Share Your World: 13 May 2019


What social stigma does society need to get over already?

There are plenty but I’m going to say poverty. There are many people who are poor through no fault of their own and people need to stop judging them without knowing their circumstances.

What was the last photo you took?

I took a batch of photos of dolls I was fixing up to go back to the Op Shop. This was the last one of the batch.

The last photo I took

 When was the last time you snooped and found something or found out something you wish you hadn’t?

So long ago that I don’t remember what it was. I don’t look at other people’s phones or read their mail and I try not to overhear conversations that were not meant for my ears. If people are saying bad things about me I don’t need to hear it.

What’s the most comfortable bed or chair you’ve ever slept in?

The last bed David and I bought was to replace an ageing queen sized bed. That one was very comfortable but he had broken the wooden frame three times and frankly, I had got tired of mending it.  I also got tired of trying to sleep in the 30 centimetres or so left when he was fully spread out. I know it was 30 centimetres because one night I measured it.

So I convinced him we needed a larger bed. We bought a king sized bed with a pillow top mattress and it was so comfortable. I was sorry to let it go but it made no sense to me to keep it after he died. It was just too big for me alone. I sold it to some friends and they loved it.

King sized bed.


Can being grateful change Your World?

Yes, I believe so. Being grateful puts things in perspective and reminds me that no matter what is going on in my life there are good things in it. If I only focused on the negative things I would be unhappy a lot more often.

One of my second to last batch of photos.


Share Your World: 6 May 2019

Sharing My World This Week

I’m late to the party this week.  Yesterday I went to Hobart and because of that didn’t spend my Tuesday morning working on these questions. Still better late than never right?

  1. Do you believe in soul mates? If so, do you think there is only one person meant to share that bond with you, out there in the world?  (credit to Cyranny of Cyranny’s Cove)

I really don’t know how to answer this. It’s wonderful to have someone in your life that you feel such a bond with but rather sad to think that if you lost that person you would never have another relationship like that. Some people could be lucky to find such a person twice.

  1. Ice cream cone, shake or other ice cream concoction?

Ice cream is good whether it is a cone/cornet, sundae, thick shake or in a dish at home. My very favourite type which I try to treat myself to at least once every summer is a Viking Cone which is locally made Valhalla ice cream and fresh fruit, either raspberries, strawberries or blueberries or for the chocolate lovers Rocky Road or the Zappa Jaffa, chocolate and orange. My favourites are the fruit ones though. The best time for me to get one is usually during the week between Christmas and New Year when there is always a stall at the Taste of Tasmania and a van somewhere on the waterfront but you can get one any Saturday at Salamanca Market. They are not cheap but soooo worth it.

Valhalla ice cream.


  1. What would be the hat to end all hats? What could you wear on your head that would make people stop what they are doing and stare in awe and amazement?

I’m not a great one for hats, I wear one when I go to the cricket or somewhere else where I know I will be out in the sun all day but I don’t really like “Hat Hair”. I remember mum and I having fun when department stores still had a hat department in the 1970s. We would go and look at the hats and try them on but rarely buy. This may be why we no longer have hat departments in our stores. Too many customers laughing at the hats.

The other place to wear an outrageous hat would be at the Melbourne Cup where it is a bit of a tradition but I no longer follow horse racing. It’s a cruel industry.

The Final Three - 2013 Myer Fashions on the Field (10705855674)

  1. What would be the worst “buy one get one free” sale of all time?

I’d be here all day trying to think of the very worst ever but I think those red baseball caps that say “Make (insert name of country) Great Again would be on the list. Or for Aussie readers, red budgie smugglers as worn by a certain ex-PM are also pretty gross.


Bonus Question.   Please share a moment of gratitude that you experienced during the past week. 

Last week my “garden guys” Jason and Brodie told me that they were selling part of their business and would no longer be coming to Geeveston. They have been doing the garden for six years and I am sorry to see them go and grateful for all they have done for me.  Not only did they transform my garden into a place I really enjoy spending time but they have always been willing to help out with other things, moving a heavy piece of furniture, changing a lightbulb that I can’t reach and even capturing birds that had flown down the chimney or into the house on a couple of occasions.  You don’t get service like that everywhere. Here you can see some of the major jobs they did over the past five years.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A Photo A Week Challenge: Three of a Kind

Third Time Lucky

This week’s Photo A Week Challenge again uses the number three, this time three photos of the same object from three different angles. I headed out into the back yard on a cloudy Saturday afternoon to see what I could come up with.  I had a couple (or three) ideas and in the end, decided to share them all.

I had been meaning to take a photo of my potted marigolds and lobelia as the colours are so pretty together.

I also found a different way of looking at my beloved apple tree.

Finally, I took some of Cindy. What are the chances of getting your dog to sit still for three photos? Especially as I had to walk past her for the last one. Usually, she gets up and follows me when I move.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Eyes

The Eyes Have It

Doll whose eyes have turned pink!

This is my Baby Born doll, like a lot of dolls from the 1990s that have acrylic eyes they have discoloured over time.  It’s a fault in this type of eye. Still on the subject of eyes. Here is a teddy who needed a new one.

A piece of artwork at a local metal recycling yard.

Artwork by Jake Seven
The eye of a pigeon.

Share Your World: 29 April 2019


If you could interview anyone from your life living or dead, but not a celebrity, who would it be and why?
I know some very interesting people whose stories I love listening to. Some local friends who are a few years older than me. They all have stories to tell about the different jobs they have done, places they have been to and the people they’ve met. I’d also nominate my mum who used to tell us lots of stories about living in Egypt and India when she was a girl, about life in England during WWII and all sorts of other things that I never tired of hearing about.

Mum with her family, I think this was around 1925 or thereabouts. Mum is the curly haired one in the middle.

As a child, did you have a nickname?  Did you carry that with you throughout life or was it only in childhood that you used it? 
No, I didn’t have a nickname. Some kids who had not heard my unusual name before found it amusing to call me Verandah but I didn’t share their amusement and it didn’t last past the fourth grade as far as I recall.

Give us three words that describe you: 
Stubborn, Introverted, Independent

 Sneaking into a second movie at the theatre (if you go to a movie house)?  Is that wrong or just harmless ‘fun’? 
I don’t even know how you do that but it sounds dishonest.

 If you had a time machine would you go back to the past or forward into the future?  Why? 
I already went back. See?

Me in Scarborough, England 1990

April Gratitude:

I’m grateful for having ten days off from the Op Shop over Easter and ANZAC day to recharge my batteries.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: View From The Side

Side On

I enjoy taking candid photos of people doing things. I like it when their attention is focussed on what they are doing,  not on what I am doing.

David’s old friend Effie at Hobart airport in 2014.

At the airport check-in counter

Taken through the glass, the fireman at work during my trip to the Puffing Billy railway in Victoria in 2017.

Fireman on a steam loco.

My friend Bruce who is an occasional contributor of photos to this blog.

Bruce with his camera

Taken back in 2008 at Naomi’s house. Teddy, in the coat and Stacie, his mother show off their tricks.

Stacie and Teddy, the dogs Naomi had before Toby and Teddy.

A Photo A Week Challenge: The Rule of Thirds

Rule of Thirds

I don’t consciously think about the rule of thirds when I’m taking pictures, but I probably do when I’m editing them as I often crop photos. I do enjoy looking at subjects that are a little off centre but every picture is different sometimes it’s fine to break the rules.

This old car has seen better days.
Messing about in boats – Franklin, Tasmania
Jetty on the Huon River.

An old church in Dover, Tasmania