the Op Shop or out for coffee with friends I’ve really not been anywhere or done anything worthy of note. In the evenings I’ve curled up with the laptop while most of my photo archive lives on a hard drive attached to the desktop computer which I haven’t switched on in about three days.

So if anyone was worried where I’d got to don’t. It’s just winter and a bit of a writing slump.

These first two photos were taken around Geeveston, at Heritage Park and at the Geeveston Primary School. They are not actually in a lawn but they are garden ornaments. The third one is a topiary bird at Oatlands and the last one is the floral clock at the Botanical Gardens.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: 1 Item or the number One

The Loneliest Number

Here are a few things I found in my archives that feature the number one.

A banner representing army units who served in World War One
Signage at Errol Flynn Reserve,
A lot of the Geeveston story is about the forests.

A single, but very large, chair.

Red Chair
I found this chair in a waiting area at Brooke St Pier.