Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Lights

Put That Light Out!


I took these the other evening when I had lit some candles at home. It was quite tricky to get a good photo but I think I got it with these apart from the burnt match which I dropped because it was about to burn my fingers.

A double wick candle.
Tea light candle.

City Lights

Old style lamps outside the Treasury building in Murray St, Hobart at dusk and street lights in George St, Sydney taken as we walked back to our hotel from dinner.

An old-style street lamp outside Hobart’s Treasury Building.
George Street Sydney at night, taken on my smart phone
Lights on the water in Darwin.

Christmas Lights

Yes, it is that time again when people start to put out their decorations. These are from last year though.

Christmas decorations outside my friend Karen’s house last Christmas

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Flowing Water

Flowing Water

These first two photos are from our New Zealand cruise and were taken onboard Explorer of the Seas. Most of the larger RCI ships have a wave simulator like this one. No, I did not try it.

The FlowRider surf simulator on Explorer of the Seas.

After escorting us out of Wellington harbour the pilot-boat did some exuberant “donuts” to say goodbye. The water was such a brilliant colour in Wellington that I left a tiny bit of the colour in the photo.

The Pilot boat in Wellington farewelled us with water “donuts”.

This next one was taken on a dull rainy day and I only desaturated it a little bit. It was taken on the Gordon River cruise that David and I did with Gillian and Bruce in 2012. The wake is that colour because of tannin in the water.

Wake from our cruise boat on the Gordon River

This last one was taken on my phone one day when I was in Hobart and I had some fun playing with it in Picasa.

Fountain in Franklin Square, Hobart.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Tools

All Kinds of Tools

I had fun taking some new photos for this challenge using things around the house and garden.

The man who lived here before us left this tool board in the garage. I love the drawings of the different types of tools. Unfortunately, I don’t have all of them and some I could not get to hang in the proper places. I would love a perfect tool board-if I used tools more.

The tool board in the garage

Garden shears in the shed
Leaf Rake

We had an aunt who used to refer to cutlery as “tools”. It used to annoy mum, she thought it was common I think, so it became a bit of a joke between Naomi and me to say “tools” every now and then.

canteen of cutlery
Mother of pearl handled cutlery set circa 1956 Made in Sheffield, England
Kitchen tools.
An essential cleaning tool.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Liquid Drinks (Hot or Cold)



Water for Cindy and sometimes for me.

Cindy’s water bowl
jug and a glass of water

Cold Drinks

Milk, although it’s mostly used in tea or coffee. Naomi likes Coke Zero so I usually have a bottle in the fridge for her. Some visiting friends brought the Sarsaparilla. I don’t like either but I will drink lemonade or juice in hot weather.

half empty bottles of soft drinks.
Carton of long life milk.


I bought this bottle of sherry for last year’s Christmas cake and pudding. I do like sherry but I did not particularly like this one so it’s only been used for cooking. That glass got poured straight back into the bottle after the photo.

Sherry in a glass.


I take my coffee with milk but it makes a better picture black.

Fresh coffee



Share Your World 2018: 5 November

Sharing My World This Week

Is there one post on your site that is really special to you?  (credit for this one goes to CrushedCaramel )

 No, not really. Some are rather personal but the majority are about general subjects. I don’t think I could pick one that meant more to me than the rest.

How Do You Deal With Negative People?  (Athling2001 gets credit for this one)

I tend to avoid people who make me feel bad about myself. I’m quite capable of doing that on my own.

What Is The First Thing You Think Of When You Wake In The Morning?

“What day is it?” Usually followed by “What do I need to do today?”

Would You Rather Be Able To Talk With The Animals Or Speak All Foreign Languages?

Animals. No contest. It would be wonderful to be able to communicate with my pets and find out if they are feeling well and happy and what their fears are. I used to think that speaking another language would be great but it’s not a skill I’d really use a lot compared to how often I want to talk to animals.

Cindy is eleven – March 2017

What small thing happened today (or in the past few days) that you were grateful for?   

Today an elderly couple came into the Op Shop to buy handbags. They told us that they were supporting a charity called “It’s In The Bag” who supply bags filled with personal hygiene products for women who are homeless or living in poverty.


They spent quite a lot of time thoughtfully choosing five or six bags that would comfortably hold the items and picked out some ladies scarves to add for a little treat in each as well. We sent them off with a box of soaps we’d had donated to the shop as they would have a far better use for them.

It often seems to be the ordinary people, those who may not have a lot themselves, who go to the trouble to do something for others less fortunate. I’m grateful that we have people like this in our community.


Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Any Kind of Tables and Chairs

Tables for work and play

Dining Tables

Here are some dining tables with grand views.

Dining Tables on Explorer of the Seas
Dining tables Sydney Tower Restaurant.

Sea-Going  Tables

Some of the many tables and chairs I photographed on Ovation of the Seas

Tables in Bolero’s Bar, Ovation of the Seas.
Outdoor tables, Ovation of the Seas

Quirky Table and chair, Wonderland Restaurant, Ovation of the Seas

Hard Working Tables

What would we do without trestle tables?

Trestle tables at a fundraiser.

Play Tables

Gaming Tables on Ovation of the Seas

A Photo a Week Challenge: Bridges

Building Bridges

I dug into my archives for this challenge and found many different types of bridge photos. Here are a few of them.

Artistic Bridges

Here are a couple of bridges that feature art in the form of sculptures.

Sandridge Bridge – A former railway bridge, now a pedestrian bridge in Melbourne.
Sandridge Bridge, Melbourne

The City to Sea bridge in Wellington, New Zealand passes over the main road to connect with the waterfront.

City to Sea Bridge Wellington
City to Sea Bridge, a public artwork.

City to Sea Bridge Wellington

The detail on the Bridge-City to Sea Bridge Wellington NZ

Historic Bridges

These bridges are beautiful as well as functional even after nearly 200 years.

Convict built bridges in Tasmania at Ross, Richmond and Campbelltown.

image Ross Bridge
The convict designed bridge at Ross.
bridge Richmond Tasmania
The bridge at Richmond built 1825 is possibly the oldest known stone bridge in Australia.
The Red Bridge, convict-built bridge, Campbelltown Tasmania