RDP: Reflections

Reflections of Tasmania

I could not help but think of the beautiful reflections that I see in the still waters of the Huon River on a calm day. That’s where most of these photos were taken either at Port Huon, Franklin or Huonville. The last two were taken at Strahan on Tasmania’s West Coast and Lake Dulverton at Oatlands.

This post is also my entry for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge on the subject of water.

RDP: Change

Life Changes

I don’t take easily to change unless it’s something that I’ve chosen to do but like the seasons, change comes whether you want it or not. Some changes you have to adapt to because you have no choice. In my lifetime Australia introduced a decimal currency, the metric system, Celsius as the standard for measuring temperature, daylight saving time and a new national anthem.

I don’t have many of the large-sized notes in my purse 🙂

Some of those things were easy to adapt to, I’d only been in Australia a fortnight when decimal currency was introduced and I was eight years old. It didn’t change my life much. Daylight Saving, on the other hand, I was very resistant to even refusing to change my watch for several years. I read of one country, I can’t remember where now who changed from driving on one side of the road to the other. That’s not a change you can refuse to participate in.

image Spirit of Tasmania
Boarding the Spirit of Tasmania

Life choices are sometimes changes you make willingly, even eagerly. I remember about a week into my first holiday in Tasmania saying “I could live here.” I went home with a desire to make that change and although it took nearly four years we did it. It was a big change for David and I as we didn’t know a soul in Tasmania, we would have no jobs to go to and would have to start over but we wanted it and we did it. I won’t say it wasn’t stressful. Moving from a house you’ve lived in for 25 years and transporting all your worldly goods to another state is not a walk in the park.

Change came again when David died and I found myself learning to live alone. In a way that was a gradual change because of the many months, he was in the hospital. The real change was in realising that he was never coming back. When we bought this house I thought that I would live here forever, or at least until a day came when I couldn’t take care of myself. Now the house is on the market and one day it will sell and I will move on again. Not a change I wanted to make but one I’ve accepted will be better for me, and for Naomi in the long run. When it happens I will go forward, if not joyfully, at least with a sense of curiosity and anticipation of enjoying the next place.

Looking outside, around 7am.

RDP: Prepare

Comfort Food

Today I decided to some cooking. I had a banana that was getting a bit brown so I decided to make a banana cake and while I had the oven on a Shepherd’s Pie, or technically Cottage Pie, because I used beef mince. It makes sense to prepare more than one thing when I’ve got the oven on as it saves power. I like to make something that will last me for a couple of meals or have leftovers I can freeze for days when I can’t be bothered cooking.

When I was younger I used to enjoy cooking more and enjoyed experimenting with different things. I had lots of cookbooks and I would often spend my days off from work cooking. David and I used to watch Formula 1 regularly on TV and on race days I used to try to cook something from the country where the race was being held.

Recipe pages.

Over time though, I lost interest. David always enjoyed what I cooked but because he’d had his stomach stapled in an attempt to lose weight he could only eat small portions. He wouldn’t eat fruit and didn’t really eat a lot of vegetables. I didn’t mind that so much as the fact that he’d often eat a tiny dinner and then an hour later he’d be snacking on crackers or other things he ought not to be eating. It took the fun out of cooking for me over a period of time. When David stopped working and I was still working full time he took over the cooking and the shopping so I did not have a lot to do with it except for baking and special occasions. Now that I live alone it seems a bit pointless to go to all that trouble anyway. I like things that are quick to cook so I can get back to blogging or whatever else I’m doing or things that I can prepare and then leave to cook in the slow cooker.

Homemade hot cross buns

I do enjoy making our Christmas goodies and other seasonal things like Hot Cross buns or Anzac biscuits but I’m not really interested in cuisine as such. Every month I go with a group of friends for lunch at a local hotel or restaurant and it is fun to order something I wouldn’t have at home but I’m not really interested in trying to make it myself and confess I get a little bored when the others spend ages discussing cooking. Funnily enough, at our lunches, the men spend more time talking about food while the women are often discussing politics or current affairs. I don’t really enjoy watching cooking programs on television either unless it is instructional rather than a competition between would-be chefs.

Apple crumble from the oven.

While I was cooking this morning it occurred to me that what I get the most pleasure out of preparing is comfort food. The beef stew mum used to make, Shepherd’s Pie, baked rice pudding, fruit cakes, apple crumble and other homely things like that. I guess that says something about me as a person, doesn’t it?

Fruit cake made with tea.

I’m hoping that when Naomi and I finally move in together my interest will be revived. We can take it in turns to do the boring everyday meal preparation and have fun making the other things. We both have vintage cookbooks and we like the old fashioned recipes. It’s a lot more enjoyable to cook when you can make it fun.

Share Your World 2019: 22 July


What happens if you stare at the mirror for too long in the dark?   (credit to Ursula of An Upturned Soul.  If you haven’t read Ursula’s blog, go over and just wade in and enjoy.   To me she’s fascinating and what she writes about is always worth the journey).

I suspect I wouldn’t be able to see much as I have terrible night vision but I’d probably manage to creep myself out in the end.

Do you think you’re judgmental?  What tends to bring it out in you?  (Credit to Ashleyleiafor this one)

I try not to be but I am sometimes. What brings it out in me most is reading about people killing themselves taking selfies, falling off buildings or overboard when they are on a cruise, giving their children weird names and other stupidity.

Do you work better with actual lists or with mental lists?  (Credit to Sadje of Keep it Alive)

I’m better with an actual written list. If I have things to do I find actually ticking things off a list helps me get things finished.

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

Would you go streaking across a football field during a game for a million dollars (insert your own country’s currency), knowing there’s a 50/50 chance you’ll get arrested for indecent exposure? (this one is mine.  Yeah, my mind wanders to some highly strange places sometimes).

No. Not for any money. I don’t want strangers seeing me naked.



What has happened in your life that made you feel uplifted and happy, if only temporarily?   

Last week was not a great week for me, a number of annoying things happened but I did have a special moment one morning when just as we arrived at the Op Shop half a dozen or so Green Rosella’s landed in a tree right in front of me. That cheered me up.

Green Rosella in my garden.

If we’re talking about my life, in general, I’ve had many times that have made me feel uplifted and happy, simple things like seeing a pretty bird in the garden, things that made me laugh, seeing amazing places like the Great Wall of China, heading out on a road trip with favourite music playing in the car. On the whole more good stuff than bad.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Shoes, Boots, Slippers

If the Shoe fits

I’m no Carrie Bradshaw where shoes are concerned. I hate shoe shopping and my primary need in a pair of shoes is that they be so comfortable that I won’t need to buy another pair for a very long time. It’s also nice if they match my clothes but as I mostly wear old clothes around the house and black clothes for going out that’s not so hard to achieve.

Of course, I had to include some doll shoes but the rest of them are mine. There are my winter boots, the sneakers I bought at the Op Shop, the boxes of shoes I rarely wear and my cosy slippers.

My rubber boots, Wellingtons as we Brits call them, were bought at an Op Shop in Huonville back in 2002 when we first moved to Tasmania. They cost me 50c. I still wear them but it is hard to take them off alone so they may be going to the Op Shop at some point and I’ll get ankle boots.

Ideal “Goody Two Shoes” feet in shoes.
Everyday shoes
Shoe boxes in my wardrobe

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Close-Ups of Flowers


It’s mid-winter here and I didn’t know if I’d be able to find any flowers to photograph in my garden but guess what? The first jonquils are out!

First Jonquils of the season
Playing with editing software

My King Alfred daffodils are not far away from flowering either.

King Alfred Daffodil
Daisy edited

I do have a lot of daisies and although they are considered weeds I’ve always been fond of them. The pansies are about the only other thing still flowering.